Nyjah Huston Brother: All About Ahbi, Kiade And Jahmai Huston

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Nyjah comes from a family with four siblings. He has three brothers, Jahmai, Ahbi, and Kiade, and one sister, Isha.

Nyjah Huston, born November 30, 1994, is an American professional skateboarder who has exceptional skills and style on a skateboard.

Huston is among the highest-paid skateboarders globally, with numerous sponsorships and prize winnings.

The California-born’s career took off when he signed a sponsorship deal with Element Skateboards and joined their team.

Professional Skater Nyjah Huston
Professional Skater Nyjah Huston (Source: Instagram)

He appeared in various Element video productions and competed in prestigious contests like the Dew Tour and the Vans Downtown Showdown.

In 2009, Huston started his own skateboard deck company called I&I.

I&I only operated for about two years and had a team consisting of Huston, Richard Jefferson, and Anthony Williams. 

Huston has won several awards and championships, including the SLS Super Crown World Championship and twelve gold medals at the X Games.

He qualified for the United States Olympic Team in the Street Skateboarding discipline for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which marked his skateboarding debut as an Olympian.

Nyjah Huston Brother & Family

The professional skateboarder was born to parents Kelle and Adeyemi Huston in the United States.

Nyjah began skateboarding at the age of five under his father’s guidelines.

The Houston family bought a skate park in their hometown in Davis, California, in 2004, and Nyjah grew up practicing skateboarding most of his time.

Nyjah Huston grew up with two elder brothers named Jahmai and Ajbi and a younger brother named Kiade.

The youngest sibling in their family is Isha. Nyjah’s each sibling were born with a two-year age gap between them.

In an interview, Nyjah mentioned that skateboarding was a shared activity within their family, except for their mom. Even their baby sister had some involvement in skateboarding.

Unfortunately, their parents, who were once childhood sweethearts, parted ways in 2010 and are now divorced.

About The Elder Brothers

During an interview conducted by Ian Michna with Kelle, Nyjah’s mother, Kelle discussed the bittersweet nature of their family dynamics.

Moreover, she revealed that it became challenging for Nyjah’s older brothers, Jahmai and Ahbi, as their father’s attention shifted primarily to Nyjah due to his skateboarding success.

Nyjah Huston With His Three Brothers And His Mother
Nyjah Huston With His Three Brothers And His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Their unique upbringing and their younger brother’s rise to skateboarding stardom made it difficult for them to establish a “normal” life.

It is presumable that due to the circumstances mentioned, the oldest brother, Jahmai (birthday: April 7), prefers to keep a low profile and maintain privacy.

Nevertheless, besides skating, his Instagram account indicates that Jahmai was interested in music as a child.

Nyjah’s other elder brother, Ahbi Huston (birthday: December 1), also values his privacy. He maintains a private Instagram account with 398 followers.

Unlike Jahmai, Ahbi is seen spending time with his family and capturing moments with them.

While his exact occupation is not known, it is known that he shares a passion for skateboarding like his siblings.

Younger Brother Kiade

The youngest brother in the family, Kaide, appears to be an extroverted and outgoing member.

He is two years younger than Nyjah and two years older than their youngest sister, Isha, and resides in Laguna Beach, CA. 

Nyjah Huston And His Siblings Younger Self
Nyjah Huston And His Sibling Younger Self (Source: Instagram)

On his Instagram profile, Kiade expresses his life motto as “Live happy, be happy!”.

He shares updates about his skateboarding journey through his account, including techniques and experiences.

Kiade shares a close bond with his brother Nyjah, and their connection is evident in their interactions.

In an Instagram post from March 3, 2017, Kiade mentioned helping Nyjah make some boards at the Element Brand HQ for the Tampa event, which he called a “family thing.” 

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