Alabama Quarterback Julian Sayin Age: Parents & Family

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Julian Sayin Age: Alabama recruit for the class of 2024, Julian Sayin is trending on internet searches with fans interested in the freshman’s personal life. As one of the top high-school quarterbacks, fans are excited at his college prospects.

Touted to be the next big QB, Julian Sayin’s skill, talent, and personality have already caught football admirers’ eye.

On top of that, fan interest has extended to people curious about his personal life details such as age and family tree.

New Alabama QB Julian Sayin
New Alabama QB Julian Sayin (Source: Instagram)

A California native, Julian attended his local Carlsbad High School. After posting captivating statistics, he was rated as a 5-star prospect by ESPN and 247 Sports going into college.

Consequently, many colleges fought over his signature. Ultimately, he committed to play for the University of Alabama and its football program Alabama Crimson Tide.

Not only are fans excited at the prospect of him performing in college football, but people are already inking him to play in the NFL in the future.

Certainly, the sky seems to be the limit for the young QB prospect representing the University of Alabama.

In terms of his personal life, Julian is active on Instagram(@juliansayin). Usually, he posts stuff from his games and training, however his personal life posts are seldom.

Overall, he seems to be a motivated and hard-working young athlete who stays grounded and committed regardless of the hype around him. 

What Is Julian Sayin Age?

The California native QB Julian Sayin is currently 18 years of age.

This can be deduced from the West Alabama Local News outlet, WVUA’s post about Julian in July 2023, where they refer to him being 17.

Julian In Action For Carlsbad High School
Julian In Action For Carlsbad High School (Source: Instagram)

It is a testament to Julian’s talent and drive that he has managed to earn such great accolades at a tender age. Additionally, experts and fans alike are tipping him to go leaps and bounds in the following years.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the most exciting young prospects in college football as of 2024. Football fans wait with bated breath to see what is to come next from the QB.

 Sayin Parents And Family Explored

Julian was born to his parents father Dan Sayin and mother Karen Bradenburg. Both of them have played a crucial role in Julian’s upbringing and athletic career.

Additionally, Julian’s brother Aidan is also involved with college football and is a starting QB at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jocelyn, the eldest sibling in the family, completed her education at the reputed University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Meanwhile, Bailey, the second sister, was actively involved in soccer at the University of Chicago and later obtained her degree from the University of Cambridge in England.

Undoubtedly, the Sayin family has been blessed with good DNA with the siblings excelling at sports and in education.

Julian played football together with his brother Aidan in Carlsbad. Naturally, he shares a strong bond with Aidan.

Julian Sayin Elder Brother Aiden
Julian Sayin Elder Brother Aidan (Source: Penn Athletics)

Coming into the High School as a freshman, and getting to learn from his elder brother was a huge opportunity for young Julian.

Needless to say, parents Dan and Karen are extremely proud of their children’s achievements.

In an interview with San Diego Union-Tribune, Karen referred to how the children achieved their goals.

“All our children made their own decisions. Our other children were looking for great academic schools and found them. Julian was looking for the best blend of athletics and academics. He found that at Alabama.”


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