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Wilson Chandler, whose full name is Wilson Jamall Chandler, was born on May 10, 1987, and is an American professional basketball player who most recently played for the Chinese Basketball Association’s Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (C.B.A.).

The American professional athlete has spent the last decade with various N.B.A. clubs, including the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, Zhejiang Guangsha Lions, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Brooklyn Nets.

Wilson Chandler (Source: Nets Daily)

Wilson Chandler played as small forward (SF), shooting guard (S.G.), and power forward (PF).

Full Name Wilson Jamall Chandler
Known as Cardio King, III Will
Birth Date May 10, 1987
Birth Place Benton Harbor, Michigan
Father  Wilson Chandler Sr
Mother Marie Thomas 
Siblings N/A
High School Benton Harbor High School
College American School
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 34 years old
Height 6’7″ (2.03 m)
Weight 4 lb (102 kg)
Body type Athletic
Profession Basketball Player
Position Small Forward 
Current Team Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (C.B.A.)
Draft 2007 / Round: 1 / Pick: 23rd overall

Selected by the New York Knicks

Active years 2007-present 
Marital Status Married
Spouse Arika Hall
Children Jaya Chandler (Daughter),

Will Chandler & Ace Chandler (Son)

Net Worth $80 million
Social Media Instagram: instagram.com/illwil21,

 Twitter: @wilsonchandler

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Last Update March 2022

Wilson Chandler: Recent deal with the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions

Chandler was rumored to have returned to the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions on September 8, 2020.

Chandler announced that he has signed with the Zhejiang Guangsha (often known as the Lions) and will begin training on September 10 in China. It’s more than a method to kill time until the N.B.A. lockout is lifted.

Because the Chinese Basketball Association has stated that players will not be able to opt-out of contracts and return to the N.B.A. If the American season is saved, Chandler’s commitment to China is comparable to waving goodbye to a future season in the N.B.A.

“Maybe I’ll lose out,” Chandler speculated. “But I think it can be a great experience. I haven’t been in any [labor negotiation] meetings. I can’t call it. I’m just taking a risk at the end of the day.”

Wilson Chandler, a 33-year-old American swingman, has joined the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (C.B.A.) (203-102kg-87, college: DePaul). His return to the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions, where he previously played.

Chandler most recently played in the N.B.A. for the Brooklyn Nets. Last season, he averaged 5.9 points, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 1.1 assists per game in 35 games.

Chandler finished the previous season (2018-19) with the Clippers in the N.B.A., averaging 4.2 points and 2.8 rebounds in 19 games.

However, he spent most of that year with the Philadelphia 76ers of the N.B.A. He averaged 6.7 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game in 36 games.

Chandler was picked in the first round (23rd overall) by the New York Knicks in 2007. The former De Paul University standout is in his 14th (!!!) professional season.

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Wilson Chandler: Early Life and High School Career

His grandparents nurtured chandler in Benton Harbor, Michigan, a three-hour trip from Detroit and a two-hour drive from Chicago.

In the fifth grade, he began playing basketball at Fairplain East Elementary School in the Benton Harbor Area Schools; he later attended Benton Harbor High School.

As a sophomore and junior, he was named to the Michigan All-State team, and as a junior, he led the BHHS Tigers to a 19–4 record by averaging 22.4 points and 12 rebounds.

After high school, he had educational offers from prominent schools such as Michigan State University, Indiana University, Ohio State University, University of Dayton, and Purdue University, but he picked DePaul University instead.

Take the book on former Benton Harbor High School standout Wilson Chandler. For the longest time, the 2005 Mr. Basketball in Michigan was too shy, too reserved, and too darn quiet to be an OK interview.

Even during his two college seasons at DePaul, Chandler was someone not many got to know through his words.

College Life

Chandler had offers from Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Dayton, but he chose DePaul University late in 2004.

As a freshman at DePaul, he averaged 10.6 points and 7.2 rebounds per game, which was good for 10th in the Big East.

“Many things go into being a good basketball player,” Chandler said. “We’ve got superstars and all-stars in the league, but if you can be a good role player, you can have a great and long career.”

Chandler had his first big game on November 30, 2005, when he scored 17 points, grabbed eight rebounds, and blocked four shots in a Blue Demons win over Creighton University.

He scored 16 rebounds against Dayton on December 10, 2005, the most by a freshman since Quentin Richardson had grabbed 16 in 1999.

That season, he was named Big East Rookie of the Week twice.

Chandler was nominated to the Big East All-Second Club as a sophomore after recording eight double-doubles and leading the team to a 20-win season. They advanced to the N.I.T. quarterfinals. With 86 blocked shots, he finished seventh on DePaul’s all-time blocked shot list.

