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American model and competitive surfer Anastasia Ashley was engaged in a variety of athletic pursuits while she was a student, but she preferred surfing. She earned multiple major awards like the 2003 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year, the National Scholastic Surfing Association Championship, and the Professional Surfing Tour of America Championship. 

Waves are some of the wildest and most unpredictable things in the world. Despite being calm and relaxed, reckless waves can be fatal, especially for someone with a weak heart.

But luckily, Anastasia Ashley has been shredding those waves and taming them with her rhythm and body control.

For those who don’t know, Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer from America who has been a surfer since she was five years old. Aside from being an athlete, the now 37 years old is also a model and actress.

Anastasia Ashley age
Anastasia Ashley, Professional Surfer, and model

So far, she has appeared in works like Isolated, New Zealand Presents, a Safety Safari, and Naked and Afraid. Thanks to her contribution, Ashley has gained a lot of fans and admirers from around the world.

Hence, today, we will let you in the life of Ashley and her career. From her childhood to her net worth, everything will be discussed here. Make sure to read till the end to know more.

Anastasia Ashley: Quick Facts

Full Name Anastasia Electra Ashley
Birth Date February 10, 1987
Birth Place San Clemente, California, US
Nick Name Anastasia Ashley
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Updating Soon
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Kurt Rappaport
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Age 37 years old
Height 5 feet 8 inches(173 cm)
Weight 58 kgs
Build Slender
Body Measurements  32-28-34 inches
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Profession Professional Surfer, Model
Favorite Waves Keramas, Bali
Stance Regular Foot
Marital Status In a relationship
Boyfriend  Abraham Kaslow
Net Worth  $3 million
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Merch Photo Frames
Last Update April, 2024

Who is Anastasia Ashley?- Family, Education, and Early Life

Anastasia Ashley, who has established herself as a professional surfer, is also active as a model. She was born in the city of San Clemente, California, in the United States of America.

When she turned five, Anastasia and her family relocated to Hawaii. According to sources, it was during this time that her parents got divorced. Similarly, her full name is Anastasia Electra Ashley, and she is the daughter of Kurt Rappaport.

Unknown to many, her single father raised her; hence, her mother’s name and whereabouts are not found in the public media. The same is the case with her siblings as well.

Likewise, Anastasia is an American citizen whose ethnicity belongs to a white background. As for her education, the necessary information is still not found.

Age and Body Measurements- How old is Anastasia Ashley?

Age is nothing but a number if you have what it takes to make it big. Ashley started surfing when she was just five years old, and look at her, thriving and buzzing in the surfing world. Born on February 10, 1987, which makes her 37 years as of now.

Likewise, her birthdate falls under the sign of Aquarius. And from what we know, the individuals of this sign are known to be unique, smart, and outgoing.

Anastasia Ashley height
Anastasia Ashley

Surfing since her early days, Anastasia has got a toned and slender figure. Not to mention, her control over the movement and body is something else. Similarly, Ashley stands at 5 feet 8 inches(173 cm) and weighs around 58 kg. 

Despite being in her mid-30s, Ashley is still able to ride the waves at the chance. Other than that, also active as a model, and she has attractive features like her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Professional Career- When did she start surfing?

Talking about Ashley and her love for surfing, started early in her childhood. When she was just five years old, her family moved to Hawaii, and right after this, Ashley fell in love with surfing.

Since she had a passion and truly enjoyed riding the waves, it did not take her to master it.

Not to mention at the age of six, Ashley won a surf contest using a run-down board that she found in a trash can outside of her house. See what we said about passion!

Likewise, by seven, Ashley had sponsors to replace her old and trashed board with new ones.

Now, with financial support, Anastasia began thriving in her career as a surfer. In 2003, Ashley received the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year Award, making her presence felt in the world.

Finally, at the age of 16, she won the major national title, followed by two National Association championships and the Professional Surfing Tour of America championship.

Other than this, she has also won the 2010 Pipeline Women’s Pro held in Hawaii.

Moreover, in 2014, Anastasia appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. By September 2018, she was ranked 59th in the 2014 Women’s Qualification Series. 

Modeling and Other Ventures

Anastasia is a gorgeous lady, and her skills are not limited to the waves only. Other than shredding the water on her surfboard, Anastasia also kills it in the magazines. The 5’7″ Ashley was featured in the October 2014 issue of Maxim magazine.

Also, in September 2014, Ashley started her own Gypsy Jet Set jewelry line in collaboration with OK1984, which is a jewelry company.

However, she did not let her modeling work divert her from her main passion. Along with the side jobs, Anastasia continued surfing and competing in some major competitions around the world.

As said, in November 2014, she went to Ireland for a Web Summit on how to maintain a competitive edge in surfing with a focus on social media tools. Not to mention, she was trying to convince Taoiseach Enda Kenny to surf as well.

Surfer and now a media personality, Anastasia also appeared in many television shows. She made her appearance on Season 14, the 3rd episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

There she taught the winners how to surf and later even attended as a guest in the dinner service segment.

