Terry Crews Wife Rebecca King-Crews Illness and Health Update: Did She Have Cancer?

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“Due to god’s grace and her husband’s support Terry Crews Wife Rebecca King was able to overcome breast cancer.”

Rebeca is also a TV personality just like terry. In fact they have a family reality TV show. 

Terry Crews Dancing For The Camera In A Event
Terry Crews Dancing For The Camera In A Event (Source: Instagram)

Terry Alan Crews was born on July 30, 1968, in Flint, Michigan. He is a jack of many trades and even excels at a lot of them. 

Terry is a television host, actor and also a former football player. You might popularly know him as Sergeant Terry from the comedy series Brooklyn-99.

He was the middle child of three and grew up in a conservative Christian home.

Furthermore, Crews spent the summer at Interlochen Arts Academy and received an art scholarship at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

After his freshman year, he tested out for the football team and was awarded a full athletic scholarship.

The Los Angeles Rams selected Crews in the eleventh round of the 1991 NFL draft.

He also competed in the Rhein Fire of the World League of American Football in the 1995 season.

Following retirement from the NFL in 1997, Crews relocated to Los Angeles to start an acting career.

What Happened To Terry Crews Wife Rebecca King-Crews?

Terry Crews is happily married to his wife Rebeccas King Crews. Rebecca is someone who beat breast cancer. 

The doctors diagnosed Rebecca Crews with stage one breast cancer in 2020 after undergoing mammography and an ultrasound.

She is now cancer-free after undergoing a double mastectomy. Rebecca frequently posted positive remarks with her followers.

In a recent message, she reminded her followers that we may develop strength, courage, and confidence from every life situation. 

It was Terry who was the first one to find out about her breast cancer. However, the pair handled it well and overcame it. 

Terry Crews With His Wife Rebecca King Crews And Children
Terry Crews With His Wife Rebecca King Crews And Children (Source: Instagram)

Rebecca is a singer-songwriter, musician, and actress. She gained prominence for her family’s popular reality show, “The Family Crews”!

She and her husband, have 5 children and one grandson. Rebecca has a background in music dating back to her childhood when she studied piano, voice, and musical theatre production.

Additionally, She led a variety of musical and entertainment entities, including bands, dance teams, and music groups.

Furthermore, Rebecca also led worship in numerous congregations, served as musical director, and produced and composed many of her own compositions.

As per her LinkedIn, she is currently leading the nation as a mother and wife and is reuniting with her musical origins on her upcoming album.

Sexual Assault On Crews

It might be difficult to believe that Crews was once a victim of sexual assault. In 2017, Crews stated that an older male Hollywood executive molested him at a gathering in 2016.

But he chose not to disclose the event because he was afraid of retaliation. Many people later identified the “high-level executive” as Adam Venit.

Adam was the then chief of the motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor (WME).

Terry Crews Giving Out His Signature Pose
Terry Crews Giving Out His Signature Pose (Source: Instagram)

Time magazine designated Crews among the “Silence Breakers” in 2017 for coming forward with sexual assault charges.

According to WME, an inquiry revealed that the occurrence was isolated. Venit had his position reduced and reinstated to work following a one-month ban.

Crews responded by saying, “Someone got a pass”. Crews sued Venit and WME for sexual assault.

Some witnesses said that Venit had been intoxicated and he downplayed the groping as “horseplay.” However, he expressed regret to Crews the next day.

WME replied to the complaint, claiming that their response to Crews’ claims was “both swift and serious.”

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