Does Brooks Koepka Have A Sister? Meet Brother Chase Koepka

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Brooks Koepka is not an older brother to a sister but is one to Chase Kopeka, the LIV Golfer. The two brothers were raised in Florida. 

And despite their similar upbringing, one of them became one of the best players in golf while the other struggled. Brooks Koepka will go down in history as a legendary player, winning four Majors. 

His brother, Chase Kopeka, struggled on the golf course in his formative years, despite being the University of South Florida’s best golf player.

Brooks Koepka(Right) Pictured With His Brother Chase Koepka In Their Childhood Days
Brooks Koepka(Right) Pictured With His Brother Chase Koepka In Their Childhood Days (Source: Instagram)

But now Chase is emerging from his brother’s shadows that loomed at him throughout the entirety of his career. Chase has breathed a new life since joining LIV Golf in 2022 and is now at the peak form of his professional career. 

The veteran golfer, Brooks, is ready to take on the upcoming PGA Championship by storm. Koepka is ready to challenge the defending champion Justin Thomas after admitting he choked the Masters in the podcast Barstool Sports. 

Brooks Koepka Brother: Chase Koepka

Brooks Koepka doesn’t have a sister but has a younger brother Chase Koepka. 

Born on January 30, 1994, Chase is the younger brother of Brooks Koepka by four years. A University of South Florida graduate, Chase played in 11 tournaments in his debut season. 

Named the Big East Player and Freshman of The Year, Koepka finished in the top 25 on seven occasions and earned six top 10 finishes. If 2012 were a good year for Chase, then 2013 would be even better. 

Chase Koepka Pictured In His USF Days In 2015
Chase Koepka Pictured In His USF Days In 2015 (Source: Instagram)

He made history, becoming the first golfer in USF history to average less than a par all year. He became a ranked 12th holder and won two tournaments. 2014 brought more achievements, but this time around, more as a team.

USF enjoyed its best golf season, and Chase was at the helm of it. In his final season, Chase led USF to back-to-back NCAA Championship and defended the American Athletic Conference Title. 

Chase Koepka Career After Turning Pro 

The little brother of Brooks Kopeka didn’t earn much success after turning professional in 2016. His struggles were magnified as there were constant comparisons with his elder brother. 

In 2018, Chase secured the European Tour Card as he finished eighth in the Order of Merit. After finishing third in the South Africa Open, things were starting to look bright, but he soon lost his card, failing miserably that season. 

Bob Koepka, the father of two golfers, didn’t like one bit where this was heading. If his one son earned all the acclaim, his other son struggled.  

Chase Koepka Pictured With His Prize Money With The Minor League Golf Tour In 2020
Chase Koepka Pictured With His Prize Money With The Minor League Golf Tour In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, both Koepka brothers signed up for LIV Golf, and Chase has started to earn more success. He played in seven tournaments, finishing ninth in Chicago. 

In April, Chase lit up the LIV Golf Adelaide tournament, making the ace at 12. For Chase, it was a surreal feeling which he compared to Tiger Woods acing the 16th hole in the Phoenix Open. 

Since joining, LIV Golf, the two brothers have become much closer in their relationship. They were not only playing in the same tour but in the same team, Smash GC. 

There was a time when Chase rescinded spending much time around Brooks because of constant comparison. But now he no longer feels insecure as he is slowly but surely making a name for himself. 

Brooks Koepka Parents: Bob Koepka And Denise Jakows 

Brooks Koepka’s parents, Bob Koepka and Denise Jakows weren’t unfamiliar with golf before their son debuted. 

The golfer’s father, Bob Koepka, is a former baseball player who later taught himself to play golf. He learned golf by playing on his uncle, Dick Groat’s golf course. 

A former baseball player at West Virginia Wesleyan, Bob became a regular at his uncle’s golf course before eventually pushing his two kids to play the sport. 

Brooks Koepka Pictured With His Father Bob Koepka As He Shares The Picture On Occasion Of Father's Day In 2022
Brooks Koepka Pictured With His Father Bob Koepka As He Shares The Picture On Occasion Of Father’s Day In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

When asked what separated his two sons, Bob said Brooks had a killer instinct his little brother lacked. If somebody told him he couldn’t do it, Brooks would be encouraged to prove them wrong.  

A former TV anchor, Denise Jakows, is no longer in a married relationship with Bob but continues to support her sons on golf courses.

In 2011, Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer but was able to beat the deadly disease soon after being diagnosed. 

Recently, on Mother’s Day, Smash GC tweeted a post showing a young Denise holding her two sons. There’s no doubt the two brothers have received much-needed support from their parents throughout their golf careers. 

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