Sakina Karchaoui Parents And Brother Fouad Karchaoui

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Sakina Karchaoui’s parents have Moroccan roots, but she was born and raised in France. Karchaoui’s brother, Fouad Karchaoui, was the one who pushed her to play soccer.

The siblings share a tight-knit bond, and despite them not traveling to Down Under, they are rooting for her success with the French national team. Now, the left-back will go against the country of her origin in the round of 16.

Sakina Karchaoui In Action For France Against Brazil In The 2023 World Cup
Sakina Karchaoui In Action For France Against Brazil In The 2023 World Cup
(Source: Instagram)

The French national team captain, Wendie Renard, and her girls have cruised through the elimination round. They won their first two games against Panama and Brazil and drew their last group match against Jamaica. 

When asked how she feels about facing Morocco, Karchaoui said it was always a pleasure to play against them. But added she doesn’t wish the best for them on Tuesday. 

Sakina Karchaoui Parents Are From Morocco 

Sakina Karchaoui’s parents raised her and her siblings in Mirimas near Marseille, France. 

The French left-back Sakina and her connection to Morocco have come to the spotlight since it was announced France would face the African nation in the round of 16.

In her latest interview, Sakina said her parents are 100% Moroccan, and some of her brothers and sisters were born in Morocco. The soccer player said she is proud of her origins but will keep her feelings aside when she faces them on Tuesday. 

Karchaoui’s parents were supportive of her soccer dreams from a young age. When she was 12, Sakina bid farewell to her family in hopes of becoming a professional soccer player. 

Sakina Karchaoui Pictured For An Advertisement For DIGGER APP
Sakina Karchaoui Pictured For An Advertisement For DIGGER APP (Source: Instagram)

She joined the French team Montpellier’s youth system, where she spent eight years before eventually making her way to Lyon, and now is at PSG. 

When Sakina first arrived in Montpellier, the left-back lived two years with a host family. The PSG star described it as the most complicated time of her life. Her parents would come to meet her once or twice a week, and every time they would leave, she would be in a pool of tears. 

But her hard work and sacrifices have certainly paid off. She has achieved great success both on international and at the club level. 

Sakina Karchaoui Siblings, Fouad, And Youssra

Sakina Karchaoui has four siblings, three sisters, and a brother. The soccer player’s older brother, Fouad Karchaoui, played an integral role in her development as a player.

Her brother, Fouad, previously played soccer at US Miramas under the watchful eyes of Samir Touri. Sakina would join her brother during training, and her love for soccer began. 

Fouad later pushed her to continue playing soccer and has always been her No.1 supporter. He was also previously interviewed before his sister’s round of 16 against Brazil in the 2019 World Cup. 

Sakina Karchaoui's Brother Faroud Karchaoui Talks About Her Before Her World Cup Match In 2019
Sakina Karchaoui’s Brother Fouad Karchaoui Talks About Her Before Her World Cup Match In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Sakina’s youngest sister, Youssra Karchaoui, is the only one who has made her way to Down Under to root for her sister.

Youssra is currently pursuing her Master’s at FDM Business School and graduated with Bachelor’s degree from FDM in Human Resource Development in 2021. Along with studying, Youssra is working at ID Logistics as an HR Manager. 

 She previously completed her apprenticeship at Synergie for HR Development. Sakina’s family has kept away themselves away from social media. The soccer player has also not shared any pictures with them on her Instagram handle. 

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