Tim Sylvia Wife Alyssa Petroni- Married Life And Kids

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People have heard his story of a career-ending injury to a comeback story in a different career. Now, the fans are interested in who Tim Sylvia wife is.

Timothy Deane Sylvia is a retired mixed martial artist (MMA) who has managed to bag UFC Heavyweight Champion on two occasions. He was born on March 5, 1976.

Sylvia is also a professional wrestler. He loves guns and loves to go on hunting trips frequently.

The fighter has a diverse history, having competed in ONE FC, the International Fighting Championships (IFC), and Affliction.

Tim Sylvia Standing With His Tropy
Tim Sylvia Standing With His Trophy (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he also fought in the UFC, for which he is best known. Some of his notable opponents would be the likes of Brock Lesnar.

Finally, he retired from the UFC in 2015 after an MRI issue prevented him from competing. He announced it inside the cage, standing beside his competitor. 

On April 22, 2023, at the age of 47, Sylvia made a comeback to combat sports by fighting at SlapFIGHT Championship 25.

In the fifth round, Sylvia defeated his opponent by knockout. Now he is heavily invested in his “Slapping” career. 

Surprisingly, Sylvia is also a “part-time” police officer who serves the community one day a month. 

Tim Sylvia Wife Alyssa Petron: Relationship Details!

Sylvia is married to the beautiful Alyssa Petron. The couple have been together for several years now. 

The story of how Sylvia proposed to Alyssa is a very interesting one. He did it in front of a massive crowd at country singer Brantley Gilbert’s concert on February 6, 2020. 

Additionally, the fighter also met his girlfriend at one of the country singer’s concerts in 2018. Ironic as it may sound, but they were both on dates with other people at that time.

Tim Sylvia With His Wife Alyssa
Tim Sylvia With His Wife Alyssa (Source: Instagram)

Despite Alyssa’s cute looks, she is not a softie on the inside. She has competed in the Powerboat Nationals ProTunnel 1 as a driver. 

Additionally, a fun fact is that she was also Ms. Iowa in the year 2021. 

His wife absolutely loves animals. Additionally, the couple has dogs and cats with them, while Alyssa is also looking after chickens, hamsters, and rabbits.

She is a fashionista, who loves doing makeup, keeping up with the trends, and coming up with her own style. His wife can be seen modifying several shoes for herself and others.

Finally, Alyssa is a very loving wife, and she does not spare anything when it comes to supporting her husband. 

Tim Sylvia Injuries

Sylvia returned to challenge Frank Mir for the vacant UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 48 in June 2004.

Mir attempted an armbar submission on Sylvia’s right arm early in this fight.

Sylvia fought to break free from the grasp, which caused Sylvia’s right radius bone to snap about three inches below his elbow.

Referee Herb Dean instantly stopped the fight and deemed Sylvia unfit to continue.

Tim Sylvia Recovering In The Gym
Tim Sylvia Recovering In The Gym (Source: Instagram)

Sylvia objected to the verdict, claiming his arm was not broken. He was even touching and moving it around. 

Later, Sylvia expressed gratitude to the referee for stopping the fight and preserving his arm from additional damage.

Firstly, the UFC paid for the surgery he had to go through. But later, when the fighter continued to suffer, they refused to support him.

Meanwhile, Alyssa was very vocal about the issue and was on the internet trying to gather funds for further treatment.

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