Sara Sigmundsdottir: Early Life, Career, Diet & Net Worth

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Sara Sigmundsdottir has been redefining speed and strength for a generation of fans and competitors. She has graced the CrossFit professional scene ever since she debuted on the competition circuit in 2015.

She had one of the most consistent CrossFit games records. Between 2015 and 2017, she made the podium finish twice, finishing fourth in the last edition.

Similarly, she has already ranked first in the CrossFit Worldwide Open twice. But, she was recently sidelined by injury.

Sara Sigmundsdottir CrossFit athlete
Sara Sigmundsdottir

Sara has been established as a role model for athletes of all backgrounds, regardless of gender. Her distinctive blend of hard focus and genuine lightheartedness is adored by fans worldwide.

From this read, you will gain more information regarding the player. So, let’s dig deeper into Sara Sigmundsdottir’s early life, career, height, weight, and other information.

Also, here are some quick facts about the player before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Sara Sigmundsdottir
Nickname Raggers
Birthname Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdóttir
Date of Birth 12 September 1992
Place of Birth Reykjanesbær, Iceland
Age 31 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Monkey
Nationality Icelandic
Sexual Orientation Straight
Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Skin Fair
Height 5 ft and 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight 152 lb. (69 kg)
Profession CrossFit Athlete
Body Measurement (34-25-36) inches
Clean and Jerk Highest  242 lbs. (110 kg)
Snatch Highest 198 lbs. (90 kg)
Deadlift Highest 342 lbs. (155 kg)
Backsquat Highest 298 lbs. (135 kg)
CFID  8859
Education The Open University (College)
Educational Major Psychology
Parents Goes by the nickname Sammy (Father)
Hafrun Jonsdottir (Mother)
Siblings One
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Social Media Twitter
Net Worth $3 Million 
Last Update May, 2024

Sara Sigmundsdottir | Early Life and Background

On September 12, 1992, Sara Sigmundsdottir was born in Reykjanesbær, Iceland. She was born to Hafrun Jonsdottir (mother) and Sammy (father).

Actually, Sammy is the nickname her father uses. Unfortunately, she has not revealed any accurate information about her father as of the present.

We can trace her motivation for taking up CrossFit back to her youth and childhood days. She used to like sports a lot when she was young.

As per an interview in Fitness Volt, Sara used to be a competitive athlete until she discovered CrossFit. Like many CrossFitters, she spent her childhood and teenage years participating in gymnastics.

She, on the other hand, didn’t have a single passion. Instead, gymnastics, swimming, and dance were her favorite pastimes and interests throughout her growth.

When she started weightlifting with her family, she realized being good at it. But, most importantly, she enjoyed the thrill and the challenge of it.

But, CrossFit was a relatively obscure sport to pick up as a career. She needed a push, and it seemed destiny helped give her just that.

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Sara Sigmundsdottir | Professional Career

The Push

Sara Sigmundsdottir had it all to transition into the professional CrossFit scene. Her family background supported her to take it up too.

But, she decided to wait till acquiring her high school degree. Instead, she planned to devote her attention to weightlifting full-time after graduating from high school.

Similarly, she started saving money by working at the front desk of her local gym. However, being a CrossFit athlete required major expenses like diet and nutrition supplements.

Eventually, she met Hallgrimur Ingvarsson, a CrossFit affiliate owner. He assisted her in training and introduced her to her coach, Jami Tikkanen. 

Consequently, Sara adopted the Keto diet and began CrossFit training with Tikkanen. He was her first coach and helped her in almost all the dimensions and transitions.

She was already taking part in local tournaments at the start of the 2010 decade. And, she was performing bars above average in comparison to others.

Furthermore, a slew of regional CrossFit competitions was on the horizon. With Sara’s newfound passion for the game, she began to consider pursuing a career in CrossFit.

Setting Foot

Sara Sigmundsdottir found the move to CrossFit difficult. Nonetheless, she was determined to succeed as she trained at home while working at the gym.

Similarly, she was following the instructions on the CrossFit website. Coach Jami began preparing Sara for the significant games by increasing her training.  Likewise, he was rectifying her shortcomings in training and eating habits.

