Ranking Every Super Bowl From Best To Worst

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Welcome, readers; this article is our attempt at ranking every Super Bowl from best to worst. It will be quite a long list, so we suggest you buckle up!

The Super Bowl has been played as the final game of the NFL since 1966, and there have been 56 Super Bowls up to the 2022 season.

Super Bowl
Super Bowl (Source: Wikipedia)

Some Super Bowls have been considered the greatest games in NFL, and others failed to meet expectations.

Let us look at all the Super Bowls, from the best to the worst!

Quick Overview

Here is a quick highlight of the Super Bowl and its date.

Super Bowls Date
1. LI Feb 5, 2017
2. XLIX Feb 1, 2015
3. LII Feb 4, 2018
4. XLIII Feb 1, 2009
5. XLII Feb 3, 2008
6. XXV Jan 27, 1991
7. XXIII Jan 22, 1989
8. XXXVI Feb 3, 2002
9. LVI Feb 13, 2022
10. XXXII Jan 25, 1998
11. XXXIV Jan 30, 2000
12. XLVI Feb 5, 2012
13. LIV Feb 2, 2020
14. V Jan 17, 1971
15. XLVII Feb 3, 2013
16. XXXVIII Feb 1, 2004
17. XIII Jan 21, 1979
18. XXXIX Feb 6, 2005
19. X Jan 18, 1976
20. XLV Feb 6, 2011
21. XIV Jan 20, 1980
22. XVI Jan 24, 1982
23. XXX Jan 28, 19964
24. XVII Jan 30, 1983
25. III Jan 12, 1969
26. XLIV Feb 7, 2010
27. XL Feb 5, 2006
28. VII Jan 14, 1973
29. IX Jan 12, 1975
30. LIII Feb 3, 2019
31. XLI Feb 4, 2007
32. XXXI Jan 26, 1997
33. 50 Feb 7, 2016
34. XXI Jan 25, 1987
35. XI Jan 9, 1977
36. IV Jan 11, 1970
37. XXVIII Jan 30, 1994
38. XIX Jan 20, 1985
39. XV Jan 25, 1981
40. XXIX Jan 29, 1995
41. XXXVII Jan 26, 2003
42. XII Jan 15, 1978
43. XXXIII Jan 31, 1999
44. VI Jan 16, 1972
45. XXVI Jan 26, 1992
46. LV Feb 7, 2021
47. VIII Jan 13, 1974
48. XXII Jan 31, 1988
49. XVIII Jan 22, 1984
50. XXXV Jan 28, 2001
51. XLVIII Feb 2, 2014
52. I Jan 15, 1967
53. XX Jan 26, 1986
54. II Jan 14, 1968
55. XXVII Jan 31, 1993
56. XXIV Jan 28, 1990

Ranking Every Super Bowl From Best To Worst

Our primary source of information for this article is AthlonSports.

1. Super Bowl LI

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons game is the best Super Bowl in our ranking. The game featured the most remarkable comeback in the game’s history by the Patriots.

Tom Brady at Super Bowl LI
Tom Brady At Super Bowl LI (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Similarly, it became the first game to be decided in overtime, and the Patriots won the game with a 34-28 score.

2. Super Bowl XLIX

The Super Bowl XLIX was a game where New England Patriots won against the Seattle Seahawks with a 28-24 score.

Tom Brady celebrates after the Super Bowl XLIX win
Tom Brady Celebrates After The Super Bowl XLIX Win (Source: Twitter)

The Patriots’ victory was their fourth overall and first since 2004’s Super Bowl XXXIX, ending a 10-year championship drought. 

3. Super Bowl LII

The third greatest Super Bowl was between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

Super Bowl LII winner Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl LII winner Philadelphia Eagles (Source: The Press Democrat)

Although the Eagles won the title with a 41-33 score, both teams set several Super Bowl records during the game.

4. Super Bowl XLIII

The game saw the Pittsburgh Steelers versus Arizona Cardinals fighting for the title. The Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl after defeating the Cardinals by 27-23.

Super Bowl XLIII
Super Bowl XLIII (Source: Behind the Steel Curtain)

Santonio Holmes marched to the field to make a perfect touchdown catch with 35 seconds left.

5. Super Bowl XLII

Held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the New York Giants and New England Patriots went head-on-head.