Moreover, Ashley is also known for acting in various documentaries and movies. Some of her on-screen appearances were seen in shows like Isolated(2013), Air New Zealand Presents a Safety Safari(2015), and Naked and Afraid(2013). 

Naked and Afraid

The thrilling reality program Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel has two strangers (often a guy and a female) attempting to survive in the jungle for three weeks while completely naked. Ashley had a survivor appearance on the TV program Naked and Afraid in 2017. Even fish was seen being consumed by her.

Ashley had to endure the countless bug bites of living in outdoors. The worst event of my life, according to Ashley, was being assaulted by a swarm of newly hatched bugs that thought I was their host when I was nude in the jungle and had nowhere to hide. It was sheer suffering. To try to stop the itching, we longed to jump into the flames. We were fortunate not to, she said to Entertainment Weekly in 2017.

Anastasia Ashley Wipeout

Ashley was lucky to live after being struck in the back by a powerful 15-foot wave in 2014. In an interview with Grind TV, she was asked about the incident and responded, “Basically, I took the wrong line [laughs].

I was unaware of the location of the lip, and when I discovered it, I hesitated, which is when everything started to go horribly wrong. The lip simply exploded after landing directly on my back.

Ashley added that although she had previously been wiped out on other large waves, this one was by far the most traumatic. The worst-case scenario was another way she put it.

Anastasia Ashley’s Personal Life- Who is she dating now? Boyfriend

Already in her 30s, Anastasia is someone who is loved and admired by many. Stunning and smart on her own accord, Anastasia is no amateur when it comes to dating and having a relationship.

As of now, this successful surfer and model are dating a hunk, Abraham Kaslow.  

Unlike her, Anastasia’s current boyfriend is not a celebrity or public personality. Also, Kaslow is in the field of medicine and is also active as a model.

Despite being together and not being shy of public attention, they have yet to reveal when and how the two met in the first place. Likewise, Ashley also has revealed much about her relationship as well.

But don’t fret; the two are not married yet and revealed no plans of doing so anytime soon either.

Before this, Anastasia was in a couple of relationships. Her most known relationship was with Adam Taki, but for some reason, the two parted ways.

After that, she began dating another model, Sean Steward. However, this relationship also did not work, and the couple soon went their own ways.

Besides her relationship, Ashley loves spending time with her loved ones, something we got from her social media posts. Also, many might not know this; Ashley is a vegetarian who recently turned vegan.

Moreover, the American professional surfer posed for a PETA‘s vegetarian ad campaign back in 2006.

Anastasia Ashley gets engaged to her boyfriend.

Just when we thought Anastasia would never marry, she posted a photo on her Instagram with a ring on her finger. Yes, this American professional surfer is off the market as of now.

And well, it seems, the one who proposed to her is her boyfriend, Abraham Kaslow.

From what we know, Abraham and Anastasia got engaged in June 2019 during their vacation. Also, the two seemed to have the time of their lives in the posted pictures.

Likewise, Ashley posted the happy news with a caption that read, “YES!!! The LOVE OF MY LIFE @abraham_ster PROPOSED TO ME LAST NIGHT ??? #engaged.”

Soon her comment section was flooded with congratulatory and heartfelt comments. With this, the couple is close to tying the knot, we suppose.

How much does she make in a year?- Net Worth and Income

Anastasia Ashley has been surfing since she was five years old. So to think she has continued doing so flawlessly is impressive on its own.

Thanks to her long career, success, might we add, has earned her fame and wealth. As of 2021, she has acquired a net worth of $3 million from her successful career.

Aside from that, Ashley also makes a yearly income of $0.5 million. We also have to consider that Ashley is also active as a model and media personality. She has appeared in movies and tv shows, and a few documentaries.

However, a successful surfer has yet to reveal her financial information to the world. Not to mention, even her assets, including her houses and cars, are unknown.

Net Worth of Anastasia Ashley in Different Currencies

Here is the net worth of Anastasia Ashley in different currencies, including cryptocurrency and BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro 2,527,800 
Pound Sterling £2,169,375 
Australian Dollar A$4,052,400 
Canadian Dollar C$3,767,070 
Indian Rupee 218,987,550 
BitCoin ฿60 

The popularity graph of Anastasia Ashley

The Popularity graph of Anastasia Ashley tells us her popularity as people search for her pretty often.

The Popularity graph of Anastasia Ashley
The Popularity graph of Anastasia Ashley

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  1 million Followers

Twitter–  107k Followers

Some FAQs

Do Anastasia Ashley and Dave Portnoy Dating?

The couples are not dating each other. However, a long time ago, the couples were seen having dinner together.

Is Ashley a Vegetarian?

Initially, Ashley used to manage her diet with vegetarianism, but now she has adopted veganism and therefore is vegan.

When did Anastasia Start Surfing?

Anastasia started surfing at a very early age, and that was as early as the age of 5 years, which she is still doing now.

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