Is Zay Flowers Related To Brandon Flowers? Are They Brother?

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Despite the many similarities that they share, Zay Flowers is not related to Brandon Flowers in any way.

Both were born in the same state, have the same name, and played the same game. But these similarities are not enough to call them brothers.

Zay Flowers In Appealing To The Ref
Zay Flowers In Appealing To The Referee (Source: Instagram)

Brandon Flowers was born on February 18, 1986. Regarding his high school career, Flowers played football at Atlantic Community High School.

He played collegiate football at Virginia Tech and was later selected by the Kansas City Chiefs during the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Let’s talk about the young Zay Flowers, born on September 11, 2000. Zay is a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL.

He attended the NSU University School to complete his schooling. During his high school days, he used to play wide receiver and cornerback.

Is Zay Flowers Related To Brandon Flowers Or Not?

If you look at it from the surface, Zay Flowers may be related to Brandon Flowers.

For starters, they both share the same name and play the game. Zay even mentioned in an interview that his siblings inspired him to improve at the game.

The Flowers were even born and raised in the state of Florida. That’s right; Zay was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, while Brandon was born in Delray Beach, Florida.

Now, with a total of 14 children in the family, the odds of Brandon being Zay Flowers’s brother are pretty high.

Out of these 14 children, if you count Zay out, he grew up with nine brothers and four sisters. 

But sadly, none of them is Brandon, who has already established himself as an NFL star. 

In one of his interviews, Zay’s father, Willie, talked extensively about his family’s struggles.

Zay Flowers Family Picture Doesn't Show Him Related To Brandon Flowers
Zay Flowers’ Family Picture Doesn’t Show Him Related To Brandon Flowers (Source: BaltimoreRavens)

He was excited to say that Zay’s career in the NFL is a kickoff for the family’s journey to happier days.

However, throughout the interview, he did not mention any other family member affiliated with the NFL.

Brandon is older than Zay, so if they were brothers, Willie would have mentioned something like this in the interview.

However, he did not, so there is no basis to say that Zay and Brandon are related or even brothers. 

Zay’s Mistake Caused The Ravens To Lose The Match 

Zay Flowers had an important moment during the AFC Championship match against the Kansas City Chiefs, which cost his team dearly.

Flowers grabbed a throw from Lamar Jackson early in the fourth quarter, with the Ravens trailing 17-7.

He attempted to move the ball over the goal line for the touchdown. However, Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed hit the ball out just short of the goal line.

It resulted in a fumble, which Kansas City reclaimed in the end zone for a touchback.

This key turnover not only halted the Ravens’ resurgence but also turned the momentum in favour of the Chiefs, who went on to win 17-10 and advance to the Super Bowl.

Zay Flowers's Mistake Made His Team Lose
Zay Flowers’s Mistake Made His Team Lose (Source: Instagram)

Flowers’ misfortune was worsened by reports that he sliced his hand when slapping the bench in a fury following the play.

Flowers had made a key 54-yard grab to take the Ravens into the red zone before the fumble.

But his following taunting penalty drove the team back, laying the groundwork for the crucial loss.

Despite the setback, Flowers is hopeful about his future, pledging to return stronger next season and learn from his mistakes.

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