Michael Jordan: Early Life, Career, Success & Net Worth

Few legends earned the position from this competitive world. Similarly, between the crowd of basketball legends, Michael Jordan is a renowned one.

Though a page summary of his gaming may be an injustice to his basketball history, Michael is a perfect mixture of being an athlete, artist, power, and dedication.

Besides athlete, Micheal Jordan is also a businessman, actor, and an apple to many eyes. Additionally, this star of the 90s has dedicated his ten years to basketball, becoming the most decorated player in NBA history.

On the whole, Michael received loads of honorable rewards. But for those who experienced his speed and willpower, think of him as a god’s special creation.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan.

Illustrating, Michael globalized the NBA earlier from his special moves and now being a part-owner and manager of the NBA’s Charlotte. The way Micheal amazed opponents, he even made his teammates a better version of themselves.

Subsequently, adding more things about Michael Jordan, here are quick facts as below:

Quick Facts

Full NameMichael Jeffrey Jordan
Known asMichael Jordan
NicknameMichael, Air Jordan
Birth Date17 February 1963
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York, United States
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Geography (The University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill)
Father’s NameJames Jordan
Mother’s NameDelores Jordan
Siblings4 (James Jr, Roslyn, Deloris, and Larry)
Age58 Years Old
Height6 feet and 0.6 inches (186 cm)
Weight98 kg (220 lbs.)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark brown
Body typeAthletic
ProfessionBasketball Player
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJuanita Vanoy (1989-2006), Yvette Prieto (2013)
Name of ChildrenJeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine (Juanita Vanoy), Victoria and Ysabel (Yvette Prieto)
Beginning of Professional Career1984
Playing StyleN/A
Sports teamThe Chicago Bulls
CoachBilly Donovan, Phil Jackson
HonorsMost Valuable Player Award from the NBA- 1988, in – 1991,1992,1996, and 1998
The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
The Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama
Net Worth$1 billion
Prize MoneyN/A
BrandUpper Deck Victory
ManufactureUpper Deck
MerchPaperback, Coloring Book
Last UpdateJanuary, 2022

Michael Jordan | Early Life

The legendary basketball player was born on 17 February 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, with Michael Jeffrey Jordan’s full name.

In brief, he was born to his father, James, and his mother, Delores. They used to be General Electric and bank tellers, respectively. Further, Jordan has four siblings: James Jr, Roslyn, Deloris, and Larry.

Jordan was too competitive and had the guts to win every match he played from the very beginning.

Earlier, Jordan’s first love was baseball, but the rest became history as he was meant to be in basketball. His father made a baseball and basketball court available in their residence’s backyards in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Later, in 1981, Jordan joined the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill. There he completed his bachelor’s degree in geography after then started playing basketball professionally.

Michael Jordan | Professional Basketball Career

Immediately after being drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, Jordan’s professional career started. Meanwhile, Jordan got selected third in a row, but he got up to prove himself on the court.

Additionally, on the same draft, there were legendary players like John Stockton and Charles Barkley. Further on the same season, Jordan scored an average of 28.2 points.

Later, he received the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and was selected for the All-Star Game.

Despite the injury, in 1986-87, Jordan recorded more than 3,000 score points just in a single season. Day by day, Jordan made everyone keep an eye on him.

Immediately, in 1990 the Bulls made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. They also won their first-ever NBA Championship. Similarly, in the 1992-93 season, the Chicago Bulls win their second and third NBA championship in a row.

Meanwhile, Jordan took a short stint in the minor baseball league and later returned to the basketball court.

Accordingly, he scored an average of 30.4 points per game in 1995. While in the season of 1996-97, Chicago nearly recorded 69 wins. Also, Jordan sank the winning shot for their sixth NBA title.

In 1999, after his second retirement, Jordan joined the Washington Wizards as a part-owner and basketball team president.

According to reports, the Wizards’ salary was not enough. So later, in 2001, Jordan renounced his ownership and management position as a player. Till then, fans were utterly fascinated by his gaming level.


Jordan also joined the Olympic games in 1984 as a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball team in Los Angeles. Similarly, he was involved in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, with his American team. Importantly, they brought the gold home both times.

Michael Jordan | Marital Life

Firstly, Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in 1989 and had three children together. They were Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. The couple stayed together for about 17 years and divorced in 2006.

Later on 27th April 2013, Jordan married Cuban American model Yvette Prieto. They together have two daughters, Victoria and Ysabel.

Michael Jordan with his 1st wife and sons
Michael Jordan with his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, and sons.

Lately, Jordan’s sons Jeffrey and Marcus showed up interest in basketball in their college. And they dreamed of making it to the NBA.

No matter what, the divorced couples seem equally supportive and involved in their children’s future.

Michael Jordan | Retirement

In the final analysis, Jordan spent 19 years in his professional basketball career. In fact, he retired three times in 1993, 1998, and in 2003 as final. 

Briefly, Jordan pursued baseball just after the news about the murder of his father. Jordan explained, his father always wanted him to play baseball too. Therefore, he played for a minor league team as an outfielder from the Birmingham Barons.

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Michael Jordan | Achievements

Subsequently, Jordan ended his career in basketball with 32,292 total points and 30.12 points per game average. His overall score was the best, and 2,514 steals as the second-best among the league history.

Eventually, Jordan earned his nickname “Air Jordan,” becoming famous as a celebrity in Hollywood.

Additionally, Jordan became The Most Intriguing Person of the Century and one of the 50 Most Beautiful People chosen by People.

Likewise, in 1999, ESPN voted him as the greatest athlete of the 20th century.


