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To be viral these days, you have to be weird or impressive. But what happens when you are both? Weirdly remarkable, what else! The nun, Sister Mary Jo, became an internet sensation thanks to it. 

Blended in the crowd of athletes and celebrities at the 2019 ESPY Awards on Wednesday was one strange face: Sister Mary Jo Sobieck!

In August, the sister stood out as newsworthy and stunned the world after throwing a perfect pitch at a White Sox game against the Kansas City Royals.

Sister Mary Jo Pitch (Source: Twitter Image)

The Dominican nun walked on the red carpet at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

In this article, let’s talk about the nun who became famous overnight.

Quick Facts | Sister Mary Jo:

Full Name Mary Jo Sobieck
Date of Birth 1969
Nickname The Nun, Sister
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Female
Father Name Joe Sobieck
Mother Name  Louise Sobieck
Place of Birth  Central Minnesota, USA
Residence Springfield, Illinois, USA
Gender Female
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Teacher
Famous For  Throwing a Perfect Strike in the Baseball Game
Nationality Not Known
Highest Qualification Graduate
University St Johns University
Height 170 cm/5’7″
Weight 150 lbs/68 kg
Eye color Green
Hair Color White
Body Measurements Not Known
Body Curvy
Favorite Color White
Favorite Sports Softball
Relationship Status Single
Siblings 10
Zodiac Sign  Not Known
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Marital Status Single
Net Worth  Under Review
Hobbies Playing Volleyball
Merch N/A
Last Update July, 2024

Sister Mary Jo | Physical Appearance

Mary has a huge name and fame now, and she says she is enjoying it.

Sister Mary is now 55 years old. Also, she is said to be of mixed ethnicity. 

Mary has white hair, and to complement that, she has mesmerizing green eyes and always has a smile.

Likewise, Sister Jo stands 170cm tall and weighs around 150 lbs. 

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Sister Mary Jo | Early Life

Sister Mary experienced childhood in central Minnesota as the youngest of 10 siblings.

Mary’s mom had played an enormous part in building her confidence, without any help raising Sobieck and her siblings as single mothers.

Sports additionally were a big piece of her childhood, where she played softball, volleyball, and basketball in school.

“Sports powered my beginning and end; similarly, it was my Fire,” Mary Jo said.

“When I felt the calling to religious life, it resembled, I didn’t believe that I could be enthusiastic about anything over sports.”

Mary’s early school career is not yet mentioned on the internet, but she graduated from St. Johns University.

Sister Mary Jo | Family

Mary’s life was not so easy in her early time because of her Father’s death, and her mother had to face many problems.

Similarly, Sister grew up in a small town with her ten siblings: five brothers, Greg, Tim, Willie, Bob, and Charlie, and four sisters, Tina, Paula, Geri, and Meg. 

Mary was born to parents Joe and Louise Sobieck.

Just Sister Mary Jo, an individual from the Dominican Sisters of Springfield in Illinois since 1993, continuously traveled from one place to another to make a home among the people she educated spiritually.

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Sister Mary Jo | Viral Moment

Sobieck is an associate coach for one of Marian Catholic High School’s varsity volleyball teams; similarly, she previously played softball and volleyball while going to St. Scholastica.

As her first teaching post since turning into a nun in 1996, she likewise helped coach the volleyball team at an elementary school in Aurora, Illinois.

In an ocean of stars, including Sandra Bullock, Usher, Russell Wilson, Ciara, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, and more, Sobieck sure stuck out. 

Sister Mary Jo stood out as truly newsworthy when she threw a perfect strike in the opening first pitch at a White Sox game against the Kansas City Royals.

Before proceeding with the game, Sobieck wowed the group by flaunting a little stunt she could do with a baseball.

“With a huge smile, the nun adherent started things by tossing the ball back to her elbow and bobbing it back into her hand.”

Sister Mary Jo Flaunting Her Talent (Source: Twitter Image)

White Sox catcher Lucas Giolito was behind the plate to get her ideal pitch. He told MLB.com after the game that the entire experience “was wonderful.”

“She had an entire everyday practice. She had it arranged out. I was only fortunate to be back there. She tossed an ideal pitch,” Lucas commented, adding that Sobieck had played softball growing up.

