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Scottie Scheffler, the professional golfer, was born in New Jersey and spent his childhood with his parents, Scott and Diana.

Scheffler’s father played a significant role in his upbringing as he actively supported him and his three golfers sisters in sports. 

Scott always stayed home and cared for the four kids, he often helped out when they played sports and even held the flashlight while Scheffler practiced his strokes in the dark.

Scottie Scheffler
Scottie Scheffler After A Stroke (Source: Instagram)

Scottie’s passion for golf started at the young age of three when his parents gifted him a set of plastic golf clubs and a ball.

From winning individual state titles for three consecutive years from 2012 to 2014 to being the top-ranked junior golfer in the country, the golfer has achieved remarkable success in golf.

In May 2014, at the age of 17, Scheffler made his debut on the PGA Tour as an amateur participant in the HP Byron Nelson Championship.

Throughout his career, Scottie has achieved remarkable success in golf, including reaching the top spot in the Official World Golf Ranking in March 2022. 

Scottie Scheffler Parents: Scott And Diane Scheffler

The golfer was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, on June 21, 1996, to his parents, Scott and Diana Scheffler.

Scott Scheffler grew up in Englewood Cliffs and attended St. Cecilia High School in Englewood.

On the other hand, Scott Scheffler’s wife, Diane, grew up in Park Ridge and had the opportunity to be classmates with the late James Gandolfini, affectionately calling him Jimmy.

Scottie Scheffler Wining ThePlayerChampions
Scottie Scheffler Wining The Players Championship (Source: Instagram)

Diana was a chief operating officer at the law firm Thompson & Knight, where she worked extended hours, including weekends.

In contrast, his father stayed at home and took care of their four children, frequently assisting them during their sports activities.

In an interview with NJ.com, Scheffler Sr. shared that the police would occasionally come to ask them to leave the golf course at night, but the family would always return.

Scheffler expresses deep admiration and love for his parents, recognizing the immense hard work they have put in throughout his life.

Wife Of Scottie Scheffler

Scheffler is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Meredith Scudder.

Meredith Scudder was born in May 1996 in Texas to Michelle and Mark Scudder.

They first met during their freshman year at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, but their romantic relationship didn’t begin until their senior year.

Scottie And His Wife On Their Wedding Day
Scottie And His Wife On Their Wedding Day (Source: Instagram)

After graduating from high school, the couple faced the challenge of a long-distance relationship as Scheffler attended the University of Texas while Scudder pursued her studies at Texas A&M University.

Additionally, Scudder did an internship in Zambia for a few months, as indicated on her LinkedIn profile. She is also a co-founder of With Purpose: College Station. 

Despite the distance, their relationship persevered. In June 2020, Scheffler and Scudder got engaged. 

A few months later, on December 4, 2020, they exchanged vows at Arlington Hall in Dallas, Texas, celebrating their marriage surrounded by loved ones.

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