Who Is Kathy Alva, Tony Alva Sister? Age And Wikipedia

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Tony Alva sister, Kathy Alva, & his family background got attention with the release of biographical films about his skateboarding career journey.

Alva, the eldest of three kids of his divorced parents, also has a younger brother, Mark.

A member of the Z-Boys, the California native is considered a pioneer of vertical skateboarding.

The biographical films with somewhat fictitious moments showcase Tony’s childhood struggle that led him to find his peace & passion in skateboarding. So, how much of the family story is true?

Tony Alva, An American Skateboarder Who Is Considered One Of The Greatest Of All Time
Tony Alva, An American Skateboarder, Is Considered One Of The Greatest Of All Time (Source: Facebook)

Tony Alva is an American skateboarder who brought free-form surfing style to skateboarding after being influenced by the Hawaiian surfing style.

The 1975 USSA World Invitational Skateboard Champ was a part of the Zephyr Skateboard team along with Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta.

Besides his skateboarding skills, he got recognition as an entrepreneur and musician. Notably, he worked with Vans to design the off-the-wall skateboard shoe.

Tony Alva Sister: Who Is Kathy Alva? Age And Wikipedia

Alva, the oldest of three children born to Dutch and Mexican-American parents, has a younger sister, Kathy, and a younger brother, Mark.

When Tony was nine years old, their father & mother divorced. As a result, he remained with his dad while his siblings went to live with their mom.

So, he kept further details about his family low-key until his skateboarding prowess became a source of biographical films. Naturally, it would bring concerns to his brother & sister too.

Kathy’s exact date of birth or age is not known. However, sources report that she has an age gap of a few years with her brother, Tony, who is 66 now.

Unlike In The Film Lords of Dogtown, Alva's Sister Kathy Didn't Have A Significant Role In His Z-Boys Days
Unlike In The Film Lords of Dogtown, Alva’s Sister Kathy Didn’t Have A Significant Role In His Z-Boys Days (Source: Juice Magazine)

It’s evident that Alva, with his career & revolution in the skateboarding world, has a Wikipedia page, but his sister, Kathy, doesn’t.

She is not actively available on social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram.

How Different Is Kathy Alva From Biopic Film Character And Reality?

Aside from a few interviews, Kathy’s name echoed among netizens after the film Lords of Dogtown (2006).

It sets the era of the 1970s when a group of young skateboarders in Santa Monica, California, embarked on their career & later got recognition as the Z-Boys.

Even if Kathy didn’t have a direct impact on the journey of Z-Boys in reality, the film director used her character (played by Nikki Reed) to bring feminizing touches.

According to the movie, she dated two of her brother’s best friends.

She gets close to her brother’s best friend, Stacy Peralta, and begins dating him. Later, she ends things with Peralta and gets into a relationship.

However, the reality was deviated, as Peralta said in a 2005 interview with the NY Post, “Jay Adams steals my girlfriend in the movie – that didn’t happen in real life.”

Tony Alva’s Wife And Children

The skateboarder was married to his then-wife, Victoria Alva. However, there are no details on their divorce or its reason. Moreover, Tony had a relationship with Michelle Gerber Bell at one point.

Since 1997, he’s been in a relationship with Katy Rodriguez, a native of California.

There are no reports if the two ever married, so many refer to Katy as his partner over his wife.

On September 2, 2017, on his 60th birthday, Tony shared a Facebook post with his sweetheart, Katy Rodriguez, stating he was sober for 11 years.

Tony Alva And His Partner, Katy Rodriguez, Have Been Together For Nearly Three Decades
Tony Alva And His Partner, Katy Rodriguez, Have Been Together For Nearly Three Decades (Source: Facebook)

Alva has two children: a daughter named Avalon Victoria and a son named Zephaniah Levi. Sources report that his kids are from his ex-wife.

His daughter, Avalon, has a daughter and teaches yoga. Nothing much on Tony’s son, Zeph, is out.

On March 19, 2015, he wished his 19th birthday to his son, which makes the latter 28 now.

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