Does Nick Bjugstad Have A Brother? Meet His Sister Abbie

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Edmonton Oilers’ star Nick Bjugstad doesn’t have a brother. He has an older sister named Abbie Bjugstad. 

The veteran NHL star, Nick Bjugstad, was making records before even making his debut. Since making his debut in 2013 with Florida Panthers, Bjugstad has played for five different franchises. 

Born and raised in Blaine, Minnesota, by parents Mike and Janeen Bjugstad, Nick grew up with older sister Abbie Bjugstad.

With a small age gap of two years, the sibling pair get along really well.  

Nick Bjugstad Pictured With His Two Daughters And Wife Jacki Bjugstad
Nick Bjugstad Pictured With His Two Daughters And Wife Jacki Bjugstad (Source: Facebook)

In the ongoing Stanley Cup playoffs, Nick opened up his scoring against Los Angeles Kings in the pivotal Game 5. This was Nick’s first two-goal game in playoffs. 

One of the other scorers of the night was Zach Hyman, extending the lead to 5-2.

With the Oilers now one win away from winning the Western Conference first-round playoff, Bjugstad will hope to bring his A-game back on Saturday night. 

Does Nick Bjugstad Have A Brother?

As stated previously, Nick Bjugstad has never mentioned having a brother. 

The former Carolina Panthers center has previously talked about his family members. And during those conversations, nothing gives hints of him having a brother. 

But if he did, we might have had another pair of brothers starring together in the NHL. When talking about brothers in the NHL, Dylan and Ryan Strome are one of the pairs that cross the minds of many fans. 

Nick Bjugstad Pictured With His Mom Janine(Left) And Sister Abbie In 2015
Nick Bjugstad With His Mom Janine(Left) And Sister Abbie In 2015 (Source: Facebook)

With his sister, Abbie not having much interest in hockey, Nick was the only one who followed in the footsteps of his dad. His father, Mike Bjugstad, is a former hockey player, having played at UW-Eau Claire.

One of the other notable family members who played the sport is his uncle, Scott Bjugstad. Scott played for three NHL franchises during the late 80s and early 90s.

Stories of a pair of athletic brothers are famous in every sport, just like the Kelce brothers. We probably would’ve heard of one more if Nick had a brother. 

Nick Bjugstad Sister Abbie Bjugstad 

Nick Bjugstad’s older sister, Abbie Bjugstad, is a product owner at Star Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minnesota. 

Born on August 8, 2020, Abbie previously shared some pictures of her 30th birthday party on Facebook, which featured Nick.

The older sister of Nick graduated with a degree in Marketing and Communication from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 2012. 

Nick Bjugstad Pictured With Sister Abbie And His Daughter In 2019
Nick Bjugstad Posing With Sister Abbie And His Daughter In 2019 (Source: Facebook)

After graduation, Abbie worked in several companies. She worked for 6 years in the Netherlands.

She was the online marketing manager for Sanoma and the Account manager for Advidi, both companies based in the Netherlands.

Before joining Star Tribune in 2019, Abbie worked as a Strategic Program Manager for It was the job at Star Tribune that brought Abbie back to the United States. 

The bond between Nick and her sister is as clear as a daylight. Abbie sharing several photos of her and Nick’s family vouches for the same. 

She has previously shared photos of her enjoying ice skating with Nick and his wife, Janine, and their daughter, Layla, on her Facebook. 

Abbie Bjugstad Has Been Involved In Philanthropical Works

Even though her Instagram is private, Abbie has linked GoFundMe on her Instagram bio.

The link takes the page viewers to an article that talks about raising funds for two Nepalese orphans for their educational support.

The article gives insights into how Abbie came across the kids during her visit to the South Asian country and her plans for the kids.

Abbie Bjugstad Pictured With The Family Of The Orphans She Helped In 2019
Abbie Bjugstad Pictured With The Family Of The Orphans She Helped In 2019 (Source: Facebook)

The GoFundMe has already raised the fund above its goal of $1800, but further help would certainly not hurt anybody.

She has previously shared other posts relating to donations, including the one in 2019, requesting friends to donate to Amazon Conservation Association. 

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