NBA reacts to the recent incident against Asian American and trend #StopAsianHate

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Recently, NBA released a statement after a horrific incident in the Atlanta area.

The horrific incident that occurred in the Atlanta area last night has left many stunned and horrified.

The incident also saddened NBA teams and players.

NBA released a statement regarding the incident and showed support to the victims.

The statement states:

“Last night’s tragic events in Atlanta are part of a disturbing rise in violence and discrimination towards Asian Americans.”

Today and every day, we stand with the Asian community and condemn all acts of hate and racism

NBA reacts to recent incident against Asian American and trend #StopAsianHate
NBA tweets against Asian hate. (Source: NBA Twitter)

We know America has always been on the news for racism. We have heard a lot of news about violence due to racism.

Racism exists in every part of America and every sector, and there seem no signs of racism slowing down soon.

Racism has led to violence and crimes. Amid the recent COVID situation, racism against Asians has increased more.

This racism against Asian- Americas started mainly due to former President Trump referred to coronavirus as the “China virus.”

And people blaming everyone of Asian descent as the cause of the virus. This has led to people being hateful against Asians.

Currently, the hate against Asian communities has increased more, and many people of Asian descent have been the victim of that racism.

The older people are mostly the victims of such hate violence.

The horrible killing incident in Atlanta

Last evening, Atlanta suffered shootings at two massage parlors. One in the suburbs left eight people dead, many of them women of Asian descent.

Next, at Young Asian Massage Parlor, five people were shot, and two people died.

Meanwhile, three were transported to a hospital. Among them, two have already died.

While the actual motive for the killing is unknown. But since the killings came amid a recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans.

So people are referring to this as an Asian hate crime as well.

 The NBA teams and players were also saddened by the recent news and showed their support.

NBA teams ask to help report the incident

Consequently, many NBA athletes and teams expressed condolences and also expressed solidarity with the Asian American community.

NBA releases statement on the Atlanta
NBA releases statement on the Atlanta (pic source: google)

Women’s NBA (WNBA) also expressed their solidarity with the Asian American community

“Today and every day, we stand united against all acts of racism, hatred, and violence.

We condemn the tragic recent attacks and remain in solidarity with the Asian community.”

Atlanta Hawks tweeted, We stand with @StopAAPIHate, @AAAJ_Atlanta, @cpacs.

And the entire Asian community in grief and solidarity over yesterday’s senseless and tragic acts of violence.

Los Angeles Lakers also tweets and ask people to get more involved 

They ask people report incidents of hate crimes against Asian Americans.

Portland Trail Blazers also ask to visit and help to stop Asian hate.

Golden State Warriors also addressed the issue and said:

Jeremy Lin, Taiwanese – American voices out again

Santa Cruz Warriors player Jeremy Lin who has been called out as coronavirus by another player, has since spoken about the racism.

He again speaks out and condemns the act.

He tweeted: This is so heartbreaking, praying for our world.

To my Asian American family, please take time to grieve but know you’re loved, seen, and important.

We have to keep standing up, speaking out, rallying together, and fighting for change. We cannot lose hope.

He also added, “Not trying to learn more about how it was a “bad day” for the murderer from the media.”

“Tell me more about the victims and how they didn’t deserve this. Humanize them. Let’s talk about their stories.”

NBA players also speak on the incident and want everyone to do their part.

NBA’s Lebron James also showed his support to the victims and said:

My condolences go out to the families of all the victims and the entire Asian community tonight on what transpired in Atlanta at the Aromatherapy Spa. 

Similarly, Trae Young tweets, ” sick about what happened here in ATL yesterday.”

My condolences go out to the families & loved ones who were affected by this tragedy.

Nothing else needs to be said. I’m with you. STOP ASIAN HATE

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr also expressed his sadness regarding the incident.

He writes about how it’s everyone’s duty to speak up about hate-based violence and how connecting covid with people and blaming them is idiotic and devastating.

Finally, he asks everyone to do their part in stopping such an incident.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry was left speechless after the incident. 

He seeks from Steve Kerr and writes, “Honestly have been trying to find words to do this situation in our country justice, but this speaks loud.”

Be aware, do your part. Get educated

GSW’s Stephen Curry also speaks out on the issue and wants everyone to do their part.

Furthermore, NBA players have spoken about the incident and have shown their support to Asian Americans.

Former NBA player Baron Davis also speaks out and says, “To my Asian brothers and sisters, I’m here for you.”

Jamal Crawford, Keef Morris, Tobias Morris show their support.

Enes Kanter, Jordan Clarkson, and Shaun Livingston also show their support.


Support from NBA means a lot.

NBA is a big league in the US. Millions and millions of people love to watch basketball.

These people also want to know what their favorite NBA teams and players are up to.

So, small tweets and efforts from the players are critical in raising awareness amongst people regarding the situation.

NBA players have a huge fanbase. So when they speak out, it has a huge impact on the people.

In fact, every word from influential people means a lot to the threatened community.

They feel that people are by their side and feel encouraged to speak out.

NBA speaking out in support of the threatened community and condemning such acts is truly motivational and heartwarming.

Seeing their favorite teams and players speaking out for the victims and showing support encourages fans to do the same.

Hate against any people, be it Blacks, Whites, Hispanic, Asians, or any other race, is unacceptable.

And we need to understand that we are humans before any other race.

Blaming each other for the situation that occurred due to some unfortunate circumstances is a very senseless act.

Let’s stop hate and blame and spread to love each other so that the world can be a better place to live in. 

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