Top 13 Most Successful Spanish Soccer Clubs of all Time

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Top 13 Most Successful Spanish Soccer Clubs of all Time!! As with most of Europe, the most popular game in Spain is soccer. Soccer is not only seen as the most entertaining sport, but they have culminated as an emotion to the Spanish people.

The Spanish soccer leagues determine the overall scenario of world soccer to a larger extent.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation not only governs the National soccer team of Spain but also organizes and monitors La Liga and Copa del Rey.

These two leagues are the face of soccer for all fans around the world and also garner a large amount of audience for the tournaments

13 Most Successful Spanish Clubs
13 Most Successful Spanish Clubs (Source: PlayersBio)

Spanish soccer clubs are notorious for having the best soccer players. They are the face of the game to most soccer fans.

The Spanish club with the best players in the world showcases the most impressive and exciting games.

Here is the list of the most successful Spanish soccer club.

But it is to be noted that these lists are based on the number of trophies the club has collected over time, and everybody is entitled to have their own opinions regarding their favorite clubs.

Quick Overview

Top 13 Spanish Club of All Time  Titles Won
13. Villarreal  3
12. Real Betis 3
11. Real Union 4
10. RCD Espanyol 4
9. Real Sociedad 6
8. Deportivo 6
7. Real Zaragoza 9
6. Sevilla  14
5. Valencia  23
4. Atletico Madrid 34
3. Atletico Bilbao 35
2. Real Madrid 95
1. Barcelona 97

Top 13 Most Successful Spanish Soccer Clubs of all Time

13. Villarreal 

Villarreal was established in 1923 in Villarreal, Spain. The club won major titles by defeating Manchester United in the 2021 UEFA Europa League.

The club is gaining stability and is on a major rise now since its debut.

Villarreal (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

The fans call them a yellow submarine for their yellow home kit. The club played in the lower division till 1998 and entered La Liga only in 1998.

They have two UEFA Intertoto Cup titles and one UEFA Europa League title

12. Real Betis

Real Betis was established in 1908 and is based in Seville. The club has a home ground in Estadio Benito Villamarin. 

Real Betis Logo (Photo courtesy: Wikipedia)

They have won Copa del Rey trophy twice and La Liga once. With this, Real Betis is number 12 of our top 13 most successful Spanish clubs in history.

Betis finished sixth in La Liga in the 2017-18 season and earned a spot in the Europa league.

11. Real Union

Real Union was established 109 years ago on 15th May 1915. The club has its home ground in Stadium gal.

The club has only won 4 Copa del Rey titles.

Real Union Logo (Photo courtesy: Wikipedia)

Currently, Real Union is bouncing between the second and fourth tiers of Spanish clubs, but we are hopeful for its return to major leagues.

10. RCD Espanyol

The club was founded 124 years ago on 28th October 1900. The original name of the club was Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona.

RCD Espanyol has its headquarters in Barcelona, Catalonia. The fans also know the club by the name Periquitos or the Parakeets.

RCD Espanoyol Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

This Spanish club has won a total of 4 national titles. However, it has never won the UEFA Cup but has played in finals twice, in 1988 and 2007.

They use Estadui Cornella-El Prat stadium as their main home ground. 

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9. Real Sociedad

The club was founded 115 years ago on 7th September 1909. Its original name was Real Sociedad de Futbol.

The headquarters for the club is in the city of San Sebastian, Basque Country. The club is also known by the name Txuriurdian or The White and Blues.

Real Sociedad Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Real Sociedad has won a total of 5 national and international titles, including two La Liga titles and two Copa del Rey trophies.

They use Anoeta stadium as their main home ground. 

8. Deportivo

The club Deportivo was named Real Club Deportivo de La Coruna during its foundation nearly 118 years ago on 2nd March 1906.

Its headquarter is located in Coruna, Glacia. It is best known among fans by the name Brancoazuis or The Blue and Whites.

Deportivo Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Deportivo has undoubtedly done its best in the leagues, winning six national and international titles. The club has consistently performed well in the last 19 seasons of La Liga.

They have won one La Liga title and two Copa del Rey titles.

7. Real Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza is another incredible club founded 92 years ago in 1932. The fans lovingly call the club Los Manos or The Aragonese.

The club has garnered nine national and international titles. Similarly, it has successfully won a whopping 6 Copa del Rey trophies.

Real Zaragoza Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Along with this, 2021-22 has been in Real Zaragoza’s favor as they achieved a Supercopa de Espana.

They also managed to make it to the UEFA Cup Winners team. 

This club uses La Romareda as its main ground and is one of the youngest clubs to win so many trophies. 

6. Sevilla

Sevilla is one of the oldest clubs in history. It was established 134 years ago on 25th January 1890.

The club has bagged a total of 13 national and international titles to date.

The club has won one La Liga title and a total of 5 Copa del Rey trophies.

Sevilla Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

This season they have achieved Supercopa de Espana. Along with this, they have five UEFA Europe leagues as of the 2021-22 season.

Despite being the oldest clubs in history, they have achieved UEFA Super Cup only once. 

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5. Valencia

The club was established more than 105 years ago on 18th March 1919. The fans fondly call the club Els Taronges or The Oranges.

Valencia has an impressive 23 national and international titles.

Similarly, it has won six La Liga titles and an amazing 8 Copa del Rey trophies to date. 

Valencia Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

They have played UEFA Europa League once, the UEFA Super Cup two times, and UEFA Intertoto Cup once.

The club has also garnered two Inter-Cities Fairs Clubs till now. 

4. Atletico Madrid

The club was established nearly 121 years ago on 26th April 1903. They have won 31 national and international titles since their establishment.

The club has won 10 La Liga titles and 10 Copa del Rey trophies. Atletico Madrid has successfully achieved two Supercopa de Espana

Atletico Madrid Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

As for UEFA leagues, the club has played UEFA Europa League three times, UEFA Super Club three times, and Intercontinental Cup one time since its establishment. 

3. Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Bilbao was established more than 126 years ago in 1898. They have successfully won 34 national and international titles since their establishment.

The fans lovingly call them Los Leones and The Lions.

Athletico Bilbao Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

The club Athletic Bilbao has won 8 La Liga titles and 23 Copa del Rey trophies since its establishment. They have garnered two Supercopa de Espana titles as of the 2021-22 season.

The club is based in Bilbao, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain. 

2. Real Madrid

Real Madrid was founded 122 years ago on 6th March 1902. They have won 91 national and international titles. 

The club has won 34 La Liga titles and 19 Copa del Rey trophies. 

Similarly, the club has a fantastic record in the champions league, with 13 UEFA Champions League titles and 2 UEFA Europa League titles.

Real Madrid Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

The club Real Madrid has played UEFA Super Cup 4 times and the Intercontinental Cup three times.

They also have won the FIFA Club World Cup title 4 times since their establishment.

1. Barcelona

The club Barcelona was founded 125 years ago on 29th November 1899 as Foot-Ball Club Barcelona. It has won a total of 94 national and international titles.

The club has garnered 26 La Liga titles and 30 Copa del Rey trophies since its establishment.

Barcelona Logo (Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Likewise, Barcelona has 13 Supercopa de Espana. 

Moreover, the club has been a front-runner in the UEFA league. It has won 5 UEFA Champions League titles and 4 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups since its debut.

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