How Many Tattoo Does Tim Elliott Have? Their Meaning And Design

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Many people ink their bodies with cryptic messages or significant moments of their lives. Similarly, fans are also curious to know about the tattoo of UFC fighter Tim Elliott and their meaning and designs.

Timothy Samuel Elliott is a mixed martial artist who competes in the Flyweight division.

Moreover, the American fighter, born on December 24, 1986, has been competing professionally for over a decade. 

Elliott has played for different professional fighting competitions like UFC, Titan FC & The Ultimate Fighter.

Tim Elliott During A Vacation
Tim Elliott During A Vacation (Source: Instagram)

Featuring the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he has managed to win Fight of the Night three times. 

In addition, the fight between Tim Elliott and Mark De La Rosa was named the Performance of the Night. 

As of this writing, he is ranked #11 in the flyweight division of the UFC.

Recently, the UFC fighter accused his ex-wife Gina Mazany of cheating with his friend and teammate, Kevin Croom.

Tim Elliott Tattoo

The UFC fighter has tattoos throughout his body. He seems to love getting tattoos and reportedly wants to ink his body even more. 

One of his tattoos is a Singha, similar to the beer company’s Singha logo tattooed on his stomach.

Elliot tagged the company in an Instagram post and got the company’s attention, and the company shared his story of the tattoo on the official website.

Tim Elliott Shows Off His Body
Tim Elliott Shows Off His Body (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the fighter has also jokingly tweeted related to that tattoo. On May 3, 2017, he tweeted: “You know you had a good time, when you wake up with a tattoo after a night in Bangkok!”

Later on, he also got sponsored by that beer company. On June 10, 2017, he tweeted, “So a drunken tattoo in Thailand got me a beer sponsor! Lesson, don’t be responsible…”

Tim also has tattoos on his chest, wrist, and arms. He has a hand with a clenched fist in his chest. 

Likewise, an artistic design can be seen on the backside of his palm and an umbrella-shaped design on his forearm. 

He got the umbrella-designed tattoo on the Hart and Huntington Tattoo in Las Vegas. 


Tim Elliot has featured for different MMA organizations such as the UFC, Titan, and The Ultimate Fighter. 

The Kansas-born fighter signed with UFC on April 17, 2012, and debuted against the Ultimate Fighter 14 winner John Dodson.  

On November 16, 2013, he faced Ali Bagautinov at UFC 167, which was his first appearance on the main card of a pay-per-view event.

Tim then debuted in Titan FC, facing Illiarde Santos, and became the Titan FC Flyweight Championship after winning the bout.

While in Titan FC, he successfully defended his title twice against Felipe Efrain and Pedro Nobre.

Tim Elliott After A Match
Tim Elliott After A Match (Source: Instagram)

After moving on to The Ultimate Fighter, on July 21, 2016, Elliott was announced as a cast member.

The show’s winner had the chance to fight Demetrious Johnson for the UFC Flyweight Championship. 

Despite being ranked as the number 3 seed, Elliott was selected as the first overall pick by Joseph Banvidez.

Amazingly, he won the show and fought Johnson on December 3, 2016; unfortunately, Elliott lost the fight. 

Elliott has a record of 19 wins, 12 losses, and 1 draw as of this writing.

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