Randi Martin Boyfriend 2024: Who Is Patrick Mahomes Mom Dating?

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Randi Martin has no boyfriend and continues to enjoy her single life. The mother of three, Randi Martin, divorced Pat Mahomes in 2006. 

Last year, after sharing an Instagram story wearing a Bride hairband, Randi Martin made headlines with a few fans believing that Patrick Mahomes’ mom was about to tie the knot. But Martin later denied those rumors. 

Randi Martin Shared A Celebratory Picture After Chiefs' Win Against The Ravens
Randi Martin Shared A Celebratory Picture After Chiefs’ Win Against The Ravens (Source: Instagram)

Randi married the former baseball player Pat Sr straight out of high school. The couple welcomed two sons, Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes, and later, Randi also welcomed a daughter named Mia Randall. 

Last night, Randi saw her son make it to his fourth Super Bowl after the Chiefs defeated Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens.

After the Chiefs’ win, Randi shared a photo of her with her daughter, Mia, son, Jackson, daughter-in-law, Brittany Matthews, and pop superstar Taylor Swift, who had arrived at M&T Bank Stadium to cheer for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce

Randi Martin Boyfriend 2024: Who Is Patrick Mahomes Mom Dating?

Patrick Mahomes mother, Randi Martin, has no boyfriend and isn’t dating anyone. The 51-year-old mother of one of the greatest NFL players continues to enjoy her single life with her extended family. 

A few unverified websites have once again started spreading rumors about Randi Martin’s dating life. We are saying this “once again” because Randi had previously come out to squash rumors about her remarriage in 2023. 

Last year, Randi re-shared an Instagram story of her wearing a “bride” hairband, which caused a stir among the NFL fans. The original story had the caption, “Well, the cats out of the bag! Congrats,  @randimahomes!!”

Randi Previously Joked About Getting Married On Her Instagram Story
Randi Previously Joked About Getting Married On Her Instagram Story (Source: Instagram)

But Randi later refuted the rumors of her remarriage and might’ve shared that photo for fun. Born and raised in Texas, Randi continues to live in the southern state and is an event planner and homemaker.

On her Instagram, Randi shares several family photos, especially with her youngest child, Mia Randall. Randi has a website called QB Producer, where she has briefly talked about her marriage with Pat Sr, their divorce, and being a mother of three. 

On Randi’s website, football fans can buy Game Day products, including Tote bags, clutches, sunglass cases, and wrist straps. She can be seen advertising these products on her Instagram handle with her daughter, Mia. 

Why Did Randi Martin Divorce Pat Mahomes? 

Randi Martin met Pat Mahomes shortly after graduating from Texas High SchoolOn her website, Randi states that she didn’t know her future husband was a star athlete who played professional baseball.

Randi and Pat Mahomes tied the knot in the late 90s and remained married till 2006. Randi has written on her website, “Married life with a professional baseball player is a hard life and took a toll on their relationship, which led to divorce.”

The former couple is on good terms and have been pictured several times at their son’s games. Patrick was 11 when his parents divorced in 2006.

A Young Patrick Mahomes Pictured With His Parents
A Young Patrick Mahomes Pictured With His Parents (Source: Twitter)

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Randi described it as the most difficult year of her son’s life. She depicted the Kansas QB as an introverted child and a kid who kept to himself. 

Randi had two kids with Pat Sr, Patrick Mahomes, and Jackson Mahomes, who has already been involved in several controversies despite his young age. After her divorce from Pat Sr, Randi welcomed her third child, Mia Randall. 

It isn’t known who is Mia’s biological dad, with Randi choosing to keep that information private. She was born on July 12, 2011, five years after Randi separated from Pat Sr. 

Patrick Mahomes also has another half-sister named Zoe Mahomes, who was born to Pat Sr before his marriage with Randi. The NFL’s star boy, Patrick Mahomes also has a half-brother called Graham Walker.

Walker is an All-American wide receiver at Brown University, and previously, in an interview, Pat Sr talked about his son. Pat Sr said, “He’s a little bit more laid back than the others. Stays away from the spotlight and goes out and grinds and works. But a very impressive young man.”

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