Super Bowl XLIII
Super Bowl XLIII (Source: MRP News)

Super Bowl XLII is considered one of the biggest upsets in professional sports history. The Giants stood victorious with a 17-14 score.

6. Super Bowl XXV

It was a game between the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. It saw two franchises from the same state in the finals for the first time.

Super Bowl XXV
Super Bowl XXV (Source: AP Photo)

As the Giants set a record-holding possession of the ball in the Super Bowl, it also became the only game to be decided by one point after the Giants won the game with a 20-19.

7. Super Bowl XXIII

The San Francisco 49ers versus Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl XXIII is the seventh-best Super Bowl on this list. The game saw the 49ers’ game-winning drive in the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl XXIII
Super Bowl XXIII (Source: Niners Nation)

Similarly, the game saw the first halftime tie in the history of the Super Bowl. The 49ers took home the Vince Lombardi trophy after winning the match by 20-16.

8. Super Bowl XXXVI

The game was New England Patriots versus St. Louis Rams for the 2001 season final. It was the first Super Bowl to be played in February.

Super Bowl XXXVI
Super Bowl XXXVI (Source: Touchdown Wire – USA Today)

The game saw the biggest upset in Super Bowl history since the merger of AFL-NFL. It is one of the historically significant Super Bowls as the New England Patriots dynasty was launched.

9. Super Bowl LVI

For the Super Bowl LVI, Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals competed for the title.

Super Bowl LVI; Rams Vs Bengals
Super Bowl LVI; Rams Vs. Bengals (Source: MARCA)

The game saw three lead changes and a game-winning touchdown by the Rams.

10. Super Bowl XXXII

Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers played a close game to win the Super Bowl XXXII title. Broncos’ Terrell Davis made a Super Bowl record of three rushing touchdowns.

Super Bowl XXXII
Super Bowl XXXII (Source: Mile High Report)

The Broncos took the Vince Lombardi trophy after winning the game by 31-24.

11. Super Bowl XXXIV

St. Louis Rams and Tennesse Titans returned to the postseason for the Super Bowl XXXIV after relocation and struggles.

Super Bowl XXXIV
Super Bowl XXXIV (Source: SI Vault – Sports Illustrated)

The game saw the then-largest deficit erased in the Super Bowl after the Titans responded to the 16-0 lead of the Patriots. However, the Patriots won the title by 20-17.

12. Super Bowl XLVI

During the Super Bowl XLVI, the New York Giants set a new record for the lowest regular season record by a Super Bowl champion.

Super Bowl XLVI
Super Bowl XLVI (Source: Pats Pulpit)

The Giants won the game by 21-17 against the Patriots after Ahmad Bradshaw made a game-winning touchdown with 57 seconds remaining for the game to end.

13. Super Bowl LIV

As Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers went back and forth to win the title, Super Bowl LIV is the 13th-best Super Bowl on our list.

Super Bowl LIV
Super Bowl LIV (Source: KC Kingdom)

Chiefs won the Super Bowl with a 31-20 score, their first since Super Bowl IV and after the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

14. Super Bowl V

Super Bowl V was the first Super Bowl after the completion of the AFL-NFL merger. Also named the “Blunder Bowl” or “Blooper Bowl,” it was Baltimore Colts versus Dallas Cowboys.

Super Bowl V
Super Bowl V (Source: Sportscasting)

There were many blunders, missed opportunities, and penalties in the game. The Colts eventually became the winner with a 16-13 score.

15. Super Bowl XLVII

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers to become the winner of Super Bowl XLVII.

Super Bowl XLVII (Source: Darkroom – Baltimore Sun)

The Ravens were leading the game in the third quarter when the lights went out in the stadium. They continued their momentum after the lights came back and won by 34-31.

16. Super Bowl XXXVIII

The Super Bowl XXXVIII was the-then most watched Super Bowl, where the New England Patriots faced off against the Carolina Panthers.

Super Bowl XXXVIII
Super Bowl XXXVIII (Source: Pats Pulpit)

The game is considered one of history’s most well-played and thrilling Super Bowls. The Patriots came out victorious with a 32-29 record.

17. Super Bowl XIII

The Super Bowl XIII was the first Super Bowl to feature a rematch of previous teams, Pittsburgh Steelers versus Dallas Cowboys.

