Nikola Jokić’s Brothers, Strahinja Jokić & Nemanja Jokić

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Nikola Jokić’s brothers, Strahinja Jokić and Nemanja Jokić went viral for being aggressive giants who are protective of their two-time MVP younger brother Nikola. They are the ones who no one would want to mess with, and they always got his back.  

Nikola’s brothers are massive and muscular and could bring down most men. Nikola Jokić has two older brothers, Strahinja Jokić being the most senior while Nemanja Jokić being the middle child.

Nikola Jokić attempting a free throw
Nikola Jokić attempting a free throw (Source:

Earlier in July 2021, a brawl broke out between Nikola and Suns’ Devin Booker. The eldest of the trio, Strahinja Jokić, went crazy by the courtside.

A massive guy with huge biceps filled with tattoos and 7 feet tall; even the most prominent basketball players would not want to mess with such a guy.

Let us take an in-depth and detailed look at this exciting, engaging, and action-packed news. 

Nikola Jokić’s Brothers | Quick Facts

1. Strahinja Jokić

Full Name Strahinja Jokić
Birth Date 1982
Birth Place Sombor, Serbia
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality Serbian
Ethnicity White
Education N/A
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name Branislav Jokic
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Nemanja Jokić & Nikola Jokić
Age 41 years old
Height 7’0″ (213 cm)
Weight N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Jacked
Profession Basketball player
Popular for The eldest brother of the Nikola Jokic
Marital Status Married
Kids None
Net Worth N/A


2. Nemanja Jokić

Full Name Nemanja Jokić
Birth Date August 26, 1984
Birth Place Sombor, Serbia
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality Serbian
Ethnicity White
Education Mechanical High School
University of Detroit Mercy
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name Branislav Jokic
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Strahinja Jokić & Nikola Jokić
Age 38 years old
Height 6’6″ (198 cm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Average
Profession N/A
Popular for Brother of the Nikola Jokic
Hobby Fishing
Marital Status N/A
Kids None
Net Worth N/A
Merch of Nikola Jokić T-shirt, Funko Pop, Signed picture
Last Updated May, 2023

How and Why did Nikola Jokić’s Brothers go Viral?

The Fight

On November 8, 2021, the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns faced each other. The game was standard until Nikola Jokić accidentally hit Suns’ defender Cameron Payne.

Nikola tried to slap the ball out of Payne’s hand but ended up smashing his arms against Payne’s face.

Looking at the video issued from the official NBA recording, one can see that it was completely unintentional; it was an accident.

But Payne’s fellow teammate might have thought otherwise as he started walking briskly, eyeballing Nikola to a staredown battle.

Nikola and Booker in a stare down
Nikola and Booker in a staredown (Source:

Things got heated up real quick as Devin Booker got furious. Nikola was not one to back down either; he went head to head with Booker with a puffed-up chest.

The two had an intense moment that lasted for 10 seconds during Game 4 of the Phoenix Suns-Denver Nuggets second-round series.

They pushed and pulled each other a bit as players from both teams tried to separate them. In a matter of seconds, the two were surrounded by players.

The video shows Booker letting it go and backing off from the brawl. Some tweeted that he backed off because he saw Nikola’s two brothers screaming like blood-thirsty lions by the courtside.

Soon, the clip was blown up over all the social media and went viral, and people started noticing them.

Nikola Jokić’s Brothers’ Reaction

As a fight between Nikola and Booker broke out, the former’s two brothers were filled to the head with rage. They had to be kept off the court by a couple of officials.

Nikola Jokić’s brothers take the saying, “Brothers for life,” to a new level.

Nikola Jokić’s brothers were ready to get into action after their brother got into a fight in the middle of the game. Nikola’s giant, muscular and scary-looking brothers did all they could verbally.

Jokic brothers’ reacting to the tussle (Source: NBA)

If officials had failed to keep Nikola Jokić’s brothers down, we are pretty sure the NBA match could turn into an MMA match.

Later, Nikola was ejected from the game for a flagrant foul and unnecessary physical contact made by a player against the opponent.

