Emily Sonnett Partner: Who Is She Dating? Parents And Family

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Emily Sonnett has not revealed whether she has a partner or not. The defender of OL Reign has always been tight-lipped when it comes to her romantic life. 

The 30-year-old had always been touted for greatness from a young age. With her twin sister, Emma, the two received several scholarship offers to play college soccer.

Emily Sonnett Pictured With The US Flag In The Background
Emily Sonnett Pictured With The US Flag In The Background (Source: Instagram)

Their parents played a leading role, taking the girls to every soccer event possible. After completing college, the two sisters’ paths diverged. If Emma worked with pharmaceutical companies, then Emily began her career as a professional soccer player leading her to become part of USWNT.

In 2019, Emily was part of the team that won the World Cup twice in a row. Now in 2023, with teammates Emily Fox and Crystal Dunn, she hopes to be part of the team that will lift the prestigious trophy for the third time in a row.

Emily Sonnett Partner: Who Is She Dating?

As of now, it doesn’t look like Emily Sonnett has a romantic partner and appears to be single. The USWNT’s veteran player has never given any hints about her romantic life on social media. 

Many of her teammates have displayed affection for their better halves on Instagram, but not Sonnett. If you go through her Instagram, Emily has only shared snaps of her milestones with the national team and her club. 

Emily Sonnett Pictured With Teammates Celebrating Their World Cup Win In 2019
Emily Sonnett (R) Pictured With Teammates Celebrating Their World Cup Win In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

The defender has also shared many pictures with her close friends from the national team and outside of it. A few snaps of the soccer player strangely involve food emojis, including her display picture.

Even in 2019, when The Daily Mail covered the USWNT’s spouses and girlfriends, Emily, Lindsey Horan, Alyssa Naeher, and Rose Lavelle were named as a few who hadn’t shown their partners. 

From that list, Lindsey Horan is happily married to her husband, Tyler Heaps. Rose had been previously rumored to be dating MLB player Max Fried, which leaves out Emily and Alyssa.

The two veterans of the national side have kept their lips shut when talks have been about their private life. 

Emily Sonnett Family, Including Twin Sister Emma Sonnett

Emily Sonnett was raised alongside twin sister, Emma Sonnett, in Marietta, Georgia. The two sisters grew up in a household supportive of their soccer dreams. 

Bill and Jane Sonnett even sent a letter to their daughter before she took the flight to Down Under.

In a video shared by the National Women’s League, the defender looked touched receiving a letter from her supportive parents. 

Emily Sonnett (R) Pictured With Parents, Jane And Bill Sonnett And Newlywed Sister, Emma Sonnet And Her Husband In 2021
Emily Sonnett (R) Pictured With Parents Jane And Bill Sonnett, And Newlywed Sister, Emma Sonnet, And Her Husband In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

The letter started with Bill and Jane talking about their travel duties with Emily and Emma during their youth days. The couple also complimented their daughter’s ability to remain focused on her goals while having fun with her teammates. 

Bill and Jane, unlike some other parents, remain away from social media. The father of twin daughters, Bill is the Vice President at Truist Wealth and holds a CFP degree. 

Emily And Emma Began Their Soccer Journey Together 

Emily and Emma Sonnett began their soccer journey at a young age. Both girls were standout soccer players at Fellowship Christian School.

At the time, Emily played as a striker and Emma as a defender. After making noise with their performance at FCS, the twins received 60 scholarship offers to play college soccer. 

If Emily chose the University of Virginia, but her sister Emma enrolled at the University of Georgia. And this is where their paths diverged.

Emma Sonnett Pictured With Her Husband Edward Asger In 2022
Emma Sonnett Pictured With Her Husband Edward Asger In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Emily continued her career as a soccer player, and her sister, Emma, chose a life away from the athletic world. After earning her degree in Animal Sciences, Emma worked as a Veterinary Assistant at Oglethorpe Animal Clinic. 

She then joined the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company Boehringer Ingelheim first working as a Customer Care Representative and later as an Avian Project Manager.

In 2019, Emma joined The Home Depot as an Online Business Manager and worked there for three years. In 2022, she switched jobs and works with the American insurance company Unum as a Project Manager. 

On December 4, 2021, Emma tied the knot with her longtime partner Edward Asger, and on July 19, they welcomed their baby boy William Monroe “Roe” Asger, making Emily a first-time aunt. 

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