Richard Simmons Wife: Is The Fitness Coach Married Or Gay?

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Richard Simmons Wife: Well-known actor, comedian, and fitness coach Richard Simmons is a colorful personality who has an intriguing personal life.

Simmons has been working in the fitness industry for almost four decades, dedicated to promoting physical health and well-being.

Winning over many admirers along the process, there have been groundless speculations about his sexuality and marital status.

Fitness Coach Richard Simmons
Fitness Coach Richard Simmons (Source: NY Post)

Richard Simmons, the American fitness coach, actor, and TV personality, has won the hearts of millions of fans.

In 1980, the fitness expert burst into the spotlight, amassing millions through inclusive and uplifting workout videos.

The 1988 VHS “Sweatin’ To The Oldies” by Simmons achieved the title of the highest-selling home fitness video ever, earning over $200 million in revenue.

Richard’s fame soared to newer heights in the 1990s and 2000s, becoming one of America’s most recognizable celebrities.

On the other hand, this has raised curiosity regarding his personal life, dating history, and sexual orientation.

Richard Simmons Wife: Is He Married?

Although a prominent personality in different media spaces over the years, Simmons has not discussed his dating life.

However, we can report that the fitness instructor is not married. Moreover, he is a private individual who keeps such matters under wraps.

Perhaps focused on bettering his craft or living a peaceful life, Simmons does not engage in private matters in interviews.

Simmons Dating Life Is Kept Under Lid
Simmons’s Dating Life Is Kept Under Wraps (Source: CNN)

An experienced media personality, he knows the trials and tribulations the mainstream media can put a celebrity through.

Richard was rumored to be dating Swiss actress Daniel Holt in 1992. However, it was baseless, and the two are no longer involved in each other’s lives.

Choosing to stay away from such limelight, Simmons is an introvert. He enjoys solitude and peace and is a kind and light-hearted individual.

His Sexual Orientation

Expanding the tapestry of rumors encircling Richard Simmons, another often-discussed notion is that of his sexual orientation.

Fans speculate that the fitness instructor could be gay; however, it is crucial to note that these are unproven.

Simmons Sexual Orientation Is A Much Discussed Topic
His Sexual Orientation Is A Much-Discussed Topic (Source: The Today Show)

There has not been any official statement regarding this matter from Richard himself. Moreover, the rumor stems from Richard’s vibrant personality and dressing sense.

Furthermore, there were talks that Richard was associated with gay adult star Bruce Headrick. However, Richard has not commented on the matter, indicating that it may be another senseless rumor.

In summary, although there is a lot of conjecture surrounding his sexuality, Simmons has never publicly come out as gay.

His Disappearance For Six Years

Simmons was a major Hollywood star for over 30 years but suddenly disappeared from public view in 2014.

Following the release of the documentary “TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons,” fans learned about the reasons for his disappearance.

The documentary suggests that a severe knee injury seems to have halted Simmons’ career.

Subsequently, he had a right knee replacement that caused a lot of pain. Later, doctors recommended a left knee replacement, but he reportedly declined due to the distress from the initial surgery.

Simmons Disappeared From The Public Space In 2014
Simmons Disappeared From The Public Space In 2014 (Source: Vanity Fair)

Accrediting the reasons for the health issue as a “birth defect” caused Simmons severe physical and mental trauma.

In 2022, Simmons made a Facebook post thanking all his admirers who stuck by him over the six years.

Supporters were delighted to learn that Simmons was in excellent health and good cheer, prompting thousands to respond to his Facebook post.

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