Who Is Stacy Drageset? Trans Volleyball Player Tate Drageset Mother

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For some time now, the volleyball player Tate Drageset mother has been in trouble for concealing the truth about her child’s gender.

Since Tate was a child, her mother has been the biggest supporter.

However, this support has sparked controversy among many players, students, and parents.

The Trans Volleyball Player Tate Drageset
The Trans Volleyball Player Tate Drageset (Source: Twitter)

Attending Buckley High School in Sherman Oaks, California, she initiated her high school volleyball career from there.

Drageset earned the title of the 2023 year’s Girls Junior National Championships MVP and contributed to several state-winning girls’ volleyball teams.

Last summer, Drageset played a significant role as a major contributor on two USA Volleyball teams in two separate age groups, both of which secured national titles.

Moreover, Drageset engages in Teqball—a sport that incorporates volleyball aspects and is played on a curved ping pong table.

Recently, Drageset committed to the University of Washington and earned a full women’s scholarship.

Who is Tate Drageset Mother, Stacy Drageset?

Since a young age, Stacy has always supported her child Tate despite him being transgender.

Stacy, her husband, and her two children used to play volleyball on the beach on the weekends.

She has two children, one named Tate and another younger son whose identity remains unknown.

Moreover, after Tate committed to the University of Washington, Tate and her mother are both facing significant backlash from people.

Apparently, Stacy has known that her natural-born son is transgender ever since Tate was a 12-year-old child.

Tate High School Volleyball Match
Tate High School Volleyball Match (Source: Daily News)

Mother Stacy revealed that she became convinced her son was transgender due to his preference for “feminine” clothing and colors as a toddler.

Many parents are furious that the taller, more powerful Drageset has been facing down and taking opportunities from natural-born girls for years.

Reportedly, mother Stacey commissioned Tomorrow Pictures to make a documentary film about Tate in 2016 called “Transmission Love.”

Likewise, Stacey published a children’s book on gender identity. One of the books was named during an inquiry into age-appropriate books in Texas schools.

The Backlash On Drageset Family

Many are furious, saying if Drageset’s verbal commitment finalizes, a male will seize one of just twelve D1 scholarships.

The University of Washington intends this scholarship for women’s volleyball.

ICONS pointed out that the NCAA largely allows biological males in women’s sports, and it is not fair.

Right now, the NCAA guidelines and the upcoming Biden Administration’s Title IX reinterpretations incentivize male athletes and their families to hide their sex from women and girls.”

Some sources suggest that Tate’s family concealed Drageset’s transgender status from public knowledge.

The Teqvoly World Tour Medalist Receivers
The Teqvoly World Tour Medalist Receivers (Source: The Post Millennial)

Parents, coaches, and even opposing players were not informed of Drageset’s biological sex before games.

Some also said that parents haven’t spoken out due to fears of reprisals against their daughters. The state sports clubs for women are extremely competitive.

Swimmer Riley Gaines tweeted, “Stealing the already few opportunities for women at the collegiate level. How can he be proud? UWVolleyball should rescind the scholarship if they really care about women. He can play with the men.”

However, Tate has remained silent about the matter, and her parents have not spoken as well.

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