Spencer Rattler Parents: Meet Susan Rattler & Michael Rattler

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An American football quarterback who plays college football for South Carolina, Spencer Rattler was born on September 28, 2000, to his parents, mother Susan Rattler and father Michael ‘Mike’ Rattler.

He is the eldest child of Mike and Susan Rattler, who also share their love and support with their younger daughter, Olivia Rattler.

Within the Rattler family, Mike and Susan play pivotal roles as the main pillars of support for Spencer, who aspires to establish a successful career in the NFL as a professional football player.

Their encouragement fuels the dreams of both their children, fostering a deep passion for sports.

Spencer Rattler With His Mother
Spencer Rattler With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Mike Rattler goes above and beyond in supporting Spencer’s journey, taking on the responsibility of handling Spencer’s NIL (National Image Likeness) interviews.

This allows Spencer to channel his undivided attention towards his football career, emphasizing his commitment to excellence on the field.

Notably, Spencer’s parents hail from different ethnic backgrounds, enriching their family’s cultural tapestry with diverse traditions and perspectives.

This unique blend of cultures adds depth and richness to the Rattler family’s story, making it even more fascinating.

Spencer Rattler Parents

Father Michael “Mike” Rattler

Spencer Rattler parents are proud Americans who have nurtured their children in the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona.

In this culturally diverse environment, they have instilled strong values and ambitions in their offspring.

Spencer’s mother proudly embraces her Caucasian American heritage, while his father is of African-American descent.

Michael Rattler, affectionately known as Mike, stands as a dedicated and supportive father to both Spencer and his sister, Olivia.

His commitment to Spencer’s football journey began at a young age, as he consistently encouraged and guided his son through every pivotal moment.

Spencer Rattler With His Father Michael
Spencer Rattler With His Father Michael (Source: Instagram)

By profession, Mike serves as a regional sales representative for Citizens Automobile and Recreation Finance, demonstrating his dedication and hard work in providing for his family.

Mike has also coached in many leagues. During his time at the University of Arkansas, he participated in football, basketball, and baseball.

One of Mike’s proudest achievements is his unbroken attendance record for every game and practice session that Spencer has participated in.

This unyielding support has been a driving force behind Spencer’s growth as a football player, and it reflects the close-knit bond within the Rattler family.

Mother Susan Rattler

Susan Rattler is the proud mother of the renowned American football quarterback Spencer Rattler.

With a birthdate of March 8, 1970, Susan’s 54 years of wisdom have shaped her into a remarkable individual.

She is a true Phoenician, having spent her formative years in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

Susan boasts an impressive career spanning over three decades in the education field.

She serves as a dedicated second-grade teacher within the Paradise Valley Unified School District, making a positive impact on young minds day after day.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Susan’s heart is deeply embedded in the world of football.

She is not only a passionate football enthusiast but also a supportive mother. Her involvement in Spencer’s football journey began during his high school years and has continued with fervor.

You can often spot her in the stands, cheering proudly for her son during his matches.

Susan’s social media presence reflects her pride in her son’s accomplishments. On her Twitter handle (@RattlerSue), she proudly identifies herself as a “Football and Volleyball mom” alongside her role as a second-grade teacher.

Spencer Susan Together
Spencer Susan Together (Source: Instagram)

As a teacher, Susan possesses a unique insight into her two children’s personalities. She has expertly nurtured both of them to excel in both the realms of sports and education, a testament to her exceptional parenting skills.

On Mother’s Day in 2019, Spencer paid a heartfelt tribute to his mother on his Instagram, sharing a touching picture with the caption: “I don’t know what I’d be without this woman. I will give you the world soon mama! Happy Mother’s Day.”

This sweet gesture captures the deep bond and gratitude between mother and son, highlighting the special relationship they share.

Sister Olivia Rattler Is A Volleyball Player

Olivia Rattler, the younger sister of Spencer Rattler, is a talented volleyball player with a bright future ahead.

Born on December 17, 2002, to proud parents Mike and Susan Rattler, Olivia is currently 21 years old.

Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 68 kg, she possesses the physical attributes that contribute to her success on the volleyball court.

Olivia’s volleyball journey began at a young age, starting her love affair with the sport at the tender age of six. By the age of eight, she was already mastering the art of overhead serves, showcasing her dedication and early talent.

Olivia Rattler
Olivia Rattler’s 16th Birthday Post (Source: X)

She honed her skills through rigorous training and participation in games with Scottsdale’s RPM Sand program, gaining valuable experience in beach volleyball.

One of Olivia’s notable achievements was setting a new record for the most wins in a single season for a freshman.

Olivia’s excellence on the court didn’t go unnoticed, as she earned the title of 6A division player of the game four times, highlighting her consistent and outstanding performance.

Additionally, she proudly represented the Arizona Sky Volleyball Club, achieving a top-five placement in the girls’ junior national championships.

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