Yannick Noah Doesn’t Have A Wife: Retired Life After Divorce

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Former tennis player Yannick Noah is currently single and does not have a wife. Previously, he was married to French tv producer Isabella Camus.

Yannick Noah, a retired French professional tennis player, and singer, was born on 18 May 1960.

Noah had a remarkably successful tennis career, winning in the French Open in 1983 and holding a career-best singles ranking of world number 3. 

In addition, he also reached the world number 1 ranking in doubles. Throughout his career, Noah won 23 singles titles and 16 doubles titles.

Yannick Noah During Game
Yannick Noah During Game (Source: International Tennis)

After his successful tennis career, Yannick Noah transitioned into a career as a singer and musician.

He embarked on his musical journey in 1991 with the release of his debut album titled “Black & What.” The album gained popularity, particularly for its standout track, “Saga Africa.”

Yannick Noah Ex-Wife Isabelle Camus 

Isabelle Camus was born on 22 January 1965 in Paris, France, and is a well-known television director, producer, and actress.

She is the daughter of Tv producer Jean-Claude Camus and has worked on various television shows.

Isabelle and Yannick married in 2003 and have a son named Joalukas together.

After being together for eighteen years, Yannick Noah and Isabelle Camus decided to end their relationship in the summer of 2020.

Yannick Celebrating His Son Joalukas 18th Birthday
Yannick And Isabelle Celebrating Their Son Joalukas’s 18th Birthday (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Gala magazine, Isabelle expressed her desire to break free from the dominance of a man’s love.

The period of togetherness was challenging for both Yannick and Isabelle as it affected her mental well-being. They believe that separating is the best decision.

However, Yannick Noah and Isabelle Camus maintain a friendly relationship and continue to meet for their son, Joalukas.

Recently, Yannick Noah reunited with his ex-wife Isabelle Camus to celebrate their son Joalukas’ 19th birthday.

Isabelle captured and shared the joyous occasion on her Instagram account, where they were seen creating a memorable moment for the family.

Yannick Noah’s Ex Wifes

Yannick Noah has been married thrice and has gone through three divorces. Prior to his marriage to Isabelle Camus, he was previously wedded to two different women.

His first wife, Cecilia Rodhe, was a former Miss Sweden. Together, they have two children – Joakim and Yelena, both of whom have established themselves in their respective fields.

Yannick Noah With Daughters
Yannick Noah With Daughters (Source: French Tennis)

Joakim Noah had a successful 13-year stint in the NBA and represented France in international competitions.

Similarly, Yelena has made a name for herself as a model and has gained some recognition in the fashion industry.

Noah’s second wife, Heather Stewart-Whyte, is a British model with whom he has two daughters – Elijah and Jenaye.

Is Yannick In Love Again?

Recently, it has been reported that the singer entered a new romantic relationship with an unnamed woman two years after his split from Isabelle Camus.

Fans discovered this information in the book named “1983,” published by Flammarion Editions, which primarily focuses on his professional career.

Yannick Noah Smiling
Yannick Noah Smiling (Source: Instagram)

The book mentions that the former tennis player has released a new album called “La Marfée” and spends most of his time in Cameroon, with an apartment in Montmartre.

Additionally, it reveals that he has once again found love, but the book does not provide any hints regarding the identity of the famous tennis player’s new partner.

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