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An epitome of skills, a lady with class, Sandra Sanchez is one of the leading ladies on the floor of karate. At present, Sandra stands with her net worth of $5 million. 

As a perfect example of a lady in charge, she proudly depicts 36 winning medals under her name. This very achievement in the Karate1 Premier League has listed her name in the Guinness World Records.

Karate Champion, Sandra Sanchez
Karate Champion, Sandra Sanchez/Instagram

Today, we will dive into the Karate Queen’s earnings and much about her. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Sandra Sánchez Jaime 
Date of Birth 16 September 1981
Birth Place Talavera de la Reina, Spain
Nick Name Not available 
Religion Unknown  
Nationality Spanish  
Ethnicity Unknown 
Zodiac Sign  Virgo 
Age 42 years old
Height 5 feet (1.53 meters)
Weight 48 kg (105 lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Build Athletic 
Father’s Name Name unknown  
Mother’s Name Name unknown  
Siblings An older brother, Pakito
Education Polytechnic University of Madrid
Marital Status Unmarried 
Boyfriend  Jesus Del Moral
Profession Karate fighter
 Country Spain
Event  Individual kata
Coach  Jesus Del Moral
Total number of medals 36
Net Worth $5 million 
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Karate Uniform, Karate Belt
Last Update  May, 2024

Karate Queen Sandra Sanchez and her Earnings 

Currently, the whole globe is learning deeply with Sandra Sanchez, her life’s journey, and her success. Despite her age, she has stood the opposite of exactly what others think. 

Well, those long rides to the place where she stands today, was not always glittery. Initially, she struggled financially with the depts all around. Also, her training classes dried up slowly. 

However, her time took a turn, and she stood with a paid apartment, a car, and a generous salary. Likewise, she also has training classes that she runs for two hours. 

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Seminars all over the world 

Sanchez, as n accomplished athlete, travels and preaches to numerous people through her seminars. Well, her seminars are held alongside the help of her coach, Jesus Del Moral. 

To describe, her seminars are often held on the weekends and last from six to nine hours. This seminar stands up for physical and technical training and focuses on speed, balance, and power. 

Sandra up with her training
Sandra up with her training/Instagram

In the meantime, this seminar revolves around the key factor of respect, good behavior, discipline, and sacrifice.

Sandra Sanchez | Lifestyle

Sanchez has been on her toes since her early days. In fact, she commenced her journey in karate at the age of four however, she didn’t enter the national team until she was thirty-two. 

In the middle, she did quit karate at one point. Still, she was back on it as Sanchez started training alongside Jesus Del Moral. 

Workout Routine 

To star as the world karate champion, Sandra has invested everyday dedication and hard work into it. Her daily workout routines consist of lunges, knee drives, punches, strikes, and blocks with resistance bands and weights. 

Well, her resistance bands and weights contribute to her muscle strength. Likewise, Snachez’s aerobic training assists in improving her heart and lung fitness.

Furthermore, for her leg and abdomen balance, she focuses on stability drills and balance cushion. At times, Sandra spends more than six hours training in the elite sports center located in Madrid.

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A Travel Enthusiasts 

Sandra, without a doubt, is an avid lover of traveling, and as often he says, she is always saving cash for her vacations. Besides, her career has fulfilled her traveling dreams to some extent.

Sanchez posing
Sanchez loves traveling/Instagram.

That is because she is often flying to different countries to attend competitions and seminars.


As a matter of fact, when the topic is about her personal space, Sandra Sanchez is quite private with it. Indeed, she doesn’t have much on her private life, properties, and earnings. 

Anyways, it is clear that Sandra endorses numerous brands and has also appeared in several commercial shoots.

One of the brands she has been working for a long time is Kia motors. Also, you can find her driving Kia a lot. 

Brief Glance on Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez can be called a strong-minded lady. But, to elaborate, she joined the karate class at the age of four with her constant demand to join what her older brother was doing. 

Well, she has been in love with it ever since. Some of her achievements and awards to date are highlighted below. 

  • 2015 European Karate Championships in Istanbul, Turkey (gold)
  • 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan (gold)
  • 2016 World Karate Championships in Linz, Austria (bronze)
  • 2017 World Games in Wrocław, Poland (silver)
  • 2018 European Karate Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia (gold)
  • 2018 World Karate Championships in Madrid, Spain (gold)
  • 2019 European Karate Championships in Guadalajara, Spain (gold)
  • European Games in Minsk, Belarus (gold in 2019)
  • 2019 World Beach Games in Doha, Qatar (gold)
  • 2021 European Karate Championships in Poreč, Croatia (gold)

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Social Media 

If you are interested in diving deeper into Sandra Sanchez’s life, be sure to check out her social media sites. She is on Instagram as Sandra Sanchez (@sandrasankarate) with 130k followers. 

Sandra with Kia Motors
Sandra with Kia Motors/Instagram

Likewise, she is on Twitter as Sandra Sanchez (@sandrasankarate) with 14.7k followers. 


  • “Tokyo is the dream that gets more real with every day that passes.” 
  • “I’m so happy, still trying to take it all in. It’s a mix of a lot of built-up tension, a lot of nerves.” (Sanchez after winning the 2008 Karate Kata World Championships in Madrid)
  • “Of course I had my moments of doubt, I have my little heart too, particularly when people in the world of karate that I respected told me that I was good, but not good enough to win nationals or a world championship.” 
  • “I’ll never stop doing karate, it’s made me who I am and helps me to grow and improve as a person every day.”

Sandra Sanchez | FAQs

Who is Sandra Sanchez’s boyfriend?

Sandra Sanchez is dating her Sensei Jesus Del Moral. Indeed, they commenced working together as a teacher and student; however, the love eventually bloomed between the two. Today, they are a couple who has been together for years.

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