He was kicked out of the match just 4 minutes before the end of the third quarter. Videos of Nikola’s angry brothers went viral as they seemed more than ready to go fist-to-fist with Booker.

Nikola Jokić’s Brothers

Nikola Jokić’s brother, Strahinja Jokić

Strahinja Jokić was born in 1982 in Sombor, Serbia, and is 41 years old. Information regarding his birth, exact birthdate, education, dating life, etc., is currently unavailable.

In 2019, he was arrested for alleged assault. He was charged with choking and pushing a woman.

According to Serbian media, the woman is his wife. In addition, news reports read that he was with a woman in a Denver apartment and was consuming alcoholic drinks too.

Strahinja Jokić with his brother Nikola
Strahinja Jokić with his brother Nikola (Source:

Talking about physical appearance, Strahinja looks like a typical redneck with pent-up rage. However, he seems different from his younger brother Nikola. 

Strahinja is made of two words, “Strah” and “inja.” “Strah” means “fear,” and “ini/inji” means “others” the name roughly translates to “fear to others.” But not every comment made about him is negative.

You can read about another hot-headed athlete, Kyle Farnsworth.

What Fans and Followers have to Say About Strahinja

People comment he is nothing but a 7 feet tall idiot paired with a drinking problem.
Reports of him drunk driving violently have surfaced on the internet.

Basketball fans do not particularly like Strahinja for his immature and irresponsible behavior.

It is also rumored that his arrogance has been rising with his NBA star brother’s amount of money. He also yelled at Serbian reporters before the FIBA world cup to “f**koff” and leave Nikola alone.

Regarding the assault charges, one of the NBA fans commented, “I’m glad that this happened in the USA because here (Sombor, Serbia), he wouldn’t have any charges against him.

Nikola Jokic’s brothers getting trolled on Twitter after the incident (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, he also said, “He won’t go to jail, his family has a lot of money to pay expensive lawyers, but it will be a serious enough thing for him to understand that he has to behave, and the USA is not Serbia.”

Similarly, a Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokić fan commented, “I have no sympathy for this thug; I am only worried how this will affect Nikola’s game. We all know how close he is with his brothers and how often he brings his emotional baggage to the court.

Likewise, another fan pointed out, “Jokić is such an emotional player I can’t imagine this not hurting his on-court performances.

One of the people that lived in the same building as the Jokić brothers said, “Used to live in their building. This dude was a scary mf.”

Rare Positive Comment

One of the rare positive comments read, “I train with him and his second older brother at the gym that I go to. Strahinja is super nice and friendly to me. He told me where to check out in Serbia to take landscape photos.”

The same user also claimed, “He and his other brother told me to let them know when I go to Serbia so they can show me around. So shocking to hear about this! I hope he seeks counseling for his alcohol addiction.”

A positive comment for Strahinja (Source: Twitter)

The incident could have easily led to Strahinja being deported back to his homeland of Serbia.

The Consequence of Assault Charges

Assault is a serious crime, and even slight criminal activities can be enough to get immigrants deported.

This could have affected Nikola Jokić’s performance as a player and his mental and emotional state as a brother.

Since the news first surfaced on the internet, a follow-up report has not been published. Many claimed that the charges against him were dropped later.

Is Strahinja Jokić a Sore Loser?

As we already know, Strahinja is full of rage and a madman. He spent some time playing basketball in Europe, but that did not bear fruit.

He is not that talented, but he hates losing, ” said Nikola Jokić. Nemanja and Nikola reportedly said their older brother’s playing style resembles Kendrick Perkins’s.

Nemanja and Strahinja both used to go to Ball Arena, but Strahinja was the one who would usually get engaged in games.

Strahinja is so hot-headed that he was known to punch chairs sometimes. He inherited it from his dad, who was very passionate while watching sports.

Nikola Jokić’s Brother, Nemanja Jokić

Nemanja Jokić was born in Sombor, Serbia, the same as his other brothers. Nemanja was born on Aug. 26, 1984.

