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Keeping relationships private becomes arduous for celebrities as media and internet sleuths always seek information on their favorite actors, players, and politicians. 

Michael Oher and Tiffany Roy did their best to keep it private. However, they had to admit their relationship after a Uber driver accused Oher of misbehaving. I will disclose the full story in a while. 

So, the most important question first is, “Is Michael Oher married?”

Yes, Michael Oher has been married to a businesswoman, Tiffany Roy, for a long time already, and they both have a son together. Tiffany runs an online boutique store called The Feminist Collection and is also working as vice president of ‘Beat The Odds Inc.’

Now the story is in detail, and in this article, I will present to you every detail about the NBA star Michael Oher’s wife, Tiffany Roy. 

Michael Oher's wife Tiffany Michelle Roy with the Tuohy family
Michael Oher’s wife, Tiffany Michelle Roy [left], with the Tuohy family


Today, we will explore more about your favorite NFL Offensive Tackle, Michael Oher’s wife and kid. By all means, we want to help one of the most successful NFL star’s life private, but we have just compiled information available around the internet. 

Let’s get started with some quick facts.

Tiffany Roy | Quick Facts

Full NameTiffany Michelle Roy
Birth Date1982
Birth PlaceLansing, Michigan
Current ResidenceMemphis, Mississippi
Famous for beingMichael Oher’s wife
Age40 years old
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Marital StatusMarried to Michael Oher
KidsBelieved to have 1 Son
Net WorthN/A
Michael Oher’s Merch Jersey, Books
Last UpdatedNovember, 2022

Michael Oher Wife | Dating & Marriage

Michael Oher’s wife, Tiffany Michelle Roy, was born sometime around 1982, give or take a year. Roy was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan.

Oher shared an Instagram post with photo slides on August 21, 2020, with Tiffany Roy. And the same image is used by an Instagram account that is supposed to be Roy’s account. Unfortunately, the charge is private, but you can follow her Company’s Instagram account with the username @feminishcollection

The details about her personal life are top secret. She has refused to share any info about her parents and siblings and has not even shared her exact date of birth.

Michael and Tiffany have been married for a long time and have many pictures together wearing old vintage clothes.

Oher and Roy seem to have tried to remain private. However, Michael’s adoptive brother, SJ Tuohy, shared a group photo of the family on August 10, 2015. The kid in the picture is believed to be Oher and Roy. It is safe to assume that the couple has been in a relationship for a long time. 

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Michael Oher Wife | Controversy

Around 2017, the couple seemed to be having some marital issues. Oher allegedly beat up an Uber driver who didn’t follow his instructions. You can read the complete story of the controversy in this article

According to the alleged victim, Michael asked him to follow a car where his wife was seated. Other details about the incident are under the covers. 

However, they seem to have resolved their issue at the time. During this time, Michael had to admit that he was married to Tiffany Roy. 

Michael Oher Wife | Career

Sadly, we do not have any info on what Michael Oher‘s wife does or does for a living. Both Michael and Tiffany have been very secretive about Tiffany’s career detail.

Tiffany and Michael run a non-profit organization named ‘Beat the Odds Inc.’ The Company runs on charity and funding from Michael and specializes in providing fair chances to deserving but less fortunate players.

Michael holds the position of the Company’s president, and Tiffany is the Vice-president, according to propublica.org.

Roy is also successfully running an online boutique, The Feminist Collection, which mainly focuses on making every woman of all sizes fabulous and confident on all occasions. The store has a collection of shoes to tops for women.

You can find details about Tiffany Roy on the store website’s About page

Please keep visiting this page, as we will update the info as soon as we get our hands on it.

Michael Oher Wife | Net Worth

Tiffany Roy’s net worth is not available as of now. Since we do not know what kind of job she did or is doing, we could not estimate her net worth.

On the other hand, Michael Oher has an estimated net worth of $16 million. He generated a fortune of wealth from his professional football career and endorsements.

Brief Bio of Michael Oher

Michael Oher spent most of his childhood as a homeless kid before being adopted by the Tuohy family. He was born on the 28th of May, 1986.

His Father was not always present, as he usually went in and out of prison.

Likewise, his mother was no good either; she was a drug addict and, therefore, could not take good care of her 12 children.

Michael’s family moved quite a lot during his childhood, but it stopped when a crazy wealthy family (Tuohy) took Michael in.

That was the turning point in Michael’s life; we bet none of the awards and accolades he has feels more significant than the opportunity the Tuohy family gave him. The chance of a brand new life.

Michael Oher fresh in the morning
Michael Oher fresh in the morning (Source: Facebook)

The Tuohy family put him in a well-reputed school where he fell in love with football.

He grew up to be a passionate football player and worked extremely hard to get into the National Football League, the biggest league of football.

Michael played college football for the University of Mississippi. Following his college football career, Michael later signed in with the Baltimore Ravens in 2009.

The contract was worth a whopping $13.8 million and spanned five years.

After the initial contract expired, he signed in with the Tennesse Titans. This new contract spanned four years but paid him more than the last contract, $20 million, an additional $4.2 million.

After that, he later transferred to the Carolina Panthers, where he retired.

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Social Media 

Tiffany Michelle Roy prefers to keep her life as private as possible and does not want to let the public in on her details, including her photos.

We think she did not fancy it when Sean Tuohy Jr. shared her picture on the internet. Still, she was not in any position to say anything to him as the Tuohy family was the reason for her husband’s multi-million career.

But on the other hand, Michael Oher is an active social media user.

Twitter: 226k followers

Instagram: 245k followers

Facebook: 740k followers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Michael Oher’s kids?

A young kid had been spotted in Michael Oher and Tiffany’s House, which fans speculated to be the couple’s kid, but it is not a hundred percent sure. The kid might be a relative of one of the couple.

Is Tabitha Soren Michael Oher’s wife?

Many people confuse Tabitha Soren with Michael Oher’s wife. That is not true at all.

Tabitha Soren is Michael Lewis’ wife, not Michael Oher’s. People often confuse the two, Michael. Where does Michael Lewis come into the equation?

Michael Lewis is the author of Michael Oher’s 2006 narrative book “The Blind Side.” Apart from being an author, Lewis is also a financial Journalist.

In the book “The Blind Side,” the main character is, of course, Michael Oher himself, often addressed using only his first name.

And the book addresses the author as Michael Lewis; that is the main root of the confusion.

Conclusion: Michael Oher’s wife is none other than Tiffany Michelle Roy.

Last Edited on 20th June 2022

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