Nick Mullens Brother Frank And Sister Heather Are His Inspiration

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Nick Mullens grew up alongside two older siblings: a brother, Frank, and a sister, Heather.

Growing up together, they shared experiences, formed bonds, and navigated the various stages of life as a close-knit family unit.

American Football Quarterback Nick Mullens
American Football Quarterback Nick Mullens (Source: Instagram)

Nicholas Clayton Mullens, born on March 21, 1995, is an American football quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL.

He garnered attention while playing for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles during his collegiate years.

Mullens set impressive records during his time there, breaking Brett Favre‘s single-season school record with 4,476 passing yards and 38 touchdown passes.

His professional journey began on May 4, 2017, when Mullens inked a deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

Over four years with the 49ers, he took the field in 19 games. Later, for the 2021 season, Mullens played for the Cleveland Browns in 2021 before eventually joining the Minnesota Vikings.

Nick Mullens Brother Frank And Sister Heather

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback Nick Mullens was born to parents Suzanne and Mark Mullens on March 21, 1995.

He grew up alongside an older brother, Frank, and an older sister, Heather.

While Nick has garnered attention for his athletic prowess and contributions to the NFL, his siblings, Frank and Heather, have chosen a more private approach, opting to stay out of the limelight.

Despite their shared connection with a public figure like Nick, both Frank and Heather have consciously maintained a low profile.

Nick Mullens With His Brother Frank
Nick Mullens With His Brother Frank (Source: Instagram)

Heather is married to an individual named Drew Watson and is the mother of two children.

For those curious about their lives, Frank and Heather do have a presence on social media platforms like Instagram.

Interested ones can find Frank Mullens under the username @franktus, and Heather Mullens goes by @hswatson1.

However, it’s worth noting that both accounts have been set to private, indicating their preference for a more private, restricted audience.

Gets Emotional In PostGame After Season-Ending Loss

Following a 30-20 defeat against Detroit, the Minnesota Vikings concluded their season, leaving many, including quarterback Nick Mullens, deeply affected by the outcome.

Describing Mullens’ 2023 season as tumultuous would be an understatement. Initially sidelined due to a back injury, he found himself in the spotlight when Kirk Cousins suffered a torn Achilles tendon.

This unexpected turn led the team to acquire Joshua Dobbs, as rookie Jaren Hall wasn’t deemed ready for a primary starting position.

Throughout the season, Mullens started three games and made appearances in a total of five.

On Sunday, emotions ran high for Mullens as he reflected on the challenges of the past year and the Vikings’ disappointing conclusion, marked by a sequence of losses that saw them miss the NFC Playoffs.

Struggling to hold back tears, Mullens expressed his sentiments about falling short of leading the Vikings to postseason play, stating,

“I’m an emotional dude, it just sucks. You want to do your best, it just sucks. Just try to get the job done, we were very close, but very close is not good enough in this league.”

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