As a result, she started competing in local competitions in 2013 and 2014. In 2013, she participated in the Europe Regionals, securing 39th in the individual women category.

However, she ranked 21st in the region and a mere 427th worldwide. Nonetheless, these results didn’t disappoint her at all. Instead, she was more focused than ever going into 2014.

Consequently, she ranked in the top fifteen for the Europe regionals securing 12th position. Likewise, she climbed to 75the position worldwide and 6th in her region.

In one year, she made it to the top ten regionally and topped a hundred worldwide. Sara had all reasons to be inspired and prepared for 2015.

Engaging Career

With more than two transition years since its debut, Sara felt confident going into 2015. She started the year by competing in the World Weightlifting Championships first.

In this event, she ranked 29th, but the event helped her set the tone for the rest of the year. Her first success came in the form of a podium finish in the Meridian Regional.

She had ranked first in the Individual women category. This result meant she was invited to the CrossFit games in 2015. Sara looked to take her winning form into the elite event.

Consequently, her first attempt in the CrossFit Games resulted in a third-place finish. Likewise, she placed third in the CrossFit Open worldwide and second in the CrossFit open regionals. As a result, the CrossFit community was enthralled by the Icelander.

2016 was no different by any means. It was an almost identical reflection of what Sara achieved in 2015. She ranked first in the Meridian Regional to make it to the CrossFit games.

Then, she secured a podium finish in the CrossFit games 2016, securing the third position. Further, she ranked second in the Regionals Open and fourth in the Worldwide Open.

Additionally, 2016 would be the first time she ranked as the number one CrossFitters in Iceland.

Sara Sigmundsdottir career
Sara Sigmundsdottir competing at the CrossFit Games

Sara Sigmundsdottir was being known for her consistent performance. She had ranked top three in the CrossFit games consecutively.

Eventually, she moved to the United States for the 2017 season. Despite this, she repeated the same feat as she went on to win the 2017 Central regionals.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t get her hands on the ultimate prize as she ranked fourth in the CrossFit games in 2017. But her consistent performances paid off big as she ranked first in Worldwide Open, Regional Open, and United States.

The Injury Curse Strikes

However, constantly performing for more than three years had taken a toll on her body. Additionally, she had soreness in her shoulder blades while competing in the 2017 games.

She had cracked her rib and missed the rest of the 2018 season. A late diagnosis made the fracture to the ribs more persistent.

She tried to come back to the scene, believing she was fitter than ever. But, she never showed the prime Sara we knew.

Sara ranked 19th in the CrossFit games 2019, her worst in five years. Yet, she worked hard and bounced back, ranking first in the Worldwide Open and Iceland the same year.

Sara felt she was covering grounds as she went on to win the 2020 Dubai CrossFit Championship. But disaster struck yet again as she tore a ligament in her knee while training in 2021.

As per South China Morning Post, Sara said she felt a quick click on her knee and immediately went to an MRI. Unfortunately, her ACL had burst, and she had to get surgery.

As of now, she is currently resting entirely to return more robust in the upcoming games. We wish her all the best and hope to see her competing in the CrossFit games soon.

Sara Sigmundsdottir | Nutrition and Training

At the pinnacle of her career, she needs to stay fit and healthy. So, as per an interview in Fitness Volt, she has three big and three little meals every day.

Her meals during a training day include a protein intake of 150 and 200 grams per day. Her breakfast includes 130 g of egg whites, Fruits, almonds, and cashew milk. Then, she has lunch which comprises chicken, rice, and lentils.

diet and nutrition
Sara Sigmundsdottir training for the CrossFit games

She consumes chicken, rice, and lentils with turmeric powder for dinner to minimize post-workout inflammation. Following her exercises, she’ll make a plant-based protein smoothie with peanut butter.

Similarly, her nutrition coach Mike Molloy is vital in keeping her on track. She weighs her meals in the weeks leading up to a tournament.

By doing so, she knows exactly how many carbohydrates, proteins, and other food categories she’s eating.

The diet is almost similar on regular days, except she misses out on the pre-work diet to balance the calories.

