Alyssa Naeher Sister Abigail And Twin Amanda Are Also Involved In Soccer

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Alyssa Naeher’s sister, Abigail, and twin, Amanda Naeher, were born in Seymour, Connecticut. Amanda and Alyssa began their soccer career at five, whereas Abigail had no interest in sports.

The year 2023 has started on a good note for the Naeher family. Alyssa’s twin, Amanda, was inducted into the Messiah University Athletics Hall of Honor. Though she stopped playing soccer after college, Amanda was one of the top players for her side. 

Alyssa Naeher Pictured With Sister Amanda In 2018 In Belk Theater To Watch Hamilton
Alyssa Naeher Pictured With Sister Amanda, In 2018 In Belk Theater To Watch Hamilton (Source: Instagram)

If the twins grew up loving soccer, their youngest sister, Abigail, had no whatsoever interest. After graduation, Abigail shifted her focus toward diet and nutrition. 

Though it doesn’t look like the Naeher family has traveled Down Under, they are certainly hoping their daughter becomes a World Champion once again. 

With her teammate, Emily Sonnett, and captain Lindsey Horan, Alyssa and the USWNT have reached the round of 16. The performances haven’t been up to par for a team tipped as favorites. But anything can happen in the knockout stages, where they will face Sweden in the round of 16. 

Alyssa Naeher Sister, Abigail, And Twin Amanda 

Alyssa Naeher’s sisters, Amanda and Abigail, have followed different routes to their soccer-playing sister. 

Though at one point, it looked like Amanda and Alyssa would make it to the professional level together, that didn’t happen. Amanda decided to walk away from the soccer life to pursue other things.

Their younger sister, Abigail, wasn’t interested in sports from a young age. So, for Abigail, soccer was never an option. 

Amanda Naeher Played As A Forward At Messiah College 

Amanda and Alyssa Naeher began playing soccer at age five. At first, they were coached by their dad, John Naeher, a former athlete and coach. 

John described his twin daughters’ ability as a God-given talent. He didn’t have to push them to love the sport. Soccer came naturally to Amanda and Alyssa.

But soccer wasn’t the only sport the twins excelled at. Basketball was the other sport the girls garnered attention for. Amanda’s soccer career derailed a bit due to the joint injury in her back in 10th grade.

Amanda Naeher Pictured With Her Sister And The World Cup Trophy In 2019
Amanda Naeher Pictured With Her Sister And The World Cup Trophy In 2019 (Source: Facebook)

Despite the injury, Amanda made a comeback, which resulted in her scoring 2000 points in basketball alongside her sister and continuing her soccer career.

After high school, Alyssa was recruited by Penn State. Amanda joined the Division 3 Messiah College and walked on to the soccer team in her sophomore year.

Amanda was inducted into the Messiah University Athletics Hall of Honor earlier this year. In its history, Messiah has only four instances that a women soccer player has scored 30 goals in a season.

Amanda accounts for three of those instances. She was a two-time National Player of The Year and finished her career with 108 goals. 

Amanda’s Life After Soccer 

Unlike her sister, Amanda hung up her cleats after college level. Amanda is available on Facebook and has stated that she is single. 

As of now, Amanda works as a PE teacher for Charlotte Christian School. She began working with the varsity soccer team as a PE teacher in 2011.

Alyssa (L) Pictured With Sister Amanda At Her Home In Charlotte, North Carolina
Alyssa (L) Pictured With Sister Amanda At Her Home In Charlotte, North Carolina (Source: Instagram)

In 2013, she became a varsity basketball team coach. But it’s not only with Charlotte Christian School Amanda works on the soccer field. Amanda is also a team member for Charlotte Eagles for the past 12 years. 

On Instagram, Amanda has nearly 2k followers but has kept her handle private. Previously, Alyssa shared a few snaps with her twin sister. In 2018, the sisters enjoyed a Belk Theater trip to watch Hamilton. 

Abigail Is A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Alyssa’s youngest sister, Abigail Korman (nee Naeher), is a Samford University graduate. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2014.

After two years, Abigail enrolled in Bowling Green State University’s master’s degree program. And after three years, she earned her master’s degree in food and nutrition. 

Abigail Korman Pictured With Her Two Kids And Husband Matt Korman In 2018
Abigail Korman Pictured With Her Two Kids And Husband Matt Korman In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

Since then, Abigail has been working as a registered dietitian nutritionist. She earned her Dietitian Nutritionist license in 2018 from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and the same year from the United Latino Students Association. 

Talking about her personal life, Abigail is married to Matt Korman, a pastoral apprentice at Christ Presbyterian Church Fairfield. The couple tied the knot on August 11, 2013, and are parents to two kids. 

Alyssa Naeher Parents, John, And Donna Naeher 

Alyssa Naeher’s parents, John and Donna Naeher, supported their daughters’ dreams of becoming professional athletes. 

A graduate of King’s College, John is a former basketball and track and field athlete. He then became the athletic director and boys’ basketball and soccer coach for Christian Heritage High School.

His wife, Donna Naeher, is no less of an athlete. At Western Connecticut State University, Donna used to be a tennis player. 

Alyssa Naeher Parents, Donna And John Naeher Take A Selfie In 2020
Alyssa Naeher Parents, Donna, And John Naeher Take A Selfie In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching and worked in several private schools as a teacher. 

Donna has been involved in the real estate industry since 2007. She works at William Raveis Real Estate, having previously worked for 11 years at Keller Williams Realty.

On her Facebook, Donna has shared several snaps of Alyssa’s achievements along with family pictures. 

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