Saeideh Aletaha Bio: Death, Brain Injury, MMA & Early Life

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Gone too soon! Saeideh Aletaha lost her life on November 17, 2019, to an acute subdural hematoma, blood clotting between the brain’s surface and the dura mater.

Her well-wishers utterly miss her. A devoted kickboxer, MMA Fighter, and engineer, Sai was good in her ventures.

Sai Aletaha

Aletaha practiced MMA as an amateur fighter. She would have made it to the professional level if things had not gone this way.

The last time she felt healthy was on an MMA ring. She then collapsed, followed by her demise.

Today, we will be talking about Sai’s story, everything significant that happened in her twenty-six years of the beautiful tale. Let’s get started!

Quick Facts about Saeideh Aletaha

Full Name Saeideh Aletaha
Death November 17, 2019
Nickname Sai
Birth Date Not Known
Birth Place Tehran, Iran
Nationality British-Iranian
Descent Iranian
Religion Muslim
Horoscope Not Known
Age during Death 26
Residence before Death Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Height Not Known
Weight 53.98 kg (119 lbs.)
Body type Athletic
Eye color Dark Brown
Distinct trait Hijab
Education Loughborough University, England (Studied Industrial Design and Technology)
Profession Product Design Engineer
Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighter (Amateur)
Weight Division while in MMA Flyweight
Affiliation Fast and Furious Fight Series (FFS)
Further Associations Exile Gym, Southampton, England
Stonehenge Crossfield, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Net Worth Not Known
Social Media Facebook
MMA Merch Thai Grappling Mitts Gloves, RDX MMA Gloves.

Saeideh Aletaha – Early life, Education, and Work

Sai Aletaha was born in Tehran, Iran. The information relating to her parents is unknown, but it is reported that she had few brothers. She lived in the United Kingdom as a British resident in her last days.

Sai studied at Loughborough University, England. She was a student of Industrial Design and Technology. A resident of Salisbury, Sai, worked as a Product Design Engineer at Stannah Stairlifts.

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Saeideh Aletaha – Mixed Martial Arts

Sai fought at the Fast and Furious Fight Series (FFS). She was in the flyweight division. She had associations with Exile Gym, Southampton, and Stonehenge Crossfield, Salisbury.

Sai got knocked out in the third round of the FFS contest. It happened to be her last match ever.

Saeideh Aletaha – Death

Sai had a tragic death on November 17, 2019. It was after a K-1 contest at the Central Hall in Southampton.

She suffered a blow to the head. She then collapsed in a bathroom at the Fast and Furious Fight Series (FFS) event at Southampton’s Central Hall. Sai died at Southampton General Hospital the following day.

Sai was rushed to the hospital shortly but could not survive. She succumbed to a life-threatening brain injury called an acute subdural hematoma.

When one suffers from this injury, a clot of blood develops between the brain’s surface and its outer covering called dura mater.

It is usually a consequence of stretching and tearing of veins on the brain’s surface. A shaking or jolting head injury disturbs these veins.

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The Event Where She Died

At the FFS event, Sai’s colleagues took her to the hospital after she collapsed in a lady’s washroom.

FFS claims to put top-class local talent, the UK up and comers in tough, hard matched fights in top venues.

They host MMA, kickboxing, and boxing. Sai fought for them, and her death shattered the company.

They wrote a Facebook status dedicated to the tragic incident with Sai. It was written before her demise. We can quote it as:

“Following the show on Saturday, we regret to announce that, one of the competitors, Sai, who lost, unfortunately, suffered a head injury leaving her in a critical state and she is unable to recover.

All competitors acknowledge that they may be injured, which they do not expect to happen 99.9% of the time.

However, it can happen, and in this, we make the environment as safe as possible with pre and post medicals from a doctor.

We also assure full medical cover throughout with Doctor, Paramedic, and Ambulance on-site.

We also have an experienced team of staff accompanied by several first aiders. Safety is not something ever skimped on in any of our 19 shows, and all matches are made equal.

Thoughts, of course, go out to all family, friends, and teammates. If anyone requires any support, please come to your coaches or us.

We want to thank our team on the night that acted with the utmost professionalism. They carried their duties out above and beyond to react to the situation. We are here for any of you that need it in this sad time.”


