The Clippers hold the Suns for another round

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Paul George helps the Clippers keep their NBA Finals’ hope alive.

The LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns faced off each other for Game 5 on Monday.

The Suns only a win away from the NBA finals while the Clippers were in do or die situation.

One more loss and the Clippers miss the chance to play in the NBA finals but they avoided that unfortunate situation with a win over the Suns.

The Clippers defeated the Suns 116-103 to get the much-needed win and cut the series lead to 3-2.

However, the Clippers are still in the danger zone so they need to win Game 6 no matter what to still have a chance for the NBA finals.

In Game 5, the Clippers started strong and never looked back going forward in the game and finally won in the end. 


A strong start from the Clippers in the first quarter.

Reggie Jackson started the first quarter, dropping a bucket from behind the arc.

Terence Mann Knocked down a reverse layup and the Clippers made a 7-0 run.

Paul George drove to the rim but Devin Booker knocked away the shot and dropped a three-pointer in transition.

Subsequently, Patrick Beverly stole the ball from Chris Paul and passed to Jackson for a dunk on the other end.

Marcus Morris Sr deflected the ball and the Suns came up with another steal and George drew a foul, knocking down a layup on Mann’s pass in transition.

The Clippers now up by 11 points under three minutes into the game.

Deandre Ayton finally came up with a dunk for the Suns on the other side.

Morris answered back with back-to-back jumpers.

Morris against Booker
Morris against Booker (source: Twitter)

Chris Paul came up with a jump shot and Mikal Bridges came up with a three-pointer on the next possession.

Morris knocked down a long two-pointer while Booker launched a three-pointer on the other side.

Subsequently, Cameron Payne knocked down a three-pointer.

They were 34-26 in the final seconds of the first quarter as Jackson made a layup at the buzzer.

Hence the quarter ended 36-26 with the Clippers taking 10 points lead.

The Clippers take the lead in the second quarter.

Demarcus Cousins came up with a steal at the start of the quarter and dropped a layup in transition.

Chris Paul answered back with a jumper and Cousins answered with a jumper on the other end.

Subsequently, Beverly blocked Cameron Payne and George dropped a layup in transition.

Mikal Bridges dropped a floater and Chris Paul added a jumper, drawing a foul on the next possession.

Cameron Johnson knocked down a corner three-pointer.

George answered back with a left-handed layup on the other end.

They were 48-42 halfway into the quarter as Chris Paul knocked down a jumper.

Booker knocked down a three-pointer and the Suns cut the lead to three points with four minutes remaining in the quarter.

Jackson drove straight to the rim and banked a jump shot.

Going back and forth they were 54-49 as Morris knocked down a three-pointer.

Devin Booker then knocked down a three-pointer at the buzzer.

Subsequently, the quarter ended 59-52 with the Clippers again in the lead.

The Clippers dominated the Suns in the third quarter.

Chris Paul dropped a layup to start the third quarter. Mikal Bridges added a jumper on the next possession.

George answered back with a jumper while Booker came up with a jumper on the other side.

Chris knocked down a jumper and the Suns took a point lead for the first time in the game.

Subsequently, George drew a foul, making a bucket simultaneously. He again knocked down a jumper on the next possession.

Chris Paul made a fall while trying a three-pointer after bumping with Beverly.

Jackson dropped a jumper and the Clippers went 73-67 about halfway into the quarter.

George added another bucket, knocking down a three-pointer on the next possession.

He knocked down a three-pointer once again. Cameron Johnson answered back with a three-pointer.

Beverly dropped a three-pointer and the Clippers up by 10 points with about three minutes left in the quarter.

George knocked down a three-pointer. 

Ultimately the quarter ended 93-81 with the Clippers taking the lead once again.

The Clipper takes the win over the Suns.

Dario Saric made a layup to start the fourth quarter. Cousins answered with a layup and drew a foul in the process.

Booker dropped a floater on the other side and added a three-pointer on the next possession.

Chris dropped a mid-range jumper and the Suns cut the lead to five points.

George drove straight to the rim and knocked down a layup. 

However, he lost the ball on the next possession and Johnson picked up the ball and made a layup in transition, also drew a foul in the process.

They were 98-94 with 6:34 remaining in the quarter as Jackson knocked down a three-pointer.

George added a layup on the next possession. Torrey Craig answered back with a layup on the other side.

Subsequently, Jackson dropped a three-pointer and dropped a dunk on the next possession.

The Clippers took 14 point lead with under a minute left to play in the quarter.

Booker dropped a layup and Yogi Ferrel answered back with a jumper.

Hence, the quarter ended 116-102 with the Clippers taking the win over the Suns.

Incredible performance from Paul George.

The Clippers really needed a win on Monday night. And for that, the players had to come up with A-game.

Paul George just delivered that a-level performance, keeping the Clippers’ hope alive for the NBA finals.

He led the Clippers, dropping a game-high 41 points and grabbed 13 rebounds along with 6 assists and was 75 percent from the field, 50 percent from 3 point line, and 100 percent from the free throw.

Going 15 of 20 from the field, he also had 3 steals during the game.

 Paul George scores 41
Paul George scores 41 (source:brightsideofthesun)

His performance made him the first player in the NBA history with that stat.

In addition, he now has put up 20 plus points in all 18 games he played this postseason.

Hence, he now joins Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant as the only players to score at least 20 in their first 18 games of a single NBA playoff.

Paul George becomes the first player in LA Clippers franchise history to record 40 plus points, 10 plus rebounds, and 5 plus assists in a postseason game.

He showed a brilliant performance, shutting all his trollers and doubters.

Boogie said on Paul George, “I don’t know where this trolling bulls–t comes from, that’s one of the most special dudes ever to lace his shoes up.”

The Clippers leveled up to help George and get the win.

In Game 5, the Clippers were aggressive from the start, leveling up their game and stepping up when needed.

As a result, they dominated the Suns throughout the game.

Reggie Jackson showed his brilliant performance from the start of the first quarter.

Reggie Jackson dropped four three-pointer.
Reggie Jackson dropped four three-pointers. (source: Twitter )

He made the first bucket of the night 27 seconds into the game and the Clippers led for the remaining quarter despite being without Kawhi Leonard and Ivica Zubac.

Jackson finished the game, scoring 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists.

He also made 4 three-pointers in the game. 

Hence, he now has made 3 3-pointers in 15 games this postseason, joining Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson as the only players with more such games in a single postseason.

Following him, Marcus Morris Sr. contributed 22 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Meanwhile, DeMarcus Cousins led the Clippers’ bench, scoring 15 points, 3 assists, and 2 rebounds all coming off the bench and playing 11 minutes.

On the other hand, Devin Booker led the Suns, scoring 31 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.

While Chris Paul dropped 22 points and grabbed 3 rebounds and made 8 assists.

Deandre Ayton made 10 points and 11 rebounds double-double.

Meanwhile, Cameron Johnson led the Suns’ bench, scoring 14 points and 4 rebounds.

Now both the Suns and the Clippers face off each other on Wednesday for Game 5 in LA.




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