Rick Renteria, White Sox manager, disclosed to the power source that he offered her a spot on the team after seeing what Sobieck could do.

“She was very acceptable, really,” Rick commented. “I said to her, ‘Would you be able to play for us?’ Mary Jo said, ‘Sure,.'”

Sister Mary Jo | Life After Throwing Perfect Pitch

Mary has earned overnight recognition after throwing a perfect strike. She then traveled to many countries to spread spiritual knowledge and interviews.

The sister, who teaches theology at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois, said everything is destined already.

As a three-sport competitor in school and a long-lasting Minnesota Twins fan, Sister Mary Jo’s capacity to throw an ideal pitch wasn’t surprising to her, yet the resulting consideration was.

Mary told to media how becoming a media sensation has disturbed her first seven-day stretch of class and how the experience may, at long last, drive her into her deep-rooted fantasy to become a motivational speaker.

Mary said, “I planned to do a few things for the study hall since I had two days off before classes began, and It’s been the craziest few weeks of my life.”

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Some QnA moments with Sister Mary Jo

After the sensational pitch, Sister Jo was flooded with invitations from magazines. Here we have extracted some QnA moments of her with Vice.com.

“Do you think you might do more public speaking or appearances to spread a specific message?

“I don’t know, and We talk about things like this in class. You continue to leave yourself open to what God is calling you to…I’m outgoing and try to inspire people to do their best.

Who knows…I always thought to myself: “I can do that. I want to do that.”

“What does this experience tell people about judging a book by its cover?”

“I would say it tells us to be open to whatever and allow an experience to unfold and be available to it…To me, there’s a certain sense of bravado.

It’s not arrogance, and it’s just kind of fun. But some of that is what keeps me on my game. 

…It’s made me even more relaxed with being my true self, which permits me to do that even more.” 

Sister Mary Jo | Endowed Scholarship Fund

In July 2019, Topps, a widely acclaimed baseball card organization, delivered a limited version of the “Allen and Ginter” Sister Mary Jo Sobieck baseball card.

The card arrived in the festival of Sister Mary Jo’s viral first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game in August of 2018.

Sister Mary Jo is offering 100 of these cards to the general population to raise assets and consciousness of her scholarship funds to benefit the students of Marian Catholic High School.

For a $125 or more gift to the Sister Mary Jo Sobieck OP Scholarship Fund, the 100 first will get a limited edition of Topps Allen and Ginter Sister Mary Jo baseball card signed and marked number by Sister Jo.

Sister Mary Jo has her own ‘Baseball Card.’

The previous summer, Sister Mary Jo Sobieck became famous online via social media when she skipped a baseball off her bicep, tossed an ideal strike, and posed dramatically for the camera before a Chicago White Sox game.

Presently, Sister Mary Jo is on a 2019 Topps baseball card.

Sister Mary Jo Baseball Card Source:(Instagram Image)

Sobieck, an individual from the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, signed 260 cards.

Mary got $1,000 for being on the card and gave the cash to a scholarship fund at Marian Catholic High School, where she educates.

Currently regarded with a bobblehead in her resemblance, Sobieck’s athletic notoriety isn’t over.

As per the Chicago Tribune, Sister Sobieck will toss the primary pitch before the St. Louis Cardinals’ game against the Dodgers.

Maybe Sister Mary Jo has one more stunt at her sleeve for people who will come to see the game.

Net Worth | Sister Mary Jo

Mary is a professor, and now she is very famous, and she also got her baseball card; from that, you can know she has earned a good amount of wealth.

However, the exact worth has yet to be out on the internet. But we will update you guys on this as soon as we get some information. 

Social Media | Sister Mary Jo

Sister Mary has a big fan following globally because of the internet and social media.

These days, she is known more as a pitcher Nun than a teacher, and she feels blessed and happy as life has given her a chance to be satisfied with different prospects.

If you are also a fan of Mary, then here is the link to her social media handle, and you can follow her.

Instagram2.1k Followers 

Twitter833 Followers 

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FAQ | Sister Mary Jo

Is Sister Mary the first nun to be famous?

Sister Mary has become an icon globally these days. But, except for Mary, there is a 98-year-old sister Jean Dolores who also became an internet sensation when she acted as the chaplain for the Chicago Rumblers.

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