Pat McAfee ESPN Salary- Backlash For ESPN Firing It’s Top TV Personalities

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An American sports analyst, professional wrestler, and former football punter and kickoff specialist Pat McAfee from his recent deal with ESPN, will earn an annual salary of $17 million.

McAfee recently signed a lucrative 5-year, $85 million contract with the network.

After ESPN recently announced the layoff of several top on-air personalities, including Jalen Rose, and Jeff Van Gundy, there has been some backlash directed toward Pat McAfee.

Starting this fall, “The Pat McAfee Show” will be airing on ESPN every weekday.

Despite the layoffs and the significant reduction of $30 million in in-house salaries, it is important to note that McAfee’s contract is unrelated to the decision to clear house.

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee (Source: Sports Illustrated)

The parent company of ESPN, Disney, is implementing a new strategy aimed at increasing profits by lowering salary costs.

McAfee’s contract, although substantial at just shy of $20 million per year, is not the reason behind the layoffs.

Backlash For ESPN Firing Is Top TV Personalities

Because of the network firing its several top on-air personalities, Pat McAfee is receiving a lot of backlashes. 

While some fans may believe that McAfee’s contract is to blame for the recent layoffs, it is essential to recognize the larger strategic decisions made by Disney to increase profitability.

Personalities ESPN Fired
Personalities ESPN Fired (Source: Basketball Network)

McAfee’s success story, starting from the ground up and leveraging digital platforms, serves as an example of the evolving landscape of media and how personal brands can thrive beyond traditional television networks.

In addition to his recent contract with ESPN, it has been reported that McAfee is interested in recruiting Shannon Sharpe to join the network.

McAfee envisions Sharpe as a valuable addition to ESPN’s lineup, forming a dream team alongside renowned sports commentator Stephen A. Smith.

How Is Pat McAfee Handling Backlashes

During Friday morning’s episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” McAfee addressed the ESPN layoffs and expressed his disapproval of the news, emphasizing that he is not responsible for the situation.

McAfee stated that he was unaware of the specific reasons or criteria behind the selection of individuals to be laid off, which is likely the truth as he is not directly involved in ESPN’s decision-making process.

McAfee also revealed that he has received some disrespectful comments from a few of the individuals who were let go, and he expressed his dissatisfaction with being blamed for their dismissals.

It is important to note that the details of these interactions were not disclosed, but McAfee made it clear that he did not appreciate the negative remarks directed toward him.

Given the circumstances, McAfee acknowledged that he will now face increased pressure to perform at a high level, as he will be stepping into the shoes of the laid-off individuals.

This pressure stems from the expectations that come with being a highly paid and prominent personality on the network.

McAfee understands the gravity of the situation and knows that he needs to deliver exceptional content and continue to build his audience to justify the faith ESPN has placed in him with his significant contract.

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