Robin Montgomery Parents: Mother Gabrielle Montgomery And Father

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Professional tennis player Robin Montgomery was born to her parents in Washington D.C., United States, on September 5, 2005. 

Although originally from a different state, her parents migrated to the capital before she was born. With her dad nowhere in the picture, Robin seems to be raised entirely by her mom as a single parent.

Her mom, Gabrielle’s constant encouragement and support have been crucial in shaping Robin’s professional tennis career. She started teaching tennis to Robin when she was four.

American Professional Tennis Player Robin Montgomery
American Professional Tennis Player Robin Montgomery (Source: Instagram)

Robin Lyons-Montgomery, better known as Robin Montgomery, is an American tennis player who has been playing in professional tournaments since 2020.

A product of the Junior Tennis Champions Center in Maryland, Robin has already won seven ITF career titles, including singles and doubles categories.

Moreover, she has already participated in several Grand Slams, where she has not been able to perform well, despite having already been around four years since her debut.

Robin was fifteen when she received a wild card entry into the U.S. Open singles category in 2020.

Currently in her late teens, Montgomery ranks No. 144 in the world rankings. 

Robin Montgomery Parents: Mother Gabrielle And Father

Robin Montgomery’s mother, Gabrielle, raised her little daughter alone in Washington, D.C., United States. Besides, there is no information about her father, and she inherits her last name from her mother’s surname.

Originally from Oregon, Gabrielle liked ski racing in winter and playing tennis during the summers. After she moved to Washington, D.C., tennis became her favorite sport.

Robin Montgomery And Her Mother Gabrielle
Robin Montgomery And Her Mother, Gabrielle (Source: USTA Net Generation)

When Robin was four, Gabrielle often took her daughter to 16th and Kennedy Street in Washington, where the Citi Open is held. As many parents used to bring their young children to practice tennis, she also started coaching Robin there.

She later enrolled Robin at the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center in Washington, D.C., a JTCC NJTL program.

Gabrielle was happy when Robin received a scholarship to train alongside budding tennis players like Frances Tiafoe at JTCC in College Park.

She drove her daughter to Maryland every morning and dropped her at JTCC to train with senior coach Ali Agnamba. Gabrielle says her favorite moment is watching her daughter playing her game freely on the court.

Although she does not get many chances to travel with Robin, she says she watches every game on T.V. Furthermore, she is proud of what her daughter has achieved in the international tennis arena.

Tiafoe Calls Robin His Little Sister

American professional tennis athlete Frances Tiafoe calls Robin Montgomery his little sister.

Born to immigrant parents in Maryland, Tiafoe stayed at the JTCC in College Park with his dad since he was a kid.

American Tennis Athlete Frances Tiafoe
American Tennis Athlete Frances Tiafoe (Source: Yonex)

Living within the training facility, Tiafoe began practicing tennis in the early 2000s, where Robin joined as a young girl around 2010. Consequently, the two developed an incredible bond over the years, after which Robin started treating him like her brother.

Frances is among the most successful male tennis players worldwide and currently stands at No. 11 in the world rankings.

In her recent interview with the WTA Tour magazine, Robin said she was proud of Tiafoe and was happy to see him succeed in the international tennis scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Robin Montgomery parents?

Robin Montgomery parents are mother, Gabrielle Montgomery, and father, whose name is unknown. 

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