Where Is Derek Harper? What Is Mavericks Legend Doing Now?

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The burning question at the moment is, where is NBA legend Derek Harper today? Let’s see how the point guard is doing and catch up with his life.

Derek Harper was one of the most underrated players during his time in the NBA. Many dub him as one of the best point guards during that era.

Moreover, he has gone on to build a career after retirement. Derek mostly works as an analyst and talks about the game he loves most.

Former NBA Point-Guard Derek Harper
Former NBA Point Guard Derek Harper (Source: X)

Derek Ricardo Harper is a 62-year-old former basketball player who played 16 seasons in the NBA. During his long career, Harper played for teams like the Mavericks, the Knicks, the Magics, and the Lakers.

Harper was born in Elberton, Georgia, but grew up and completed his high school at North Shore in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Eventually, he joined the University of Illinois, where he truly exploded onto the big stage. The point guard would later be a part of the Illini Men’s Basketball All-Century Team.

Regarding his NBA career, Derek spent most of his years with the Dallas Mavericks. Moreover, Harper became a cult hero, and the Mavs retired his No. 12 jersey as a sign of respect.

Where Is Derek Harper Now? More On The Mavs Legend

At the moment, Derek Harper is living peacefully with his family in Dallas. Harper and his wife, Sheila, maintain a relatively private life.

In addition, they are not active on any form of social media. Apart from Derek occasionally promoting his views and other pieces of stuff on his X account, formerly Twitter.

Derek’s Life After Retirement

A common trend we see with NBA legends is, that after their retirement, they go into coaching or become analysts. The best examples are Shaq, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith.

Even recent retirees like Dwayne Wade are transitioning into analysts and giving their best input to the game.

Likewise, Derek has followed the trend and continued doing what he’s most passionate about. That is, talking and giving his insights into the game.

Derek Broadcasting For Fox Sports
Derek Broadcasting For Fox Sports (Source: Dallas Morning News)

Furthermore, he even worked as an analyst for the Dallas Mavericks local broadcasts. He also served as a sports anchor for the KTXA network at the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

We can also witness games where Derek Harper has commentated on behalf of the Mavs. He has stayed true to his original roots, and his loyalty to the Mavs franchise is second to none.

Likewise, the former point guard is also active in the trendy podcast business. In particular, he gives his input through a podcast named DUB Network.

Was Derek Harper Ahead Of His Time?

A common question that rings around the NBA fanbase is Derek Harper, and did he earn enough credit?

With many saying, he is one of the few players that deserved at least one All-Star appearance. 

Harper In Action With The Mavericks
Harper In Action With The Mavericks (Source: X)

There is also a study on how the point guard would be widely successful in today’s game. Since during the previous era, the 3-point culture was not that prominent.

Moreover, Derek was a master of such shots, but the gameplay and wave of time defied his abilities.

Nonetheless, those who have watched and studied his game know. The fact that Derek Harper is surely one of the most under-appreciated athletes the NBA has seen.


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