Jordan collected his first Most Valuable Player Award from the NBA- 1988, in – 1991,1992,1996, and 1998.

Sixth times NBA championship holder Michael Jordan
Six times NBA championship holder Michael Jordan.

Additionally, Jordan received the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Just before, in 2016, Jordan received the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Michael Jordan | The Last Dance

In summary, Jordan’s legacy is and will always remain as a legacy. However, it obviously would be better to reshow it as a documentary film for it to stay.

Likewise, “The Last Dance” shows what Michael Jordan’s true legacy is. This show was firstly aired by ESPN and later made available on Netflix.

The Last Dance.
The Last Dance.

Eventually, the documentary will take us back to his Chicago Bulls days experiencing his rivalry, cheers from his true fans, his motives to win the game at any cost, from Michael’s vision.

Additionally, the documentary shows Michael’s world without women in the foreground, including his first wife.

Michael Jordan | Business

After complete retirement from being an athlete, Jordan was involved in numerous profitable business and commercial ventures. 


Nike and Jordan signed their deal in 1984, serving on the Nike Inc. board of directors for the first time. By the next year, in 1985, Nike launched the signature Air Jordan basketball sneakers. Eventually, the brand and name got popular.

It could not stop being a best-seller for more than 30 years. They are estimated to get a revenue of $2.9 billion for the Air Jordan line in 2018.

Besides Nike, Jordan made other endorsement deals with famous brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Chevrolet, Upper Deck, and Hanes.


Further, in 1996, Jorden debuted in the film Space Jam as the star. The movie specifically is animated where Jorden paired with cartoon legends Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck.


Michael also launched Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C in 1998. The main motive to launch such a Steakhouse is to reflect Jordan’s tastes and style.

Meanwhile, it states 150 and 60 at the bar, occupying 7,000 sq. feet in Grand Central Terminal. But it got close in late 2018.

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Later, Jordan also opened restaurants in Chicago at the Mohegan Sun casino and the Ilani Casino Resort.

Charlotte Hornets

Accordingly, Jordon bought a share of the Charlotte Hornets in 2006. Jordan was associated there as the team’s managing member of basketball operations.

Simultaneously, in 2010, he became the majority owner of the team serving as the chairman. 

Golf Charity

Starting from 2001 to 2014, Jordan hosted a charity golf event named Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational.

For further proceeding, foundations like Make-A-Wish, Cats Care, Keep Memory Alive, the James R.Jordan Foundation, and Opportunity Village were associated.

Michael Jordan | Relation with Kobe Bryant

Both Michael and Kobe being over the top in basketball history, never passed disrespect for each other. In fact, Michael calls Kobe, his “little brother,” and Kobe called him “big brother.”

From the bottom of their heart, both of them had so much respect and accomplishments for each other. 

However, players like Michael and Kobe became friends despite playing from different teams, including news, comparison, and debates from outsiders, making them annoyed.


The zestful beginning of these two players’ friendship is illustrated in Episode 5 of “The Last Dance.”

Accordingly, Kobe was a completely playful, admiring teenager who was in complete thirst to learn more from basketball pros like Michael. But, at the same time, Michael was already on top.

Starting from the moment Michael joined the NBA in 1996, according to Tim Grover, Kobe was the one who waited for Micheal to guide him in his moves.

On the other side, after the Lakers and Bulls match, Kobe waited for Michael outside the tunnel because Micheal took so long to come out of the locker room.

No matter what, for Kobe, the bus would have to wait for Michael for the only opportunity to meet and ask Micheal about games.

It was like the usual case to wait for Michael even though security guards also get fed up with Kobe, but as usual, he also had lots of reason to wait. And just after Micheal stepped out, Kobe again showers him with several questions.

Despite having unmatched the intensity of Micheal’s level, Kobe kept the thirst for learning more and never gave up. Just like a desperate student, Kobe worked on every lesson that Micheal taught him.

In defiance, Kobe sounded annoying to Michael. Still, he always took Kobe as his annoying brother, trying to learn something new from his elder brother asking many irritating questions.

On the Demise of Kobe Bryant

As mentioned above, Kobe was more like a brother or sibling to Michael.

On 26 January 2020, Kobe was flying on a chopper with his daughter Gigi and seven others. Meanwhile, they had an accident, and they had a spot for death.

Accordingly, on Kobe’s memorial service, Michael also gave 11 minutes of speech full of tears. On that note, he recalls his beautiful memories with Kobe.

He mentioned their late-night talks, not only just about games but family, business, and life. They talked to Gigi, discussing how to make her better.

At the end of the ceremony, being a handful of athletes, Michael gave sincere condolence to Bryant’s family, including his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka, WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi.

Michael Jordan | Net worth

Estimating all of the data, Michael is eventually the richest man alive. Starting from his NBA days, Michael is considered to be the richest professional athlete. He used to make less than $100 million while playing NBA.

Also, being a brand endorsement of brands like Nike, Forbes estimated his net worth of $1.6 billion.

Further detecting in more depth, Jordan has also invested in so many businesses but unpublished. Likewise, he owns sprawling estates, a golf course, an NBA team, restaurants, and private interest in DraftKings.

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Frequent Queries (FAQs)

Can Michael Jordan be called Billionaire?

Some years ago, Forbes announced Michael, a Billionaire. Since he earns a lot and has a record of millions of donations, Michael can be called a Billionaire.

What is “The Last Dance”?

The Last Dance is a documentary film of Michael Jordan while being on 1997-98 the Chicago Bulls team. It contains more than 500 hours of footage from his live game.

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