Super Bowl XIII
Super Bowl XIII (Source: Pinterest)

The Cowboys scored two touchdowns in the final minutes but could not win. The Steelers took the Vince Lombardi trophy after winning by 35-31.

18. Super Bowl XXXIX

The New England Patriots versus Philadelphia Eagles game in the Super Bowl XXXIX was close.

Super Bowl XXXIX
Super Bowl XXXIX (Source: MassLive.com)

Although the Eagles could cut the deficit to 24-21 with 1:48 minutes remaining in the game, the Patriots won the Super Bowl XXXIX title.

19. Super Bowl X

The Super Bowl X featured Pittsburgh Steelers versus Dallas Cowboys game. The game featured a contrast of the playing styles of both teams.

Super Bowl X
Super Bowl X (Source: Pinterest)

Although the Cowboys could cut the deficit late in the game, the Steelers won the title and added the second Super Bowl to the franchise’s name.

20. Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV was the game featuring Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers; both the teams were title-abundant franchises.

Super Bowl XLV
Super Bowl XLV (Source: WBUR)

The Packers dominated the game since the beginning, but the Steelers would not go down quietly. The Packers eventually won the match by a 31-25 margin. 

21. Super Bowl XIV

The Super Bowl XIV saw a close game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams for most of the game.

Super Bowl XIV
Super Bowl XIV (Source: Behind the Steel Curtain)

The Steelers were the defending champions of Super Bowl XIII. They could defend the championship successfully and win Super Bowl XIV by a 31-19 score.

22. Super Bowl XVI

Super Bowl XVI was the first Super Bowl to be held in the cold-weather city where the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals faced off.

49ers VS. Bengals
49ers VS. Bengals (Source: Getty Images)

Although a close game, the 49ers’ defense and field goals ultimately made them the winner. The 49ers won by 26-21 score.

23. Super Bowl XXX

When Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers entered Super Bowl XXX, it was their fifth rematch in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXX
Super Bowl XXX (Source: Behind the Steel Curtain)

The Cowboys took the Super Bowl XXX championship after defeating their longtime rival with a 27-17 score.

24. Super Bowl XVII

The game was a rematch of Super Bowl VII, where the Washington Redskins faced off against the Miami Dolphins. The Redskins took the lead in the second half after scoring 17 unanswered points.

Super Bowl XVII
Super Bowl XVII (Source: Beyond The Gameplan)

Although the Dolphins were able to cut the deficit, the Redskins won the game with a 27-17 score.

25. Super Bowl III

It was the first NFL championship game that officially bore the trademark “Super Bowl.” It is regarded as one of the greatest upsets in American football and sports history.

Super Bowl III
Super Bowl III (Source: Britannica)

The game was between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts, where the Jets controlled most of the game. The Jets won the Super Bowl with a 16-7 lead.

26. Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts competed for the title in the Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints were behind the Colts by 10-6 at halftime.

Super Bowl XLIV
Super Bowl XLIV (Source: No Huddle)

However, the Saints turned the game after getting their first lead with a 16-yard touchdown reception by Pierre Thomas and won the game with a 31-17 score.

27. Super Bowl XL

Super Bowl XL was between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks. The officiating during the match is one of the league’s top ten controversial calls.

Super Bowl XL
Super Bowl XL (Source: Behind the Steel Curtain)

The Steelers had a lead of 14-3 in the third quarter, and the game eventually went to the Steelers with a 21-10 score.

28. Super Bowl VII

For the Super Bowl VII champions, it was Miami Dolphins versus Washington Redskins. The dolphins dominated most of the game, but it is the second-lowest-scoring Super Bowl.

Super Bowl VII
Super Bowl VII (Source: Outsports)

The Dolphins won the title with a 14-7 score and became the first and only team to complete a perfect undefeated season.

29. Super Bowl IX

Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings were the teams fighting for Super Bowl IX. The first half of the game saw a defensive struggle from both teams with a lone score.

Super Bowl IX
Super Bowl IX (Source: Pinterest)

The Steelers got a lead on the second-half kickoff, which the Vikings cut by 9-6 in the fourth quarter. The Steelers eventually won the Super Bowl IX title with a 16-6 score. 

30. Super Bowl LIII

The match between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams was the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl LIII
Super Bowl LIII (Source: CNBC)

The Patriots won the Super Bowl LIII with a 13-3.

