Who Is Kelly Sanderson, Cael Sanderson Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Cael Sanderson wife, Kelly Sanderson, has raised two boys with the wrestling coach. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and are graduates of Iowa State University.

The gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Cael Sanderson, has made it clear that if it weren’t for his wife, the gold wasn’t coming home. 

Cael And Kelly Have Been Married For 13 Years
Cael And Kelly Have Been Married For 13 Years (Source: Facebook)

The two come from different family backgrounds, with Cael coming from a family of wrestlers and his wife, Kelly, raised among doctors. The couple has been each other’s backbone, with coach Cael preferring not to give too many details about his family matter. 

Cael’s coaching journey began in 2004 with Iowa State, where he coached his wrestlers to two individual NCAA Division I national titles. He moved to Penn State in 2009, where he has coached his wrestlers to 34 individual NCAA Division I titles. 

Cael Sanderson Wife: Meet Kelly Sanderson

Cael Sanderson wife, Kelly Sanderson, hails from Iowa. She and the former wrestler-turned-coach met during their time at Iowa State University. 

Kelly Sanderson (née Hranac), as stated by her husband is a stay-at-home mom. In his 2011 interview, Cael said he was concerned about Kelly when he moved from Iowa State to Penn State in 2009.

But he emphasized that Kelly had so far liked Penn State College and was enjoying her life in a new surrounding. Cael also revealed that Kelly enjoyed spending time with the coaches’ wives. 

Kelly Sanderson (R) Pictured With Her Two Sisters
Kelly Sanderson (R) Pictured With Her Two Sisters (Source: Instagram)

Kelly is one of six kids of her parents, the late Dr. Robert Stephen Hranac and Patricia Hranac. Dr. Robert passed away in 2019, and Kelly had shared a photo of him as a tribute. 

Robert had previously stated he was an avid sports fan and followed the Nebraska Huskers and Penn State University’s wrestling program. A family physician, Robert, probably was over the moon to have a son-in-law in Cael.

On her Instagram, Kelly has shared several family photos, including pictures of her two boys and her siblings.

She has shared photos of her and Cael hiking in various locations with their two boys. In his interviews, Cael has gushed about how it was because of Kelly’s support that he has succeeded in his life.

The wrestling coach said he felt blessed to have Kelly and that she always had his back. The Penn State coach said being a father and a husband has always been a top priority of his life.

Cael also said that if it weren’t for Kelly, he wouldn’t have competed in the 2004 Athens. She gave him a moral boost and told her husband he had worked his whole life for this moment. 

Cael And Kelly Sanderson Share Two Boys 

Cael and Kelly Sanderson share two boys, Tate and Teag Sanderson. The wrestling coach tries his best to keep his family out of social media.

On his Instagram, Cael hasn’t shared any posts relating to his family and has kept it professional. On Kelly’s handle, you can several photos of her two boys.

Her last Instagram post made in August 2021, was of her two boys. She shared that the boys were going back to school, with Teag joining fifth grade and Tate starting ninth grade. 

Cael Sanderson Pictured With His Two Boys, Teag, And Tate
Cael Sanderson Pictured With His Two Boys, Teag And Tate (Source: Instagram)

Born on February 4, 2007, Tate Sanderson is the couple’s oldest son. Cael and Kelly welcomed their second son, Teag Sanderson, on May 25, 2010.

Kelly has shared several posts showing her strong bond with her two boys. Kelly has previously shared posts of her two boys spending time with her mom at farms and enjoying kayaking with their dad.

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