Tottenham: Harry Kane – should he stay or should he leave?

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Speculation about Harry Kane’s future has escalated following reports that the prominent striker wants to leave Tottenham.

And after the Spurs lost in the April Carabao Cup final, the 27-year-old England captain said he wanted to “win the biggest prizes, and we don’t do that.”

Sources have told that Kane has not filed a formal transfer request. But, understandably, he thinks he has a gentlemanly contract that will allow him to leave this summer, as Tottenham’s run without a trophy lasts for 13 years.

So should he stay or leave? Can he win trophies and size at Tottenham, or do you need to look elsewhere? 

Stay in the state of cement as a club legend?

After helping Blackburn to win the Premier League title in 1995. And finishing the European Championship in 1996. 

As their top scorer, Alan Shearer turned down Manchester United for the second time – abandoning them. Before moving to Ewood Park in 1992.

This time around, he set a world record £ 15m for his home club Newcastle, just before he turned 26.

Harry Kane to leave Tottenham (Source: Football London)
Harry Kane to leave Tottenham (Source: Football London)

While United continued to fill their Cabinet cup, Shearer failed to claim another trophy in 10 years with Newcastle. Still, the former England captain became a Newcastle goal scorer and now has a picture outside St James’ Park.

Francesco Totti has also refused to move to Old Trafford to spend his career with Roma, winning the Serie A title alone. 

Matt Le Tissier says he has no regrets about staying with Southampton ‘little’ after almost joining Tottenham.

Steven Gerrard had a big decision to make after leading Liverpool to the Champions League title in 2005. 

Chelsea had seen a request for a British record, but Gerrard said he wanted to leave. The next day, however, the 25-year-old changed his mind and signed a new contract with Red. 

He intended to end his wait for the league title that returned in 1990.

Although the Premier League winners’ award did not go unnoticed by the former England international, his move to Chelsea helped give Manchester City the title in 2014.

He is still honored at Anfield and will be welcomed with open arms when he returns as manager after leading the Rangers to the Scottish title.

Like Liverpool back then, Tottenham has been challenged to the title, reaching the 2019 Champions League and EFL Cup finals this season. 

But Kane will still lift the trophy after seven years as usual, and whether he chooses to gamble. On winning one with Spurs could depend on who replaces Jose Mourinho as their permanent manager.

“Kane’s contract is valid until 2024, so Spurs should not sell him now. And I don’t think they will buy it,” said MOTD2 expert Jermaine Jenas.

“They just need to keep him happy, though. And one way to do that is to start playing on the front foot with more energy and better condition. 

Move to win trophies?

Shortly after helping Tottenham to win their last major trophy, the 2008 League Cup. The 27-year-old Dimitar Berbatov joined Manchester United, where he won two league titles in four years.

After seeing Manchester City won its first Premier League title in 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson wanted. To make a final move to the transfer market and finish his excellent career at the top.

He signed Robin van Persie, who had one FA Cup result to show eight years at Arsenal. And he had recently become the Premier League’s leading scorer. 

The 29-year-old also won the Golden Boot as United won the trophy again in 2013. But that will be the only significant honor for the Dutch in three years.

Admittedly, Andrew Cole was 23 years old when he made the British record from Newcastle to Manchester United in January 1995. 

And despite earning eight major medals in seven years, Cole, Berbatov, and Van Persie were held similarly at Old Trafford. Shearer and Gerrard were at their home clubs.

“And the season after Blackburn have won the league. We weren’t close to winning the title. And that made my mind go,” Shearer said earlier this month.

Kane has not yet won a trophy in his team career (Source: Sports Bible)
Kane has not yet won a trophy in his team career (Source: Sports Bible)

“If Harry Kane wants an excuse to leave the team, Tottenham play gives him. If I were in his position, I would look elsewhere and try to win trophies.”

But Jenas warned: “It’s not just the Spurs team that would consider selling a giant star that could help fund the reconstruction. The problem is, all the clubs will be short of money this summer due to the Covid epidemic.

“And it is a fact that this is the worst time to sell your star player. Because you won’t get anything like the numbers, you would have done two years ago.”

Do goal records matter without any trophies?

Ask Alan Shearer if goals are essential without trophies. And he will point to a picture standing in the yard where he watches Newcastle as a boy.

He is best remembered for being the top scorer in the Premier League (260) rather than winning his title alone with Blackburn. 

On the other hand, Andrew Cole won trophies and scored goals 187 in the Premier League. But rarely does the same breath refer to Shearer.

Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, Frank Lampard, and Thierry Henry won trophies while becoming their record labels for their teams. So they rarely faced Kane’s problem.

He follows in the Premier League’s top scorer list seventh at 165. And only Jimmy Greaves (266) has had scored more numbers of goals for Tottenham than Kane (220).

“He will be fed up with people talking about his future,” Shearer told MOTD2.

“That’s what he decides, what he wants to do whether he wants to break the Jimmy Greaves Tottenham record. Or the Premier League record I have. 

“Whether you have received a good chance of doing that? Or do you want to go out and win the league title elsewhere?

“There are probably only a few clubs that can pay what the team Tottenham wants. But he has also been guaranteed goals with him. There is no gambling.”

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