31. Super Bowl XLI

The Super Bowl XLI was the first rainy Super Bowl. The Indianapolis Colts cut the 14-6 score deficit and outscored the Chicago Bears in the last three quarters.

Super Bowl XLI
Super Bowl XLI; Peyton Manning (Source: Stampede Blue)

The Colts took home the Lombardi trophy with a 29-17 score.

32. Super Bowl XXXI

The Green Bay Packers had scored 17 unanswered points in the second quarter. However, the New England Patriots cut the deficit to 27-21 in the third quarter.

Super Bowl XXXI
Super Bowl XXXI (Source: Audacy)

The Patriots could not make any more scores, while the Packers won the Super Bowl XXXI title with a 35-21 score.

33. Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 was the event’s golden anniversary and became one of the most defensive matches in history.

Super Bowl 50
50 (Source: New York Magazine)

The Denver Broncos took an early lead that Carolina Panthers could not catch up. The Broncos won the golden anniversary game 24-10.

34. Super Bowl XXI

The Super Bowl XXI featured New York Giants versus Denver Broncos. The first quarter saw a tight game in the first half.

Super Bowl XXI
Super Bowl XXI (Source: Big Blue View)

However, Broncos lost their momentum, and the Giants took home the title with a score of 39-20

35. Super Bowl XI

Super Bowl XI featured a game between Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings. The Raiders took an early lead with a 16-0 score a halftime.

Raiders DB Willie Brown
Raiders DB Willie Brown (Source: SFGATE)

On the other hand, the Vikings cut the score deficit to 14, and the Raiders won the game by 32-14.

36. Super Bowl IV

The Super Bowl IV was the first game where a head coach, Hank Stram, wore a microphone. The game featured Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings.

Kansas City Chiefs versus Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs Versus Minnesota Vikings (Source: Canton Repository)

The Chiefs dominated the game and gave the Vikings little chance to score. The Chiefs won Super Bowl IV with a score of 23-7.

37. Super Bowl XXVIII

Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills featured in Super Bowl XXVIII is the only match where the same two teams played in consecutive Super Bowls games.

Super Bowl XXVII
Super Bowl XXVII (Source: SI Vault – Sports Illustrated)

The Cowboys took the lead of 13-6 at halftime and scored 24 unanswered points during the second half. The Bills could not catch up and lost the game by 30-13.

38. Super Bowl XIX

The game featuring the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins became a battle between two great quarterbacks, Dan Marino of the Dolphins and Joe Montana of the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers players
San Francisco 49ers Players (Source: The Press Democrat)

The 49ers won the Super Bowl XIX title with a 38-16 score and set a Super Bowl record with 537 yards.

39. Super Bowl XV

Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles squared off in the Super Bowl XV. The Raiders took an early lead of 14-0 in the first quarter.

Super Bowl XV
Super Bowl XV (Source: Pinterest)

The final score showed the Raiders’ lead of 27-10, and they won their second Super Bowl title.

40. Super Bowl XXIX

The Super Bowl XXIX was the first game in Super Bowl history where both teams made all their scores in the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl XXIX
Super Bowl XXIX (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

The San Francisco 49ers defeated San Diego Chargers by 49-26 and became the first to win five Super Bowl titles.

41. Super Bowl XXXVII

Super Bowl XXXVII is often called the “Gruden Bowl” and “Pirate Bowl.” It was the league’s best offense, Oakland Raiders, versus the league’s best defense, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Super Bowl XXXVII
Super Bowl XXXVII (Source: Bucs Wire – USA Today)

The defense won over the offense, and the Buccaneers became the champion with a 48-21 score.

42. Super Bowl XII

Super Bowl XII featured Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. The Cowboys’ defense dominated the whole game, and Broncos had little opportunity to score.

Snippet of Super Bowl XII
A snippet of Super Bowl XII (Source: Pinterest)

It was the first, and only time two players won the Super Bowl MVP. The Cowboys became the champions with a 27-10 score.

43. Super Bowl XXXIII

The defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos entered Super Bowl XXXIII against Atlanta Falcons.

Super Bowl XXXIII
Super Bowl XXXIII (Source: Predominantly Orange)

The Broncos successfully defended the championship with a 34-19 score.

44. Super Bowl VI

The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins faced off in the coldest Super Bowl ever. The Cowboys dominated the whole game and set several Super Bowl records.