He was the youngest child for over a decade until Nikola was born in 1995. He is also the shortest of the three brothers, standing at 6’6″ (198 cm). However, while playing for Detroit Mercy Titans, he weighed 220lbs (100 kg).

Nemanja played basketball for Mechanical High School at West Backa and maintained a 20-point average score.

Nemanja Jokić with Nikola
Nemanja Jokić with his younger brother Nikola (Source: Twitter)

The child of the Jokic family, Nemanja majored in Business Administration at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Like Strahinja and Nikola, he played college basketball and pursued his love for the sport after graduation.

He was a Division I player. Nemanja played college basketball for the University of Detroit Mercy. As a freshman, he reportedly played 29 out of 30 games for the Titans.

He reportedly claimed that the most thrill he got from sports was when he got the chance to play college basketball in the United States.

His skills are compared to that of Nikola’s, and it is said that they were similar in style and ability. Nemanja played as a forward in the Junior class.

In the 2008/09 season, he led the University of Detroit Mercy with an impressive 19 total 3-pointers. 

He entered the 2010 NBA drafts hoping to sign in with an NBA league team, but unfortunately, he went undrafted.

Nemanja Jokić’s Career

In 2019, he was engaged in MMA. As of March 14 of the same year, he had 3 wins with 0 losses.

Unfortunately, information regarding his MMA career has not surfaced ever since. He now travels cross-state, attending his brother Nikola’s matches.

Nemanja Jokic' Records back in 2009
Nemanja Jokic’s Records back in 2009 (Source: Proballers)

Any other information regarding the profession he was engaged in is currently unavailable.

A Brief Bio of Nikola Jokić

Early Life

Born on February 19, 1995, Nikola is a center forward and, most importantly, a playmaker for the Denver Nuggets.

Nikola grew up in a small two-bedroom apartment. He grew up living with his parents, grandmother, and two brothers.

Nikola spent the majority of his childhood riding and shooting hoops. His two elder brothers were interested in basketball and played it too, which sparked his interest in the sport in Young Nikola.

Nikola Jokic with his two elder brothers in Serbia (Source: SlamOnline)

Despite being a decade older than their younger brother, they greatly influenced him growing up. His love for basketball was also the result of his big brothers’ influence.

Even at an early age, Nikola had basketball talent and was quite popular in the city. Thus, he was known as the “basketball player.”

He joined Mega Bemax, a Bel-grade-based basketball team, after he turned 16. Nikola played for the Junior team in his first season playing for Mega Bemax.

Soon, the club recognized his talent and promoted him to the next season’s senior national team. In 2005, he won the Top Prospect award and achieved the title of the most valuable player in the league of the Adriatic League.

Awards and Accolades

Fast forward to 2014, Nikola was drafted as the 41st overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets. Just a season in the game, he proved himself a worthy pick and an excellent asset for the team.

Two years later, in 2016, he was entitled to the honorary title of the NBA All-Rookie Team. On top of that, he ranked 3rd in the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

The following year, in 2017, he managed to rank the top 2nd in the NBA Most Improved Player Award and the Assist of the Year award.

Nikola Jokić kissing the fans
Nikola Jokić is kissing the fans. (Source:

Moreover, Nikola also holds the record for the fastest triple-double in the history of the NBA league.

The most impressive and notable is the MVP of the year award he received in 2021.

In early June 2021, he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player of the year, which made Shaq O’Neal more than happy.

“You’re the first big man to win an MVP in a long time. I thank you, and I appreciate you very much,” said O’Neal to the Serbian giant.

Jokic became the NBA’s most minor player to be crowned MVP and the first player picked in the second phase of the common draft era (since 1966) to do so.

Jokic won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award for the second year on May 12, 2022, defeating finalists Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Jokic with his 2nd MVP Award
Nikola Jokic winning his 2nd NBA MVP Trophy in 2022 (Source: Denver Stiffs)

Joki signed a five-year, $264 million supermax contract extension with the Nuggets on July 1, 2022, making it the biggest deal in the history of the NBA.

