Xavier Cooks Parents Eric And Josie Are His Biggest Fan

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The professional basketball player Xavier Cooks was born in Ballarat, Australia, to his parents, his father, Eric, and his mother, Josie Cooks.

The Cooks family has grown closer together due to their mutual passion for the sport. Basketball is more than just a sport in the family; it also serves as a common bond.

Josie and Eric Cooks, the biggest supporters of the NBA star, often travel from Australia to watch and cheer for their sons’ major tournaments.

Australian Professional Basketball Player, Xavier Cooks
Australian Professional Basketball Player Xavier Cooks (Source: Instagram)

Xavier Cooks grew up in New South Wales and moved to the States in 2014. There, he played college basketball for the Winthrop Eagles.

As a junior, Cooks led the team to the Big South Tournament victory, making it into the Big South All-Tournament Team.

However, the 2018 Big South Player of the Year started his professional career after being drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Later, he played for the Wurzburg Baskets in Germany and joined the Phoenix Suns for the 2019 NBA Summer League.

The same year, Xavier signed with the Sydney Kings of the Australian NBL to win the 2022 NBL Championships while earning the Grand Final MVP honors.

The two-time NBL Champion and 2023 NBL Most Valuable Player is playing for the Washington Wizards of the NBA.

Xavier Cooks Parents

Eric and Josie Cooks, the parents of Xavier Cooks, are at the center of his success tale.

Eric’s experiences and thoughts from his own collegiate basketball endeavors have indeed helped Xavier Cooks become a basketball juggernaut.

African-American expat Eric Cooks has played a crucial role in Xavier’s journey. Eric played college basketball at St. Mary’s College in California, USA, before he was a major presence in his son’s life.

His basketball legacy crossed international boundaries and eventually brought him to Australia, where he attained citizenship.

Xavier Cooks With His Mother Josie Cooks
Xavier Cooks With His Mother, Josie Cooks (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Josie Cooks is originally from Australia. Unquestionably, her presence and encouragement have fueled Xavier’s journey.

Eric and Josie have created an atmosphere where their kids’ dreams are supported and nurtured.

Moreover, the Crooks parents are the biggest fans and supporters of their son’s accomplishments.

Reported, the couple even travels all the way from Wollongong, Australia, to see Xavier play against his opponents in the major tournaments.

More On Xavier Cooks Siblings

The presence of Cooks’ siblings, Georgia and Dominique, has further enhanced and united the Cooks family in basketball.

Xavier’s brother, Dominique Cooks, is also a sports enthusiast. He was a basketball player who played 14 games in the NBL.

In addition to her two brothers, Georgia contributes her unique perspective to the family dynamic. Much like her siblings, she shares a deep passion for basketball.

The Cooks Family
The Cooks Family, Including Xavier’s Siblings, Georgia And Dominique (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in Wollongong, Australia, these siblings were fortunate to be raised in a nurturing environment that wholeheartedly supported their talents and aspirations.

The Cooks siblings’ story beautifully showcases their unwavering bond as they journey through life together.

Their strong support for each other is evident on their social media profiles, where they consistently celebrate and uplift one another.

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