Wayde Van Niekerk Net Worth: Endorsements & Cars

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Record holder sprinter Wayde Van Niekerk has a net worth of $3 million.

South African athlete Wayde van Niekerk likes to call himself a Dreamer, and rightly so. From a small boy who loved sports, he has made his way up for himself as a record-holding olympian.

Wayde currently competes in the 200m and 400m categories. Apart from his world and Olympic record in 400m, he also holds the world’s best time in the 300m.

Alongside, he holds multiple medals from Olympic, commonwealth, and several national titles as well.

Wayde Van Niekerk
Wayde Van Niekerk is a record holding sprinter

Wayde lives a comfortable life in Bloemfontein with his family. Currently, he is training to win gold in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics

Being a track and field athlete, he has not made tremendous money as some soccer or basketball stars do. But sponsors love him, and he is well-loved in his home country South Africa.

This article will explore the income, salary, assets, and expenditure of this capable athlete. But first, here are some interesting quick facts:

Wayde Van Niekerk: Quick Facts

Full Name Wayde van Niekerk
Common Name Wayde van Niekerk
Nick Name N/A
Birthdate 15 July 1992
Age 31 years old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Mother’s Name Odessa Swarts
Father’s Name Wayne van Niekerk
Siblings 1 brother, Craig van Niekerk
Birthplace Kraaifontein, Western Cape, South Africa
Home Town Kraaifontein
Citizenship South African
Residence Bloemfontein, South Africa
School Bellville Primary, Simonberg Primary
College The University of Free State
Education Bachelors in Marketing
Height 183 cm (6 feet)
Weight 70 kg (154 lb)
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Shoe Size N/A
Martial Status Married
Partner Chesney Van Niekerk
Married  October 29, 2017
Children No
Sport Track and Field, Event- Sprints
Debut 2010 World Junior Championships (International)
Olympics Wins 1 Gold
Awards Best male athlete of Rio 2016
Status Active
Current Club South Africa, Adidas
Past clubs N/A
Current Coach Lance Brauman
Past Coach Anna Botha
Hobbies Travelling, Sports
Net Worth $3 million
Affiliated Brands Adidas, Richard Mille, Audi
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Website www.waydevanniekerk.com
Merch T-Shirt, Adidas Shoes, Road to Glory
Last-Update April, 2024

Wayde Van Niekerk Net Worth: Income and salary

As mentioned before, he has a net worth of $3 million. It is a big amount of money for sure but not on par with how big-league stars tend to make.

Nevertheless, the opportunities to earn grow along with the capability of an athlete. Superstar Usain Bolt is estimated to make $30 million per year. And Usain Bolt himself has said that Wayde is the next superstar of athletics.

Major sources of Wayde’s income are his winning prize, appearances, money, and incentives. Additionally, each country has its own incentive scheme for Olympians.

Following Wayde’s win in the Rio Olympics, the SA sports confederation and Olympic Committee guaranteed an incentive of R400000, which had to be split 80% and 20% between athlete and coach. 

Similarly, after the London world championships in 2017, he had won R250,000 from the athletic body. 

In addition to the income from his game, he earns a pretty good amount of money from endorsement deals.

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Wayde Van Niekerk Net Worth: House and cars

As of now, Wayde lives with his mother and wife in Bloemfontein. Occasionally, he is known to move temporarily to the US. It is unknown exactly what real estate he owns, but he has a lovely apartment space judging from his social media.

Talking about cars, Wayde is mostly seen in cars of his partner brand Audi. Sleek and stylish, these supercars suit the personality of a racer.

Wayde Van Niekerk Audi
Wayde Van Niekerk climbs out of his Audi

When he returned to SA after his victory in the Rio, he was welcomed by a crowd of well-wishers. Among the crowd was a gorgeous red Audi R8 waiting for him.

Audi motors loaned the vehicle to him for a year with the option of extending.

While he does not permanently own it, he has free access to various other Audi sport models such as the RS6 and RS7. Depending on his needs and luggage space, Wayde likes to choose a suitable Audi.

He has stated that driving R8 feels like running a race. 

Wayde Van Niekerk Net Worth: Endorsements

An Olympic medal holder can easily get many endorsement deals from big brands. Wayde has been fortunate in this regard till now.

He has a sponsorship with Audi cars, which provides him a nice pay and a choice of many cars.

Adidas is a long-time sponsor of Wayde, and Wayde doesn’t miss his chance to promote Adidas via his social media.

When he signed with Adidas, he wasn’t the world champ. Even though he is forbidden to talk about the figures, experts believed it was initially worth $350 000 to $500 000.

