Who Is Ashley Coen, Buccaneers New OC Liam Coen Wife?

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Liam Coen wife, Ashley Coen, recently announced they were going to have a second baby boy. So, 2024 is already off to a good start for the football coach and his family. 

Liam was an established coach when he first met Ashley on a dating app. The two tied the knot in 2021 and welcomed their first son, Jackson, the same year.

Liam And Ashley Coen Pictured With Their Son Jackson During LA Rams Spring Training
Liam And Ashley Coen Pictured With Their Son Jackson During LA Rams Spring Training (Source: Instagram)

Before marrying Liam, Ashley worked as an executive producer based in LA. After their wedding, the couple had to move to Lexington, where Liam coached for a year before returning to the Rams. 

In 2023, Liam once again moved to Kentucky as an offensive coordinator, and now he is set to return to the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coen is replacing Dave Canales and has already received the approval of the quarterback Baker Mayfield

Liam Coen Wife: Meet Ashley Coen 

Liam Coen wife, Ashley Coen, had always been a football fan before she met the football coach. In one of her interviews, Ashley even said that Peyton Manning was her first quarterback love.

Born on October 8, 1986, Ashley hails from the Phillippines. Her family moved to the States in 1991 after Mount Pinatubo erupted, destroying the military base. Ashley’s father was in the Air Force, so he decided the family would move to the States. 

Her parents divorced right after the family arrived in the States, but she continued to have a strong bond with both her mom and dad. She lived with her mom until high school and later shifted to her dad’s home in Northern Virginia. 

Ashley And Liam Met Each Other On The Dating App "Hinge"
Ashley And Liam Met Each Other On The Dating App “Hinge” (Source: Instagram)

During her interview with Kelly Stafford, Ashely revealed that she moved a lot around the country with her parents and changed schools 11 times. So, she was ready to become a football coach’s wife. 

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, was also able to extract some fun information from Ashley, like how she met the football coach. Most football coaches and players’ wives meet their better half during college or high school.

That was not the case with Liam and Ashley. Liam had already been a football coach for ten years before meeting Ashley. The two met each other on the dating app Hinge, and it was Liam who made the first move.

But at first, Ashley rejected his advances. The football coach kept trying, and finally, they went on their first date on New Year’s Eve. When Ashley met Liam, she worked as an executive producer for a visual effects studio. 

Before that, she worked as a director’s representative. Ashley quit her job after COVID hit, and the football life got the best of her.

Liam And Ashley Share A Baby Boy 

Liam was coaching the Rams when he first met Ashley. He appeared for the first time on Ashley’s Instagram handle in 2020 in a photo dump.

The coach could be seen trying to pet Ashley’s pet dog, who had been previously seen wearing a Rams jersey. Soon, the couple made things official, with Ashley sharing a gallery of images of when Liam went down on one knee. 

On January 20, 2021, Ashley shared an image of her showing off her diamond ring with Liam kissing on her forehead. A day later, Ashley shared a post detailing the moment when Liam proposed to her at the Malibu pier. 

Liam And Ashley Pictured With Their Son Jackson Coen On His Second Birthday In 2023
Liam And Ashley Pictured With Their Son Jackson Coen On His Second Birthday In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Two months after their engagement, Ashley announced that Baby Coen was arriving in August 2021. She shared a gender reveal video, which was done in their living room, and it involved only popping a balloon and not setting a forest on fire. 

On August 23, 2021, the couple became a first-time parent to Jackson Ford Coen. Liam and Ashley also tied the knot in 2021 but haven’t shared any pictures from their wedding day. 

On Instagram, Ashley has shared several family photos, and last month, she announced she and Liam were going to welcome a baby boy at the end of June. 

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