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Alexey Voyevoda is a former Russian professional arm-wrestler who claimed two Championships at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He celebrated his victory in the two-person and four-person bobsleigh matches during the event. 

Further, he is also a bobsledder and has been active since 2002. In addition, Alexey won the silver medal during the 200 Winter Olympics. 

Moreover, the Russian Athlete has won a bronze medal at the 2008 FIBT World Championships. 

Further, Alexey received popularity after the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. During the event, he even won a bronze in the two-person event. 

Alexey Voyevoda
Alexey Voyevoda, a Professional Armwrestler and Bobsledder

Besides, his career as a professional athlete has earned a huge reputation in Russia. He has been awarded the “The Order For Merit to the Fatherland Award 4th class.” 

President Vladimir Putin himself handed the respective state award. Additionally, he has received numerous Russian arm wrestling championships as well. 

Consequently, Alexey has tremendous recognition in the professional arm-wrestling scene. The Athlete has also been immortalized in the documentary “Pulling John.”

Apart from arm-wrestling and bobsleigh, Alexey is also a master of sports in Judo.

Quick Facts

Name Alexey Voyevoda
Full name Alexey Ivanovich Voyevoda
Native name Алексей Иванович Воевода
Birthdate 9 May 1980
Age 44 years old
Birthplace Kalibovitsa, Chernihiv Oblast, SSR
Country Russia
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Religion  Christianity
Body type Athletic
Eye color Dark
Hair color Dark blue
Skin Fair
Height 6’5″ (1.95 m)
Weight 116 kg (256 lb)
Ex-Profession Arm-wrestler & Bobsledder
Current Profession Deputy of the State Duma
Education Sochi State University of Tourism and Recreation
Residence Sochi
Honors and Achievements
  • Silver Medal (2006 Turin-Olympics)
  • Bronze Medal (2010 Vancouver-Olympics)
  • Gold Medal (2011 Konigssee-World Championships)
  • Bronze Medal (2008 Altenberg-World Championships)
Rivals Devon Larratt
John Brzenk
Lifestyle Vegan
Relationship status Single
Girlfriend Aurora
Documentary Pulling John
Hobby Gym and hiking
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $10 million
Armwrestling Merch  Blaster Exerciser, Grip for handle
Last Update July, 2024

Alexey Voyevoda | Early life

Alexey was born on 9 May 1980 in Kalibovitsa, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR. His full name is Alexey Ivanovich Voyevoda.

Unlike other kids of his age, he began to engage in sports at a young age. Voyevoda spent most of his childhood practicing Karate from the age of six. 

Alexey at his Teen
Alexey at his Teen

Moreover, apart from sport Alexey spent his summer holidays in Kalinovitsa, Ukraine. There he used to help his grandparents at the farm. 

Educational background 

Additionally, Alexey Voyevoda graduated from Sochi State University of Tourism and Recreation. Besides, his dream was to enter the Higher Police School in Rostov-on-Don. 

The respective educational institution is one of the most prestigious universities. However, Alexey was not able to pass the Physical Education exam. 

Thus, he worked for a security firm to gram an extra crash to help his family. But unfortunately, despite Alexey’s popularity, not much is known about his family. 

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Alexey Voyevoda | Age, Height & Weight

The Russian Athlete is currently 44 years of age. Despite his age, Alexey has kept his body in top shape.

Further, he is known for his vegan diet. So, his stamina and physical flexibility remain similar to that of an Olympic athlete. 

Besides, Alexey stands at an astonishing height of 6 feet and 5 inches. As a big man, he consumes a lot of calories throughout the day. 

However, the Russian athlete has maintained his weight through a strict workout routine. Alexey currently weighs around 116 kg. 

Likewise, the arm size of Voyevoda is estimated to be around 43cm, and the biceps is about 50cm.

On the other hand, now-retired Alexey hits the gym regularly. Thus, he has been able to impose his presence in the Russian parliament. 

Alexey Voyevoda | Career

It is widely said that the Russian arm-wrestler got into the sport by accident. However, as a teenager, Alexey learned about The Iron Hand competition held in Sochi.

Despite having no background in arm-wrestling, Alexey was interested in participating. His friends financially supported him in pursuing a career in this field.

Additionally, after participating in the competition, Alexey became a sensation. Alexey’s technique was refined by the best arm wrestling coach ever, Kote Razmadze.

Alexey Voyevoda early career
Alexey Voyevoda at a Match

Consequently, Kote became impressed with young Alexey’s talent. Thus, he became Voyevoda’s first professional coach. 

Alexey had fulfilled the necessary criteria for obtaining the Honored Master of Sports in arm-wrestling during his prime. However, there remained a curious precedent. 

The fact was that the rules stated that the title was awarded only after five years of training. 

Nonetheless, Alexey Voyevoda became an Honored Master of Sports shortly after.

Moreover, the Russian giant even defeated the legendary John Brzenk. This particular victory was immortalized in the documentary “Pulling John.”

Further, during his entire lifespan, he would defeat legendary arm-wrestlers. The list also included Brzenk, Bagent, Alexey Semerenko, and Matt Girdner. 