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Wilson Chandler Family Life

Wilson Chandler, the son of Wilson Chandler Sr. and Marie Thomas, was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan. His grandparents, on the other hand, raised him.

His parents recognized his remarkable potential and decided that his grandparents would be the best people to nurture him, so he was sent to them.

Wilson’s grandmother was the most significant person in his life. Wilson’s achievements and hardworking attitude were attributed to Olivia Chandler.

Despite the harsh circumstances in Benton Harbor, she raised him properly and taught him to be a nice, respected person.

Wilson became a world-class basketball player and got respect from everyone around him because of her assistance.

Chandler claims that his grandparents did a fantastic job parenting him, particularly his grandmother, who was silent but taught him vital life lessons.

Wilson’s grandmother, a major Michael Jordan fan, encouraged him to play basketball since he was a toddler, and Wilson grew up to be a huge Bulls fan.

Wilson Chandler is a single father with a lovely daughter named Jaya. Although he has a tattoo of her daughter on his neck, the N.B.A. player has kept his wife’s identity a secret. In an interview, Chandler once referred to himself as a single father, implying that Jaya’s mother is no longer with Wilson.

Wilson Chandler's Daughter Jaya
Wilson Chandler’s Daughter Jaya (Source: Pinterest)

Wilson is a confessed tattoo aficionado. He has a lot of tattoos on his body (which is an understatement). All of them were done for different reasons.

Let’s begin with a tattoo honoring his granny. Wilson has “Olivia,” his grandmother’s name, tattooed on the right side of his neck. Wilson has a tattoo of her daughter on his neck.

Professional Career

Wilson Chandler is “III Will & Cardio King,” which is fantastic. It also fits his attitude and approach.

Wilson Chandlers has been a member of the N.B.A. since 2007. Through his agent Chris Grier, he was drafted into the N.B.A. draft in April 2007. After that, on June 28, 2007, he joined the New York Knicks.

On November 13, 2007, he made his N.B.A. debut for the Knicks, scoring 8 points and grabbing two rebounds. He became one of the top shot-blocking wing players under Mike D’Antoni’s tutelage and played for the Knicks until 2011.

Chandler was moved to the Nuggets in a three-team blockbuster deal that included Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, and Timofey Mozgov on February 22, 2011. He had signed a contract extension with Denver on March 18, 2012.

Career After 2018

Until 2018, he spent seven seasons with the Broncos. During his N.B.A. career, he averaged 12.6 points and 6.2 rebounds in 357 games with the Denver Nuggets.

Chandler signed a contract extension with the organization in July 2015. However, he could not participate for the entire season due to another operation on his right hip after suffering a labrum rupture.

In a game against the Sacramento Kings in 2017, he set a new career-best with 36 points, leading his side to a 108-96 victory.

However, when it comes to his professional game, he hasn’t always been honest. Wilson was suspended for 25 games for using performance-enhancing drugs in August this year (P.E.D.).

Wilson has always been a stylish individual who takes pride in his appearance, particularly his hair. His simple hairstyle is a significant element of his arrival, and during his stint with the Denver Nuggets, his haircut was the subject of an entire story in Mashoid.

Chandlers’ foreign experience includes playing for Zhejiang Guangsha in China for the Chinese Basketball Association in 2011 during the N.B.A. lockout, averaging 26.6 points and 11.6 rebounds in 32 games.

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Net Worth of Wilson Chandler

Wilson Jamall Chandler has a net worth of over $35 million as of 2018. On July 6, 2018, he allegedly signed a two-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. In addition, the N.B.A. player earns an average of $12,800,562 yearly.

Wilson Jamall Chandler has earned a total of $58,379,972 during his N.B.A. career. He is the Philadelphia 76ers’ third highest-paid player this season.

2017/18 Denver Nuggets $12,016,854
2016/17 Denver Nuggets $11,233,146
2015/16 Denver Nuggets $10,449,438
2014/15 Denver Nuggets $6,754,913
2013/14 Denver Nuggets $6,344,164
2012/13 Denver Nuggets $5,930,415
2010/11 Denver Nuggets $2,130,482
2009/10 New York Knicks $1,255,440
2008/09 New York Knicks $1,173,480
2007/08 New York Knicks $1,091,640
Total   $58,379,972


Wilson Jamall Chandler, an N.B.A. player, also makes a nice living via various sponsorships.

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  1. WOW!!! Never knew he was from Benton Harbor. Me too…BHHS ’67.
    My youngest brother was a huge Michael Jordan Fan. Even had a life-size cutout of Michael on the door
    of his skilled nursing facility due to ALS. I watched plenty basketball & football with him. Never knew about Wilson till just recently. So good to see some good come out of Benton Harbor.


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