Tara Davis Parents: Who Are Ty And Rayshon Davis?

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Tara Davis finds inspiration in her parents, Ty and Rayshon Davis, who always cheer her on and make her feel proud as she represents the country.

Tara Davis is one of the sensations of the American athletic world. Based on her impressive junior career, fans and critics project her as a serial winner in the future. 

However, many people are unaware that Tara’s father not only stands by his daughter’s side but also serves as her coach.

Professional Athlete Tara Davis
Professional Athlete Tara Davis (Source: Instagram)

Tara Davis is a 25-year-old athlete that mainly competes in the track and field sector, and secondarily hurdles.

Davis started winning and breaking records from her high school days at Agoura High School. She even set a national record in the long jump and a state record in hurdles.

Furthermore, she attended the University of Georgia and set another NCAA Championship record in the 60m hurdles while attending the University of Georgia before transferring to the University of Texas.

Tara continued her dominance by setting a collegiate record at the Texas relays and further pushing herself to the top 30 of all time.

Who Are The Supportive Parents Of Tara Davis?

Tara Davis is the youngest daughter among 5 children of Ty and Rayshon Davis. She has an excellent relationship with her parents, and they have many photos on social media.

Dad Ty Davis

Her father, Ty Davis, is a former serviceman of the country. He was a member of the US Army and expressed he is proud to represent his country on his Instagram with a vintage picture.

Furthermore, he has been Tara’s coach since she was just 4 years old. With her dad, the athlete learned every fundamental of the game. 

The Davis Family Celebrates As Tara Becomes An Olympian
Ty And Rayshon Celebrate As Tara Becomes An Olympian (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she has often thanked her dad for everything and considered him her best coach. 

Ty also went to the Summer Olympics 2020 as an accredited coach of her daughter. Expressing her happiness, Tara said,

I am so blessed that I’ll have a family member to come with me and watch me compete at the highest level of my life.”

She believes that her relationship with her parent coach has definitely helped Tara succeed in her early days.

Mom Rayshon Davis

Furthermore, her mother, Rayshon, is another part of the support system. While her dad coaches her in the field, her mother guides her at their home.

Rayshon is 55 and celebrates her birthday on 1st December.

Although Tara’s mother doesn’t coach, she is always present in the stands as her biggest fan.

Moreover, she is a successful professional in the medical field. Currently, she is working as the Manager of Professional Education and Events at Implant Direct.

Tara Davis: Married Life And Kids

Tara didn’t marry far from her own field. Instead, she tied the knot with fellow athlete Hunter Woodhall.

The couple has been together for a long time, but their last photo together was taken in 2017. 

Tara Davis And Her Husband Hunter Woodhall
Tara Davis And Her Husband, Hunter Woodhall (Source: Instagram)

Hunter Woodhall is a specially-abled athlete who competes in track and field. He registered a bronze medal in the 2020 Summer Paralympics game.

Furthermore, he was also the first double amputee to earn an NCAA scholarship. He lost both his legs at just 11 due to a condition called fibular hemimelia.

Tara and Hunter married in 2022, and the couple are the cutest athletic pair ever. They frequently share photos together and emit the feeling that they match each other’s vibe perfectly.

However, the couple has not yet announced any news of welcoming a kid.


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