Steve Sarkisian Cheating Scandal: Was It The Reason For His Divorce?

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Steve Sarkisian cheating scandal has resurfaced on the internet after Texas’ latest loss to Washington. Sarkisian divorced his first wife in 2015, and some fans believe the reason was because he was cheating on her. 

The Longhorns’ head coach, Steve Sarkisian, has come a long way since damaging his reputation in 2015. USC fired him after appearing intoxicated in meetings and public events. 

At first, there was a denial from his side about his condition, but later, the coach sought help and got into rehab. He is now living his best life with his second wife, Loreal Sarkisian, whom he married in 2020. 

With His Players, Steve Sarkisian Greets The Fans With The Signature Celebration
With His Players, Steve Sarkisian Greets The Fans With The Signature Celebration (Source: Instagram)

But the cheating scandal of the Texas coach was never confirmed by any verified source. Steve and his former wife never discussed the reason for their divorce. They asked for privacy.

And though few fans believe he was cheating, few also believe that his alcohol addiction might have started showing up, which led to Stephanie divorcing him. 

Steve Sarkisian Cheating Scandal

Steve Sarkisan cheating scandal took the gossip sites with a storm in 2015. 2015 was certainly an eventful and forgetful year for the football coach, Steve Sarkisian. 

At first, he was handed the divorce papers from his wife of 19 years, and in that same year, he was fired by USC. On April 20, 2015, his first wife, Stephanie, with whom he shares three kids, filed for divorce. 

The divorce was filed by Stephanie in L.A. County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. The two tied the knot in 1997, while Steve had recently joined the CFL league team Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Their three kids, Ashley, Taylor, and Brady, were 12 years old or younger when the couple headed for divorce. In a statement shared by Steve, the football coach said, “It is our desire to protect the privacy of our children and each other. 

Sarkisian Was Fired From USC The Same Year He Was Handed The Divorce Papers From His First Wife
Sarkisian Was Fired From USC The Same Year He Was Handed The Divorce Papers From His First Wife (Source: Instagram)

Our goal is to raise our children in a joint, cooperative style as caring and loving parents. Thank you for respecting our family’s privacy.”

At the time, it became a huge scandal, and many believed the football coach could have been cheating behind Stephanie’s back. Previously, on Reddit, one user wrote that the football coach was cheating with a cheerleader.

However, no official reports from any major media publication were published. Neither Stephanie nor Steve ever talked about the divorce after their separation.

So, Steve cheating on his first wife could be a rumor started by a few football fans. 

Dealing With Alcoholism 

A few months after finalizing his divorce with Stephanie, Steve was fired by USC. The reason for this was Steve’s behavior during meetings and with players. 

A player had texted ESPN that Sarkisian “showed up lit to meetings against today.” Another source said he didn’t appear normal and was told to leave. During that time, USC also handed him an indefinite leave of absence. 

In August of the same year, Sarkisian’s behavior was said to be that of being under the influence of alcohol and painkillers. His actions at the Salute to Troy function drew national headlines, and he later apologized for it. 

Steve Sarkisian Revived His Career At Alabama Alongside The Head Coach Nick Saban
Steve Sarkisian Revived His Career At Alabama Alongside The Head Coach Nick Saban (Source: Twitter)

One of the sources close to him even said the coach “needed to hit rock bottom” to confront his addiction. Though at first, Steve tried to deny his battle with alcoholism, in recent years, the coach has openly discussed his rehab stints.

During the press conference when he was announced as the Longhorns coach, Steve said he holds pride over the progress. He said, “When you battle what I battle, you have to work on it every day.

When you have gone through what I have gone through in the public eye, I do not want to say you are humbled, but you are.”

Steve Sarkisian Current Married Life 

After battling alcoholism and moving on from his previous relationship, Steve formed a new bond with Loreal Sarkisian. 

Steve and Loreal tied the knot in 2020, and previously, the coach credited his wife for helping him make a comeback on the football field and in his life. 

In an interview, Sarkisian said, “She is that person. The reality is, there were things in my life that, shoot, I had to get reconnected to the Lord, and she helped me do that.”

Loreal was one of the elite hurdlers at North Carolina A&T and later worked as a volunteer assistant coach in Florida. In 2013, she accepted the role of track and field assistant at USC and spent a few seasons.

Steve And Loreal Met During Their Time At USC And Tied The Knot In 2020
Steve And Loreal Met During Their Time At USC And Tied The Knot In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

She also met Steve during the same time. Alongside being a tremendous athlete and a coach, Lorea also focused a lot on her fashion style. In 2017, she launched a styling business, Loreal Luciana. 

Loreal has previously said she enjoys styling her husband and said he enjoyed being a client. Sarkisian once revealed Loreal gives him a hard time about some of his outfits. 

He said she dresses him on gameday, and though not everybody loves what he wears, if Loreal likes it, it is good. 

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