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Veronica Stigeler, popularly known as Bill Cowher’s wife, a former American football linebacker and current CBS Sports NFL analyst, is a famous American singer and songwriter. The 50 years old rose to fame after marrying Super Bowl XL Champion Bill in 2014. Known as “Queen V,” she has written and recorded multiple songs and albums.

Veronica’s husband, Bill Cowher (William Laird Cowher), is a former American football coach, at the latest, for Pittsburgh Steelers.

A former player for the Philadelphia Eagles, The NFL Hall of Famer played as a linebacker.Veronica-Stigeler

Veronica Stigeler, the wife of Bill Cowher ((Source: Instagram)On the other hand, Veronica is a gifted musician who happened to meet her husband by a mere coincidence.

Although her career wasn’t as exciting as her spouse’s, it is still worthy of attention.

Today we will talk about Bill Cowher’s wife, her musical career, net worth, and the relationships she has come to enjoy over the years.

Well, we hope you stick around and, in the meantime, also have a look at some of the quick facts!

Quick Facts

Full Name Veronica Stigeler
Birth Date February 23, 1974
Birth Place New York City, New York, U.S.
Nick Name Queen V
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Unavailable
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Not disclosed
Age 50 years old
Height 5’6″ (1.7 m)
Weight 55 kilograms (121 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Body Measurement 36-29-35
Build Slim (Ectomorphic)
Married Yes
Spouse Bill Cowher
Step-Children Yes (3: Meagan, Lauren & Lindsay Cowher)
Profession Singer
Net Worth $500,000
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2024

Veronica Stigeler Wiki-Bio | Early Life & Ethnicity

Veronica Carla Stigeler was born on February 23, 1974, in New York City, New York (U.S.).

However, being in the entertainment industry has not led her to disclose any information regarding her parent’s or siblings’ whereabouts.

Besides, she holds American citizenship by birth and is a Caucasian woman with a mix of European ancestry. Further, Stigeler attended a local high school in her city.

Veronica and her Father (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Veronica had an innate affinity toward music from a very young age. Hence, we can assume that she was in a high school band and eventually carried her passion into college if she attended any.

Also, judging by her singing ability and guitar-playing techniques, it comes to mind that Veronica received some form of professional training.

With a guitar in hand and an ounce of hope, she would embark on the journey to find her voice, mainly as a solo artist.

Veronica Stigeler | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

Born in 1974, Stigeler is 50 years old. Even though she is approaching middle age, the New Yorker’s passion does not seem to fade away.

Furthermore, the American musician probably stands 5’6″ (1.70 m). In contrast, her husband is an enormous man towering 6’4″ (1.93 m).

Veronica-reheasing-at-the studio
Veronica rehearsing at the studio (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, as a mild celebrity, Stigeler is conscious about spreading body positivity while maintaining fitness.

We can infer that the 47-year-old has an ectomorphic frame with a perfectly sculpted frame from her Instagram.

Additionally, the singer possesses medium-length dark hair, a signature look that goes well with her fair complexion.

Most importantly, Veronica has gorgeous green eyes, a pointed nose, and a bulky squared face.

Veronica Stigeler | Career: Musician

To begin with, Veronica has been in the singing profession for more than half of her life. In the meantime, the New Yorker released several singles, albums, and EPs with their fan base.

In like manner, songs like Best of Me, Slip Away, Good Girls, and Cry Your Eyes Out were among the most listened-to songs from her entire album.

Besides being a singer, Stigeler is equally adept at songwriting and composing.

Likewise, Chad Carlson, a fellow musician, is a longtime collaborator and a close friend of Veronica’s.

Together, the musical duo has uploaded several songs on Spotify, and it is highly advised to listen to what the New Yorker crafted.

Queen V performing her song (Source:

In the same way, Veronica, a.k.a., Queen V, generally performs live in several bars and pubs around New York. For instance, Ulysses’ Folk House, The Cutting Room, and a designer Alice and Olivia, to name a few.

Notwithstanding that, Queen V also conducts fundraisers during her shows to show her support for the LGBT community.

Mainly, she partnered with NHL, and the You Can Play Foundation to increase participation from the LGBT community.

Veronica recently released her “Bridges-Volume 3” album in May 2022.

Veronica’s song album-Bridges V3 (Source: Instagram)

Veronica’s Albums and Songs

The talented songwriter and singer have written and recorded multiple tracks and albums. Her songs and Albums are listed below in order of their release date.