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Is Sara Sigmundsdottir Married? | Know About Her Marital Status

According to many sources, Sara Sigmundsdottir is neither married nor in a relationship. Almost every source of news claims her to be single.

With a pinnacle career and a charming personality like hers, it is hard to believe that the CrossFit athlete is single.

Despite this, the sportsman has given no indications or information about her possible husband or boyfriend. Likewise, she has never hinted at or posted about her relationships on any of her social media.

As a rising talent, Sara also has a bright CrossFit career ahead of him. It looks as if she is focused on making the best out of her career and CrossFit games 2021.

Besides, Sara loves to invest in friendship rather than romantic interests. In an interview, she revealed about her closest friend who she was usually with.

However, when her friend found a guy, she was left all alone. This event forced her to enroll in a boot camp where she was the only female who could do push-ups on her toes. It seems Sara has kept a clear separation between her business and personal lives.

Sara Sigmundsdottir | Age, Height and Personality

Sara Sigmundsdottir has risen to be named one of the fittest CrossFit athletes over time. She has worked hard to develop herself and get the requisite athleticism throughout.

Currently, Sara is 31 years of age. However, Sigmundsdottir looks at the top of the game and is ready to get back as she heals from her injury.

After you’ve reached the top, the most challenging thing is staying on top. As a result, Sara’s fitness regimen is demanding and challenging. Likewise, her daily logs demonstrate her dedication to staying at the top.

Moreover, the athlete weighs around 152 lb. (69 kg) and stands at an astonishing height of 5 ft. 8 in (1.73 m).

Talking about her personal life, Sara enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her friends. In addition, Sara is well-known for her strong sense of morality.

Similarly, she acts as an inspiration to young girls and women everywhere she travels. In addition, she continues to be a fan favorite at every competition she enters.

Sara Sigmundsdottir | Net Worth & Earnings

Sara Sigmundsdottir accounts for much of her net worth after being a professional CrossFit athlete. She has played in several events since making her professional debut in 2012.

So far, the 31-year-old athlete has won numerous events and placed second and third in others. In addition, she had podium finishes in two CrossFit games consecutively. Similarly, she has always dominated European regional events.

Therefore, we can say that prize money from these events contributes largely to her net worth. Likewise, Sara is also the first choice for several well-known fitness brands when it comes to advertising.

Sara Sigmundsdottir net worth
Sara Sigmundsdottir works as a trainer in trainer at CrossFit Sudurnes.

Her partnerships with Volkswagen, WIT, FITAID by LIFEAID Beverage Co., and others net her thousands of dollars. Other brands endorsed by the CrossFit athlete can be seen on her social media, especially Instagram.

As of recent, she is now a trainer at CrossFit Sudurnes in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland. Furthermore, she was featured in a 2017 documentary titled ‘Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness.’

With all these passive income sources in her career, she is bound to be one of the wealthiest CrossFit athletes. As of [current year], she is expected to be worth roughly $3 million.

Sara Sigmundsdottir | Social Media

Sara Sigmundsdottir is a well-known social media personality who is usually seen engaging on many platforms. She is also appreciated by people all around the world for constantly communicating with her audience.

She is active mainly on her Instagram handle. As of Nov 2021, she has over 1.8 Million followers. 

Her Instagram bio includes links to the companies she supports and endorsements she promotes. You can also find her on Instagram posting photos of her workouts, nutrition regimens, and recovery products.

Similarly, she also has a Twitter account under the username @SaraSigmundsdot. Throughout, she has amassed a massive following of 53K followers on this platform.

Additionally, she has a Facebook page with the username of @Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir. As of Nov 2021, she has over 606k followers on her page.

Many newcomers in the professional scene of CrossFit often look up to her for guidance. Regardless, we can only hope she keeps her social media accounts updated.

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Queries on Social Media

Is she pursuing an undergraduate degree?

Yes, Sara is pursuing a BA in Psychology at The Open University. She does her studies in between sessions and is on schedule too.

What is her favorite food?

Pizza is her favorite food, although she also enjoys a cheeseburger with a lot of bacon and guacamole.

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