Ran Carthon Net Worth & Salary 2024: How Rich Is Titans GM?

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Ran Carthon net worth has been reported to be at $5 million. The Titans general manager is believed to be earning between $1-1.5 million in salary. 

It was only last year that Carthon took over the role of a general manager. After spending six seasons with the 49ers, Carthon believed it was the right time to step up. 

In December 2022, he participated in the NFL Front Office Accelerator program. The program helps to bolster the relationships with club owners and candidates for front-office positions. 

Ran Carthon Pictured During The Press Conference Held After Mike Vrabel's Firing
Ran Carthon Pictured During The Press Conference Held After Mike Vrabel’s Firing (Source: Twitter)

During the program, Carthon met the Titans leadership panel, who were impressed by his growth mindset and clear vision. After one season with the Titans, Ran Carthon has now seen his head coach, Mike Vrabel, fired from his position. 

The new reports suggest that there could have been a rift between Carthon and Vrabel, leading to the latter’s firing. But Ran said in his press conference that he has no regrets about how he handled his relationship with coach Mike and that they had no issue.

Ran Carthon Net Worth & Salary 2024

Ran Carthon net worth is believed to be $5 million. The NFL general manager is considered to earn $1-1.5 million in salary. 

The average salary of a general manager in the NFL is anywhere between $1-7 million. The New England Patriots’s head coach/general manager, Bill Belichick, is the highest-earning general manager with $7.5 million in salary.

But that huge amount of money also comes with success and experience. The second person on the list is Seattle Seahawks’ John Schneider, who earns $3.75 million. 

Schneider has a decade more experience than Carthon, but the two started their career in a similar fashion, which is by joining an NFL team as a scout.

The man whom Carthon replaced, Jon Robinson, was also believed to have been earning a similar amount. Both Carthon and Robinson have the same amount of experience as executives. 

Ran Carthon Pictured During His Time With The 49ers
Ran Carthon Pictured During His Time With The 49ers (Source: Twitter)

Carthon first received his executive role in 2012 with the Rams, and Robinson did it with the Buccaneers in 2013. But if Carthon received more experience in the same role with the 49ers, Robinson climbed up the ladder and became the general manager of the Titans. 

Ran Carthon Family

Carthon comes from a well-known family in the football community. He is the son of the former NFL player Maurice Carthon, who later served as a coach for various NFL teams. 

But after his parents separated, Ran lived with his mom and stepdad, who had a more influential role in his life. Ran keeps himself out of social media, making it difficult to know what he does outside his role as a general manager. 

Previously, in a podcast in August, Ran talked about having finally moved into Nashville. Ran has five kids with his wife, Heaven, and they were all present when he was introduced as the GM.

Ran Carthon Career And Future With The Titans 

A collegiate football player in Florida, Carthon always dreamt of becoming a general manager. He joined the NFL as a free agent but didn’t make it big as a professional football player. 

But making it as a professional football player was never the goal, so Carthon wasn’t hurt when the Lions didn’t give him a place in the squad. His love for a coaching role began when he was only 14.

He would study draft previews with his brother, and they would record all-day events on their VCR. At Florida, he got the chance to meet the New York Jets staff. His father was part of the squad as well.

The Jets coaching staff handed him a clipboard and told him to time the 40-yard dash. That was the start of his coaching career, and he also started networking, which would help him land the job with the Falcons. 

Ran Carthon And Mike Vrabel Didn't Have The Best Relationship While Working At Tennessee
Ran Carthon And Mike Vrabel Didn’t Have The Best Relationship While Working At Tennessee (Source: Twitter)

In 2008, he joined the Atlanta Falcons as a pro scout and spent four seasons. His next role came with the Rams in 2012. He served as their director of player personnel. 

His most pivotal move came in 2017 after he joined the 49ers. He was their director of pro personnel. In 2021, he was promoted to director of personnel, which put him on track to become a GM.

Before becoming Titans GM, he interviewed for the same position with the Bears, New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unlike his predecessor, Carthon didn’t have the upper hand in the draft selection, but he made the best of the situation.

The firing of Mike Vrabel is said to empower Carthon’s vision. But only time will tell whether Carthon can sell his vision in Tennessee. 

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