Who Is Romina Gingasu, Piero Ferrari Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Romina Gingasu, Piero Ferrari wife, actively holds acclaim as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

She established the Red Women Organization, which promotes women’s rights and freedom.

Piero and Romina have been together since 2017, brushing off the controversial age gap between the two. To dive more into their personal and professional life, please read the article to the end.

Piero Ferrari Is The Vice Chairman Of The Automotive Company, Ferrari
Piero Ferrari Is The Vice Chairman Of The Automotive Company, Ferrari (Source: Biography (Bio.))

Piero Ferrari, an Italian entrepreneur and sports personality, serves as the vice chairman and upholds a 10.23% ownership stake in the automotive company Ferrari.

Commencing his journey in 1969, he initially worked as an English Translator for his father, Enzo Ferrari.

In 1970, he transitioned to technical supervisor, accumulating substantial experience overseeing the factory’s operations.

Further, while working on the Formula One team, he assisted in developing concepts for the low-volume mid-engine sports car. 

Following his father’s death in 1988, Piero became the sole heir of the Ferrari family, gaining the ownership of Fiorano Circuit. 

Since then, he has dedicated himself to promoting and elevating the legacy of the Ferrari brand. Also, in 2004, he earned the prestigious Cavaliere del Lavoro, an Italian merit in recognition of his contributions.

Who Is The Wife Of Piero Ferrari? 

On February 10, 1968, Piero Ferrari married Floriana Nalin, and after nearly five decades of their marriage, they separated. Together, they share a daughter named Antonella.

Following their divorce, Piero met his future wife, Romina Gingasu, in Monte Carlo while she worked for Bombardier Business Aircraft, selling private planes.

Romina Gingasu Is The Second Wife Of Piero Ferrari
Romina Gingasu Is The Second Wife Of Piero Ferrari (Source: Biography (Bio.))

Interestingly, Piero and Romina have an age gap of 47 years. However, breaking the stereotypes, the two married on July 24, 2021, shrugging off the controversial age gap between them.

Know About Romina Gingasu: Age and Wikipedia

Hailing from Bucharest, Romania, Romina Gingasu was born to her parents (name undisclosed) on August 9, 1992. 

Romina graduated from the Military Technical Academy of Bucharest in 2016, obtaining a degree in aeronautical engineering. Well, she was the only girl in her class, which she believed shaped her strong and fierce personality. 

In parallel with her studies, she worked for Evo Jet Services as a handling supervisor for aircraft and military cargo missions. 

Romina Gingasu Has Established Herself As A Prominent Figure In The Business And Investment World
Romina Gingasu Has Established Herself As A Prominent Figure In The Business And Investment World (Source: Facebook)

Besides that, in her long-term career, Romina has worked in various other positions for different companies.

She is currently the founder of the Red Women Foundation, striving to safeguard women’s rights and ensure a quality education for women worldwide.

In addition, she manages several business ventures, including real estate and investment management. Since 2016, she has been investing in the Romanian real estate market and has invested 10 million euros in residential projects. 

Moreover, Romina actively supports the Centro Dino Ferrari, a research center for neurodegenerative disease named after Piero’s half-brother, Dino Ferrari. 

Not to forget, it looks like Romina did have a Wikipedia page, but somehow, it doesn’t exist now.

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