Super Bowl VI
Super Bowl VI (Source: Ninety-Nine Yards)

The Cowboys became the Super Bowl VI champion with a 24-3 score.

45. Super Bowl XXVI

The Super Bowl XXVI featured the Washington Redskins and the Buffalo Bills.

Super Bowl XXVI
Super Bowl XXVI (Source: Washington Commanders)

Both teams had finished the regular season with the best records, but the Redskins came on top and defeated the Bills with a score of 37-24.

46. Super Bowl LV

The Super Bowl LV was held with limited seating due to COVID-19 protocols. The game featured Kansas City Chiefs versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV (Source: amNewYork)

The game had a record eight penalties for 95 yards in the first half. The Chiefs lost the match by double-digits to the Buccaneers.

47. Super Bowl VIII

Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings fought to grab the title of Super Bowl VIII. The Dolphins dominated the whole game to score 24 unanswered points in the first three quarters.

Super Bowl VIII
Super Bowl VIII (Source: The Phinsider)

The Vikings cut the score deficit by 7, but the Dolphins took home the championship with a 24-7 win.

48. Super Bowl XXII

The Super Bowl XXII was the first game to be won by the first African American starting quarterback, Dough Willams.

Doug Williams of Washington Redskins
Doug Williams of Washington Redskins (Source: Britannica)

The Washington Redskins stood victorious against Denver Broncos with a 42-10 score.

49. Super Bowl XVIII

The Super Bowl XVIII featured the Los Angeles Raiders and Washington Redskins competing for the title.

Raiders celebrate the win
Raiders Celebrate The Win (Source: Sports Illustrated)

The Redskins were the defending champions, but eventually, the Raiders defeated them by a 38-9 score.

50. Super Bowl XXXV

The game is best known for being the seventh Super Bowl game with the largest margin of victory. Super Bowl XXXV featured Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants.

Super Bowl XXXV
Super Bowl XXXV half Time Show (Source: IMDb)

The Ravens defeated the Giants by a massive 34-7 score.

51. Super Bowl XLVIII

The Seattle Seahawks versus Denver Broncos made a record as the third-largest margin of victory in the Super Bowl. The Seahawks led the game by 22-0 at halftime.

Super Bowl XLVIII
Super Bowl XLVIII (Source: Mile High Report)

The Broncos lost the Super Bowl XLVIII title by 43-8.

52. Super Bowl I

Next, we have the first Super Bowl featuring the Kansas City Chief and Green Bay Packers. The Packers won the game with a 35-10 score.

Super Bowl I
Super Bowl I (Source: www.history.com)

The game’s outcome was already expected by many fans and sportswriters who argued that the team older than the NFL was vastly superior.

53. Super Bowl XX

The Super Bowl XX commemorated the 20th Super Bowl, where previous Super Bowl MVPs were honored. The New England Patriots and Chicago Bears fought for the title.

Super Bowl XX
Super Bowl XX (Source: The Mercury News)

At the time, the Patriots broke the record for the quickest lead. However, the Bears won the champions with a vast difference of 46-10.

54. Super Bowl II

The second Super Bowl in the league is considered one of the worst games where the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers faced off each other.

Packers celebrate with their head coach, Vince Lombardi
Packers celebrate with their head coach, Vince Lombardi (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Similar to the first game, the result was expected. The team in NFL was already vastly superior to the AFL team, and the Packers won the title with a 33-14 margin.

55. Super Bowl XXVII

Super Bowl XXVII, which featured Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills, is considered one of the worst in NFL history.

Emmitt Smith of Cowboys
Emmitt Smith of Cowboys (Source: Pinterest)

The Bills became the first team to lose three consecutive Super Bowls after the Cowboys won with a 52-17 score.

56. Super Bowl XXIV

Considered one of the worst Super Bowl games, Super Bowl XXIV is the worst game on our ranking. It is the most lopsided in the history of the Super Bowl.

49ers celebrate Super Bowl XXIV win
49ers celebrate Super Bowl XXIV win (Source: SFGATE)

The San Francisco 49ers won the championship against the Broncos with a 55-10 score. The difference remains the largest in total offense yardage in Super Bowl.


So this was our ranking of every Super Bowl from best to worst. Do let us know which one, in your opinion, is the best and which one is the worst!

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