Patrick Reed Ethnicity & Religion: Does The Golfer Follow Christian Faith?

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Patrick Reed follows Christianity as his religion. The golfer doesn’t miss out on sharing photos of his family celebrating Easter and Christmas on his social media.

The American golfer Patrick Reed has never talked about his religion publicly. But in the past, one golfer had spoken unkind words related to Patrick and God.

Former golfer David Feherty once said, “There is no God,” when asked about Reed. This comment came after Reed’s victory in WGC-Mexico Championship. 

Patrick Reed Portrait Photoshoot After His Master's Victory In 2018
Patrick Reed Portrait Photoshoot After His Master’s Victory In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

Surrounded by controversies throughout his career, Patrick Reed is one of the most polarising figures in golf. Earlier this year, his feud with Rory Mcilory grabbed international headlines.

The two golfers are now ready to battle it out in PGA Championship. Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka are the two other golfers tipped to give fierce competition to Reed and Mcilory. 

Patrick Reed Religion

The 2018 Masters Champion, Patrick Reed, is believed to be a follower of Christianity. The Texas-born and raised Reed has previously shared pictures of him celebrating Easter with his family. 

In 2019, Reed took to his Twitter to share a few pictures of his daughter, Windsor, and son, Barrett getting ready to celebrate the holiday. The golfer had shared similar snaps a few years prior in 2016, but that time he featured his wife, Justine. 

Patrick Reed Pictured Making His Shot At The Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club In 2022
Patrick Reed Pictured Making His Shot At The Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Unlike many athletes, Reed isn’t the one to thank Jesus in his speeches after his victory. So, the controversial golfer might not be a strict Christian who goes to church every Sunday.

He also hasn’t outright talked about his faith in any of his interviews or its impact on his life. 

Talking about his ethnicity, Reed was born to Caucasian parents Bill and Jeannette Reed. He also has a sister named Hannah. 

Patrick Reed Parents: Bill, And Jeannette Reed 

Patrick Reed’s parents, Bill and Jeannette Reed, have been estranged from their son since his marriage in 2012.

The couple was against their son being married to Justin at 22. But the golfer already had his eyes set on walking down the aisle with Jeannette.

Bill and Jeannette weren’t welcomed to their son’s wedding ceremony and have been previously kicked out from golf tournaments. 

His mother, Jeannette, comes from a family of golfers. Her sister and father were golfers and were proud when Reed won the green jacket.  

Patrick Reed's Estranged Parents Bill And Jeannette Pictured During An Event
Patrick Reed’s Estranged Parents, Bill And Jeannette, Pictured During An Event (Source: Instagram)

Bill Reed worked in the healthcare industry and shifted to Baton Rouge when Reed was in high school. In the 2014 US Open tournament, Bill, Jeannette, and Hannah were kicked out by the police officers.

Later, it was said Justine was the one to do so. In 2016, the golfer’s wife took to Facebook to address the ongoing family feud. She claimed Patrick’s parents were sick people and abusive to him when he was a kid. 

The family was once again seen in the 2018 Tour Championship in Atlanta, but this time around, they weren’t kicked out. 

Their family home is located six miles away from Augusta National Golf Club, where his son won his first major. They weren’t invited but celebrated his victory in their two-storied home, a place Patrick hasn’t stepped foot since 2011. 

Patrick Reed Wife, Justine, And Two Kids 

Patrick Reed’s wife, Justine Reed (nee Karain), left her job as a nurse to support her husband. Justine has previously caddied for her husband, and so has her brother. 

The couple met through Justine’s little sister, who went on a date with the golfer. After not receiving a message from Justine’s sister after their date, the golfer messaged Justine to check whether her sister had reached home safely.

Patrick Reed Pictured With His Wife Justine During A Golf Tournament And On Right With His Two Kids
Patrick Reed Pictured With His Wife Justine During A Golf Tournament And On Right With His Two Kids (Source: Instagram)

Justin relayed to Patrick that things didn’t look bright for them. So, soon it was Justine who began dating him. The couple dated for two years before Patrick went down on one knee in 2012. 

They tied the knot late in the year, in December, and have welcomed two kids. Their first child, a daughter, Windsor, was born in 2014. The couple’s second child, Barrett Reed, was born three years later. 

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