When he won his second consecutive MVP, he rode to the stables in Serbia on a two-wheeled cart drawn by his horse.

Nikola Jokić’s Brothers and His Relationship

Growing Up Together

Growing up, Nikola Jokić’s brothers would bully him into doing things he did not want to or when they felt like it. One of the wildest childhood stories is the one shared by Nikola.

Once, he refused to climb a tree, and the two older brothers decided to punish him for not obeying.

The three Jokic brothers (Source: Instagram)

The punishment included holding his arms down and throwing knives around his head. This is, hands down, the ridiculous thing a brother has done in the history of the NBA.

“That was a little crazy,” commented Nikola.

Nemanja recalls Nikola being tossed around from one bed to another by the eldest son, Strahinja.

He used to terrorize little Nikola during heated games on a plastic mini hoop. It seems that Strahinja was a sore loser since the early days.

Also, read about another attractive Giannis Antetokounmpo’s brothers.  

Present Day Nikola Jokić’s Brothers

At present, the Jokić brothers are inseparable. Nikola Jokić’s brothers are so close that they live in an apartment with Nikola’s long-time girlfriend, Natalija Macesic.

It is not sure that this practice continues even after Nikola has been married to his long-time girlfriend.

The Jokić brothers having a group hug (Source:

Nikola Jokić’s brothers are arguably his biggest fan. They travel around the US per Nikola’s basketball matches.

It is said that they are roadies because they hate flying.

Nikola Jokić’s brothers support him in any way they can, whether by the courtside or in his personal life. The connection between the three is one-of-a-kind.

Nikola Jokić’s Brothers’ Net Worth

It is unknown what kind of profession Nikola Jokić’s brothers are involved in. As of now, they are seen living as roadies. They probably live off their brother’s fortune.

Nikola Jokić’s total net worth is around $30 million. In addition, Nikola signed a contract in 2018 spanning 5 years worth a crazy $148 million.

It is said that from 2015 to 2021, Jokic has won over $80 million from tournaments, with a humongous $29 million from this current season alone.

His base salary for the 2021-22 NBA season is $30,510,423.

Nikola Jokić’s Endorsements

Like the big names in the history of the NBA, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and many others, Nikola has also signed in with Nike.

He has also signed a deal with Western Union and Panini. All of the companies mentioned prior are footwear and sneaker manufacturers.

Reportedly, he earns $750,000 from his various endorsements.

Social Media Links

Nikola Jokić is available on Instagram, and he has accumulated many followers.

Instagram: 100k Followers

Facebook: 643k Followers

An account on Twitter goes by JokicBrothers with 6.6K followers. However, we are unsure if it is an official or fan-made version. 

Jokic Brother Viral | Reaction

The Jokic brothers got viral during the match in November 2021 after their Reaction in defense of their brother Nikola. 

Consequently, the internet was flooded with their searches, as this chart below demonstrates.

nikola-jokic-brothers-got viral-in-November-2021
Nikola Jokic brothers got viral in November 2021(Source: Google)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many siblings does Nikola Jokić have?

Nikola Jokić has two older brothers. Nemanja Jokić is the middle child, and Strahinja Jokić is the oldest.

Which team did Nemanja Jokić play for?

Before entering the 2010 NBA draft, he played for the Detroit Mercy Titans. He had maintained a good record there.

Did Strahinja Jokić play basketball?

All three Jokics brothers love the sport. But, Strahinja was the least successful of the three brothers.

How big are the Jokic brothers?

Nemanja Jokic is the smallest of the Jokic brothers, standing at 6’6″. Strahinja, who is 7 feet tall and has played in Europe, is the tallest. According to the brothers, his game is similar to Kendrick Perkins’.

What happened between Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris?

Morris was injured after being shoved from behind by Denver Nuggets standout Nikola Jokic early in the season after a heated incident. However, it was an unintentional slap from Nikola.

Did Jokic injure Morris?

Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokić Jokić shoved Markieff, a forward for the Miami Heat, from behind in retaliation for a hard foul when the teams played on November 8, 2021.

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