  • The Decade of Queen V – 2013
  • Critical/One More Time – 2015
  • Bridges Vol. 1 – 2016
  • Broken Wings – 2016
  • Bridges Vol. 2 – 2017
  • Falling In Love – 2018
  • Write Your Song – 2018
  • Honest – 2019
  • Like You Do -2020
  • Strong -2020
  • Slip Away (Quarantined) – 2021
  • Alone – 2021
  • Technicolor – 2022
  • Bridges Vol. 3 -2022
Queen V’s latest album, Bridge Volume 3, with songs (Source:

Veronica Stigeler | Net Worth And Salary

In particular, as a musician for almost two decades, Stigeler has an impressive net worth estimated to be around $500k.However, it is expected to be more than that.

Also, reliable sources claim that the Cry Your Eyes Out singer receives about $46k to $65k annually.

Besides, most of her albums are available online, and she likely earns a significant sum from those streaming services.

Moving on, Bill Cowher, a widely renowned NFL linebacker, has a net worth that rivals most of his teammates back in the day.

It is a whopping $18 million and, even at mid-sixty, is a massive earner from his role as a studio pundit for CBS.

Queen V and Bill Cowher’s home at Raleigh, North Carolina (Source: Wikimedia)

In the same way, from his analyst job, the former NFL legend walks home with $4 million of a hefty package every year.

On the other hand, as a Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Cowher amassed a stunning $2 million yearly.

Additionally, when the club decided to extend Bill’s contract in 2001, the deal saw him pocket $7 million in three years and earn a bonus sum of $2.8 million.

Furthermore, the NFL icon resides with his wife in a condo located in Central Park purchased for $2.65 million.

Bill owns another property in Raleigh, North Carolina, which cost him $2.39 million and later sold for $1.8 million.

Well, a little loss isn’t a big deal for someone with a copious fortune like Cowher.

Veronica Stigeler | Wedding, Husband, and Kids

Veronica Stigeler may have won Bill’s heart, but she became the second one to do it. Initially, both of them were in married relationships with different people.

To illustrate, Stigeler tied the knot to an unnamed basketball player but broke up with the mysterious man for some undisclosed reason.

Similarly, Cowher was also married to a basketball player, Kaye Cowher, in 1993The two had a beautiful wedding filled with family and loved ones.

However, in Bill’s case, there wasn’t a sudden rift between him and his wife. Instead, the lovely Kaye passed away due to a debilitating illness in 2010.

Stunning Veronica and her husband Bill together (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the grieving NFL legend had to take some time before opening himself to love again; the same was the situation with Veronica.

Nonetheless, Cowher’s daughters and dear ones knew what he was going through; only love would help him fill the void.

Eventually, as fate wanted, both Veronica and Bill met out of pure coincidence.

There was no denying how the sparks flew that instant, and what Stigeler needed was a man who cherished and uplifted her, and she found that in Cowher.

Veronica and Bill with their family and daughters (Source: Twitter)

As a result, the lovebirds exchanged vows in 2014. Despite being a stepmother, Cowher’s daughters from his previous marriage, Meagan, Lauren, and Lindsay, treat Stigeler as a part of the family and their second mother.

In July 2020, Cowher and his wife announced they had tested positive for COVID-19.

Cowher co-authored an autobiography, ‘Heart and Steel,’ in 2021.

The Book “Heat and Steel” was authored by Bill Cowher, Veronica’s husband (Source: Twitter)

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Veronica Stigeler | Social Media Presence

The musician is quite active on social media platforms. Below are her social media account links:

Instagram: 2545 followers

Twitter: 2,118 followers

Common Queries:

Who is Veronica Stigeler?

Veronica is a well-known singer and musician. Furthermore, she is best known as the wife of football coach Bill Cowher.

How old is Veronica Stigeler?

Since Queen V was born on February 23, 1974, she is 50 years old as of 2022.

Is Coach Bill Cowher married?

Yes, coach Bill Cowher is married to Veronica Stigeler. Previously, he was married to Kaye Cowher. They were married for 27 years before his former wife died of skin cancer on July 23, 2010. 

Where does Bill Cowher live?

In 2018, the former NFL coach put his Raleigh house on sale to permanently move to New York. Hence, he currently lives in New York.

Who is Bill Cowher’s second wife?

Bill Cowher’s second wife is Veronica Stigeler, also known as “Queen V.” She is a famous singer and songwriter in New York. Bill married Cowher in 2014.

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  1. Correction to above Q&A – they were not divorced, Kaye passed away.
    Is Coach Bill Cowher married?
    Yes, coach Bill Cowher is married to Veronica Stigeler. Previously, he was married to Kaye Cowher. They were married for 27 years before divorcing in 2010.


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