After becoming the Olympic and world champ, his endorsement deals skyrocketed. Wayde has also recently signed a deal with watch company Richard Mille.

Similarly, he is connected with discovery south Africa and sports and lifestyle brand fifteen 27.

Similarly, the ICT service provider company of south Africa, T-system, also had a partnership with the athlete that began before the Rio Olympics.

In fact, during the hero’s homecoming, T-system gifted him a cheque of R1 million as a gesture of thanking him for being an inspiration to millions of South Africans.

Wayde Van Niekerk: Lifestyle and vacations

Niekerk believes that his athletic abilities are god-gifted and works hard every day as a way of ‘thanking the lord.’ So it is not difficult to understand that Wayde’s day is full of training sessions. 

Wayde Van Niekerk and his Wife Chesney Van Niekerk
Wayde Van Niekerk and his Wife Chesney Van Niekerk

When he needs a little unwinding, he reaches beautiful locations around South Africa with his wife.

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Wayde Van Niekerk: Charity

As a household name of Africa, Wayde continuous to do his part to inspire the youth of his country. While he is not the richest person in the country, he doesn’t miss any chance to help people in whatever he can,

Audi and Wayde began a partnership in 2016, and today, the association has done well for the both parties.

In fact, in 2020, they launched the lane8 campaign that focuses on celebrating the hard work and success of Wayde and believe it will bring the same effect to others.

Another story that inspired Wayde on his charitable journey goes back to the time he was born. Wayde was born prematurely, at just 29 weeks, and weighed just over 1kg.

Wayde van Niekerk donated R500,000 to Groote Schuur Hospitals’ neonatal unit
Wayde van Niekerk donated R500,000 to Groote Schuur Hospitals’ neonatal unit

His parents did not expect him to survive. However, after several weeks in an incubator, Wayde survived and grew to be a strong athletic kid thanks to the medical miracle. 

In 2016, now successful Wayde van Niekerk announced that he would donate R500,000 to Groote Schuur Hospitals’ neonatal unit, the same place that saved his life years ago.

The hospital has done wonders in treating incidences of premature birth but was fundraising to expand the unit.

Wayde Van Niekerk: Career

Wayde made his international debut at the 2010 wold junior championships, where he ended fourth in 200m. But he skipped to running 400m starting from the 2013 season.

At the 2013 SA championships, he won the second national title of his career. 

On March 12, 2016, he broke the 10-second barrier in the 100 meters. That officially made him the first athlete to break 10 seconds for 100m, 20 seconds for 200m, and 44 seconds for 400m. 

He was the flag bearer for SA in the 2016 Summer Olympics, where he ran 400 meters in a record-breaking time of 43.03 seconds.

In November that year, the Association of National Olympic committees awarded him the best male athlete of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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Wayde Van Niekerk: Social Media

At the age of social media, how can a star athlete stay of it? Likewise, Wayde’s social media is full of his loyal fans who follow his every move,

Wayde mostly posts pictures of his training and his projects with partner brands. Social media is also his favorite place for doing endorsement works.

But mostly, he uses social media to keep fans updated about his life, his upcoming games, and his next move.

 Instagram: 347k followers

Facebook: 141k followers

Twitter: 128k followers


Wayde Van Niekerk: Interesting Facts

  1. Wayde is the only athlete to have won the Olympic or world 400m from lane eight. The runners in this lane are at a disadvantage due to the staggered start. This wonderful achievement was the inspiration behind Audi’s #lane8.
  2. Sport and success run in his family. Both his parents were athletes back in the day. What is more, his cousin Cheslin Kolbe is a professional rugby union player. He won bronze at Rio with the South African Sevens rugby team. 
  3. Wayde Dreamer is also a believer and a devout Christian. In fact, he credits God for most of his athletic success. After setting the world record for 400m, he immediately twitted “Jesus Did It” and “GOD IS POWER.” This only shows how humble the talented guy is.

Wayde Van Niekerk: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wayde Van Niekerk’s Wife?

Wayde has been married to Chesney Campbell since October 2017. They met at the University of the free state and had been dating ever since. 

Campbell is a Food Sociologist & Nutrition Enthusiast.

Does Wayde van Niekerk has a Child?

Wayde announced in early July 2021 via Instagram that he and his wife were soon to be parents! This will be the couple’s first kid. 

Who is Wayde Van Niekerk’s coach?

For a long time, Wayde trained with his coach from university, Anna ‘Ans’ Botha, the popular grandmother coach of South Africa.

As of 2021, he has parted ways with Botha and South Africa and temporarily moved to the USA to join Noah Lyles‘ training group in Florida.

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