The paramedics immediately looked after and treated Sai at the FFS event. The incident got placed for investigation.

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The investigating officer made statements saying he would investigate whether she reported headaches before the contest or not. Likewise, whether or not Sai was medically fit to fight had to be investigated.

Det Con Emma Cook from BBC Sports said that Sai’s headaches were reported to police by her housemate. Similarly, Sai’s brothers said that she had headaches for almost a month.

The Police’s Statement

The police said that they were called shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday, November 17, 2019, at Southampton General Hospital. They got informed that a woman was in the hospital for a brain injury.

Sai’s colleagues, who rushed her to the hospital, gave the information.

The police further added that the woman, aged 26, died in hospital the following day. They also said that the inquiries into what exactly happened were ongoing.

They concluded by saying that they informed the victim’s family about the incident.

The final verdict of the investigation is not out yet.

 Sai, ready for her feud
 Sai, ready for her feud

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Who shall be held responsible?

The investigations also went on, and the hearing was adjourned for a full inquest in Winchester on July 22, 2020.

Followed by the Covid-19 crisis, the investigation might not have been up to the marks. But who shall be held responsible for the death of a passionate young fighter?

Since it is reported that Sai’s headaches were recurring and she had had them for almost a month when she indulged in the match, the company should have evaluated whether their fighters were in the right state, physically and mentally, for the job.

Likewise, Sai, being a responsible adult, should have taken professional medical assistance and utmost caution. Heath comes first!

It would have been a different scene if Sai had not participated in that very event on that very day.

We want to show our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Saeideh Aletaha. May her beautiful soul rest with the greatest peace!

We will remember her for her positivity, smiley face, competitiveness, and kindness.

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Is MMA a dangerous sport?

Fighters at MMA get exposed to violence. It can be bloody and scary. There are instances when fighters have been brutally injured either in the training session or on the octagon.

Even though no fighter has died inside the octagon, they have succumbed to injuries sustained from the match. Tim Hague’s death and also Sai Aletaha’s death are few examples.

But the fighter makes a conscious decision to get themselves through brutality. It might be a passion for somebody and a way to earn for others.

The matches are consensual, with fighters giving untainted consent for their involvement in the feud.

A little more safety arrangements and policies for a little less brutality can be expected from the concerned authorities so that such incidents will not happen again. After all, who would they hold responsible for such incidents?

Saeideh Aletaha – What everyone had to say

Saeideh was a very likable person. Everyone that had known her recognized her for her smiley face.

Sai smiling for picture
Sai smiling for picture

Her fitness training center, Stonehenge Crossfit, wrote a status mentioning how their member for over three years, Sai, was popular, kind, and liked by everybody.

They further added that Sai had a competitive attitude and was a tireless worker when she trained. Also, she was someone who was friends with everybody she met.

Sai helped the training center beyond the box, assisting them with their business. They concluded saying they loved her and how ‘we miss you’ would be an understatement.

When Sai was on her hospital bed, breathing her last air, 30 members from Stonehenge Crossfit visited her to bid goodbye.

Likewise, Exile Gym wrote on Facebook, recalling Sai as a lovely character with a beautiful soul. They acknowledged her utmost dedication recalling how she traveled miles every day so that she could train.

Similarly, Stannah Stairlifts paid tribute to their late employee, calling her a kind, generous and talented designer.

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Saeideh Aletaha – Net Worth

Sai Aletaha’s net worth is not out. She was an amateur MMA fighter; therefore, her earnings from matches were very less.

The major chunk of her income must have been from her full-time job as a Product Design Engineer.

Social Media Presence

She was active on Facebook. Other than that, we can’t find on her any social media.

Common Queries about Saeideh Aletaha

Is Saeideh Aletaha alive?

No, Saeideh Aletaha is not alive. She lost her life to a head injury in November 2019.

What happened to Saeideh Aletaha?

Sai Aletaha died at Southampton General Hospital after she collapsed owing to a brain injury.

Who is Saeideh Aletaha?

Saeideh Aletaha, also known as Sai, was a British-Iranian amateur MMA fighter. She fought at the Fast and Furious Fight Series (FFS).

Sai was also an engineer by degree and profession. She worked as a Product Design Engineer in a company called Stannah Stairlifts.

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