Does Michael Phelps Have A Brother? Meet Sister Hilary And Whitney Phelps

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Michael Phelps, the GOAT, with a record-breaking twenty-eight medals, has two sisters, Hillary and Whitney. They served as inspirations and sources of support throughout his journey. Keep reading to discover more about his remarkable sisters.

Michael Fred Phelps II, a.k.a. Michael Phelps, the American former competitive swimmer, has an extraordinary tally of Olympic medals. He reigns as the unrivaled epitome of Olympic achievement.

Phelps represented the USA Olympic team in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016. He holds multiple Olympic records, including most gold medals (23), most gold medals in individual events (13), and most gold medals at a single game (8).

Simply, his name is etched in the annals of sporting greatness.

Olympic Winner Michael Phelps
Olympic Winner Michael Phelps (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he holds 20 Guinness World Records. These records predominantly consist of accumulative Guinness World Records, starting with “most.” Some instances are most medals, consecutive number of awards, most medals within one tournament, and most records in swimming.

In 2004, a street in his hometown of Baltimore was renamed The Michael Phelps Way. On April 9, 2009, Phelps was invited to be honored for his Olympic accomplishments before the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate.

Michael Phelps Brother

Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer of all time, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1985. His parents are Debora Sue Phelps and Michael Fred Phelps; they divorced when Phelps was a child.

The swimmer doesn’t have a brother. However, he was raised by his mother alongside his two older sisters, Hillary and Whitney.

His sisters used to swim, inspiring young Michael to become the GOAT he is now.  

Sister Hilary

Hilary Phelps, the oldest among the Phelps children, has led a diverse and impactful life. Born in 1980, she is a mother, entrepreneur, and former reporter who gained recognition as a special correspondent for 11 News during the London Olympic Games.

Interestingly, Hilary was the first Phelps child to venture into the world of swimming, not Michael. In interviews, she has revealed that her parents enrolled Michael in swimming lessons to minimize driving back and forth.

Right from the beginning, Hilary exhibited a remarkable aptitude for excelling in various endeavors. She consistently achieved outstanding academic results, maintaining a flawless record of straight “A” grades.

Moreover, she distinguished herself as the fastest swimmer in her age group nationwide.

Michael Phelps Sister Hillary
Michael Phelps Sister Hillary (Source: Instagram)

However, when Hilary reached 14, her life took a significant turn. That was the moment she had her first taste of alcohol, which profoundly impacted her. Instantly captivated, she spiraled into a 15-year drinking cycle, leaving her feeling empty, lost, and hopeless.

Fortunately, Hilary managed to break free from her destructive pattern and achieve sobriety.

Today, she actively dedicates her efforts to collaborating with brands and individuals striving to impact the world positively. Her primary focus lies in health, wellness, and addiction recovery.

In a brave move, Hilary publicly shared her journey of healing and sobriety in 2022. It marked the first time she opened up about her experiences, offering inspiration and hope to others facing similar challenges.

Hillary goes by the name @hilaryphelps_ on Instagram.

Whitney Phelps

Michael’s family boasts a lineage of athletes, including his older sister Whitney, who has made significant achievements in swimming and marathon running. Whitney has two kids, and as per Michael, she was his support system growing up. 

In an interview, he fondly remembered observing his middle sister, Whitney. During that time, she held an impressive third-place ranking worldwide and secured the top position in the country.

Her remarkable achievements served as a profound inspiration for him. It fueled his aspiration to follow in her footsteps, yearning for the chance to compete in Rome, take part in world championships, and ultimately represent his nation at the Olympics.

Young Michael Phelps With His Sister Whitney
Young Michael Phelps With His Sister Whitney (Source: Essentially Sports)

Similar to her sister, Whitney also had some health concerns. Within the pages of his book “Beneath The Surface,” Michael Phelps delved into his sister Whitney’s weight loss journey.

Despite repeated inquiries regarding her health, Whitney consistently denied any issues. Phelps vividly described her state: “She had no body fat.” 

Michael and Hilary frequently mention and include Whitney in their affectionate exchanges, showcasing the strong bond within the Phelps family.

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