Break from Arm-wrestling

In 2005, Alexey parted from professional arm-wrestling after a 5-1 loss against Travis Bagent. Further, he continues to persuade his career in bobsleigh. Thus, he trained until the end of 2007. 

Nonetheless, Alexey would make his initial return to arm-wrestling in 2007. He won a vendetta match against Michael Todd with a score-line of 6-0. 

However, after his short comeback, Alexey would resign from arm-wrestling again. As before, Alexey would continue his bobsleigh training and Olympic Judo training.  

Doping in the Olympic games

Despite his legendary legacy, Alexey Voyevoda was also involved in numerous controversies. As a result, the Russian athlete was given a life ban for anti-doping violations. 

Sadly, the incident occurred at the Sochi games, where Alexey won two gold medals. The International Olympic Committee took action against him and Aleksandr Zubkov. 

Consequently, Alexey received a personal lifetime ban from the Olympics on 18 December 2017. Further, the decision came two weeks after Russia’s ban from Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

Russia suffered the consequences of the “unprecedented systematic manipulation” of the anti-doping system.

Nonetheless, the IOC left an open door for Russian athletes with a clean history of doping. These athletes were invited to compete during the event at Pyeongchang as neutrals. 

Denies the allegation

Alexey’s partner Zubkov was among 20 Russian athletes to have appealed to the CAS. The Russian Athlete took action into his own hands with the help of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. 

The decision of the IOC had increased the number of Russian athletes who are banned for life by 30. These athletes were banned for alleged doping violations at the Sochi Games. 

However, Russia has denied such allegations of state-sponsored doping. Further, they stated that Alexey was a politicized dirty tricks campaign victim.

Moreover, they added it being a strategy to ruin Russia’s reputation in sports. It also included Alexey, a member of the Russian parliament in the ruling party, United Russia. 

Likewise, his statement, “Come over to my country and try to take (my medals),” further taunted the IOC disciplinary panel head, Denis Oswald. 


Alexey was a successful arm-wrestler and won many national and international accolades throughout his professional career. Consequently, Alexey received the Order For Services to the Fatherland. 

However, shortly after, he announced his retirement in Russian media. After that, Alexey Voyevoda became a deputy of the State Duma in 2016. Likewise, he represented the ruling party in Russia after the 2016 elections. 

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Alexey Voyevoda | Personal Life and Girlfriend

Before his big break-away in arm-wrestling, Alexey was a contender on “The Bachelor.” It is one of the well-known programs in Russia, where he competed for the role of a groom. 

Moreover, he was a popular figure because of his charisma and physical stature. Besides, Alexey got into the show after a failed relationship with his girlfriend, Anna. 

In addition, Alexey stated that he had only two women in his heart and mind: his beloved mother and his girlfriend. 

Further, he commented that his family is highly traditional and conservative. Thus, he admits to being a humble man with respect for all women. 

Who was Alexey’s alleged girlfriend?

Alexey is currently in a relationship with Aurora. Furthermore, the Athlete stated that he did not want to keep it private from the media. 

Also, he states that his girlfriend has a special place in his life. Alexey says that her existence in his life gives his life a whole new meaning. 

Alexey Voyevoda with his girlfriend
Alexey with his girlfriend.

In addition, Alexey is a true gentleman and does not abuse his strength on any other individual. 

Besides, according to numerous reports, he has no intention of marriage and enjoys quality time with his girlfriend. 

Alexey Voyevoda is a Vegan Powerhouse.

In recent years, plant-based professional athletes have taken over the world of sports. Also, they have entirely opposed the routine of consuming meat and dairy daily. 

Alexey is one among many athletes to have indulged in a vegan lifestyle. Further, he states that it does not affect his professional arm-wrestling career. 

The arm-wrestling champion says that it played a big part in his development of muscle strength. Alexey is among many who have proven that a vegan diet contains all the diet necessary to compete internationally. 

Moreover, he comments that he despised consuming the meat of defenseless animals. Additionally, Alexey stated that the vegan diet had helped his body become lighter and more flexible. 

Besides, veganism has taken a great leap in Russia in recent years. Nonetheless, Athlete like Alexey has helped flourish veganism to better the human diet. 

Moreover, he has demonstrated that athletes don’t require meat to compete at the highest level in sports. 

Alexey Voyevoda | Net worth

Alexey is one of the most well-known professional arm-wrestlers in the world. He currently serves in the parliament of Russia. 

Besides, before getting into politics, Alexey earned a fortune from arm-wrestling. Thus, he has been able to live a lavish lifestyle. 

On the other hand, his political career has also significantly contributed to his income.

As of 2024, Alexey Voyevoda’s net worth is $10 million, whereas his salary is also in the millions. However, the amount may vary from source to source. 

Alexey Voyevoda | Social Media

Instagram: 158k Followers

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Queries on Alexey Voyevoda

Is Alexey Ukrainian?

No, despite being born in Ukraine, his nationality is Russian. 

Did Alexey join the army?

No, Alexey has not joined or has been involved with the army.

What is the bench press record of Alexy?

The bench press record of Alexy is around 300 pounds.

How many gold medals has Voyevoda won during his career?

Voyevoda has won a gold medal in the two-man event and a gold medal in the four-man event.

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