Andreas Seppi: Tennis Career, Ranking, Wife & Net Worth

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Andreas Seppi is an Italian-born professional tennis player who turned professional in 2002. Moreover, he hails from South Tyrol, which is an autonomous province in northern Italy.

Seppi has defeated amazing tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Moreover, he has managed to reach the peak position of number 18 in the World Tennis Rankings. Seppi continues to remain an active tennis player at the age of 37.

Moreover, he is married to his beautiful wife and girlfriend. Head on below to the article to learn about his wife and children.

Andreas Seppi

However, before we begin to learn about childhood, romantic life, children of Andreas Seppi, let’s take a look at some quick facts about him.

Quick Facts about Andreas Seppi

Full Name Andreas Seppi
Date of Birth 21 February 1984
Birth Place South Tyrol, Italy
Nick Name Andy, Seppio
Religion Christianity
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Age 40 years old
Height 6’3″
Weight 77
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Blue
Build Lean & Athletic
Father’s Name Hugo Seppi
Mother’s Name Marialuise Seppi
Siblings Maria Seppi
Education Unknown
Marital Status Married
Wife Michela Bernardi
Kids Liv
Profession Tennis Player
Coach Massimo Sartori, Dalibor Sirola (Fitness)
Affiliations Pro Kennex, ATP
Active Years 2001 – Present
Net Worth $6 million
Social Media Instagram
Tennis Merch Racquet, Shorts, Shoes
Last Update  June, 2024

Who is Andreas Seppi? | Early Life, Education & Family

Andreas Seppi was born on 21 February to his parents, Hugo Seppi (father) and Marialuise Seppi ( mother). Moreover, Seppi was born in Caldaro sulla Strada del Vino, South Tyrol, Italy.

Likewise, the multi-talented Seppi is completely fluent in three languages. His native language is Germany. However, he can also speak Italian and English.

Growing up, Seppi had a distant connection with sports from a young age. His mother, Marialuise, used to work in a sporting goods shop. Moreover, his father, Hugo, worked in the transport business.

Furthermore, Seppi had only one sibling growing up. He shared his childhood with his younger sister Maria Seppi. Not to mention, Maria Seppi also plays tennis.

How tall is Andreas Seppi? | Age, Height & Physical Appearance

The Italian-born tennis player is currently 40 years old. Likewise, he will turn 38 years old on 21 February 2022. Not to mention, the star sign of the player is Pisces.

Also, Pisces can effortlessly adapt to surroundings and are known to be very kind and gentle.

Moreover, Seppi has an outstanding height of 6 feet and 3 inches. Likewise, the player weighs a perfect weight of 77 kg.

Andreas Seppi height
Seppi, 6’3″

Similarly, the player has a lean athletic body. Moreover, he is blessed with beautiful pair of blue-colored eyes. Besides, he has light brown colored hair.

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When did Andreas Seppi start playing tennis? | Professional Career

So, when and where did Andreas Seppi’s tennis journey begin? Well, he first started playing in the ATP Futures and ATP Challenger Circuits for three seasons.

The Futures and Challenger Circuits involve players who are in the second-tier of professional tennis.

Seppi turned into a professional in 2001. Moreover, his first ATP events were in Kitzbuhel and Bucharest. Also, he was defeated in both of those tournaments by Oliver Mutis and Jose Acasuso.

Seppi playing tennis
Seppi playing tennis

Likewise, Andreas Seppi has had a tumultuous tennis career. Andreas Seppi would make it into the quarter-finals and semi-finals of different tournaments.

However, he would go on to crash out of the tournament in the latter stages.

Seppi’s Current Tournament

Andreas Seppi is currently playing in the Challenger Biella III, IT. Moreover, he is also played in the ATP Rotterdam. However, he crashed out to Cameron Norrie in the qualifiers.

So far, he has managed victories over Sergiy Stakhovsky in the round of 32 of the ATP Challenger Biella.

Career Title Wins

To this date, Andreas Seppi has three career title wins. Moreover, these wins have come in the years 2011 and 2012.

Seppi’s first career title win came against Janko Tipsarevic in the Eastbourne International tournament. Similarly, Seppi defeated Tipsarevic with set scores of 7-6, 3-6, and 5-3.

Secondly, Seppi’s second career win came in the Serbian Open. He defeated French Tennis player Benoit Paire with set scores of 6-3 and 6-2.

Seppi in full focus
Seppi in full focus

Thirdly, Seppi’s final career title win to date came against Brazilian Thomaz Belluci. Seppi defeated Belluci in the Kremlin Cup held in Russia. He defeated the Brazilian by a set margin of 3-6, 7-6, and 6-3.

Likewise, Seppi has come across to play in several finals. However, despite appearing ten times in the singles format, he has only won titles three times.

Double Wins

Similarly, Seppi has one double win to his name. His doubles win with partner Simone Bolelli of Italy. Likewise, Boleli and Seppi won the Dubai Tennis Championships in February 2016.

They defeated Spanish players Feliciano Lopez and Marc Lopez under the hard surface.

Playing Style and Preference of Andreas Seppi

Seppi has played on clay, grass, and hard surfaces. Moreover, he has been victorious on all of these surfaces.

However, despite all of that, his favorite surfaces to play on are clay and hard surface.

Likewise, the player is right-handed. Moreover, Seppi’s favorite hand position is the forehand. He feels that with the forehand grip, he can play extremely well.

Memorable Wins against Nadal and Federer

Throughout Seppi’s tennis career, he has had multiple memorable wins. Seppi has a record of 10-83 against the top 10 players.

However, surprisingly, Seppi defeated Wolrd Number 1 Rafael Nadal in the second round of the Rotterdam Open in 2008.

Moreover, he defeated the Spaniard by winning two sets. The win grabbed the headlines as no one had expected Nadal to lose.

Andreas Seppi playing shirtless
Seppi playing shirtless

Likewise, Seppi made another headline by defeating the outstanding Roger Federer. Moreover, the Italian player defeated Federer in the third round of the Australian Open.

This was a shocking result as Federer was one of the favorites to win the tournaments.

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Who is Andreas Seppi’s coach?

Andreas Seppi is coached by Italian coach Massimo Sartori. Sartori coached Seppi from the age of 11. Moreover, due to Sartori’s excellent effort, Seppi went on to rank 18 in the world rankings.

In total, Sartori has coached Seppi for over 20 years. Massimo Sartori is 54 years old and coaches other players like Karin Napp and Marco Cecchinato.

The coach and the player share a strong bond due to their long journey together.

Likewise, Seppi’s fitness coach is known to be Dalibor Sirola. Dalibor Sirola is a strength and conditioning expert and works to keep Seppi fit and healthy.

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Andreas Seppi | Best Ranking

2022 122








Career 18

Career High 2013.01.28





Is Andreas Seppi married? | Wife & Children

Andreas Seppi is married to his long-time girlfriend and beautiful wife, Michela Bernardi Seppi. Andreas is deeply in love with Michela.

Moreover, Michela is a graduate of UMIT University in Austria. She graduated in October 2017.

Michela Bernardi and Seppi
With wife Michela Bernardi

The two of them married on 10 September 2016. Moreover, they held their marriage in a lavish style in Ortisei, a town in Italy. 

Likewise, both of them posted beautiful pictures from their wedding.

The wedding guest included family members, relatives, close friends, and different tennis players.

Moreover, there was a lot of build-up to the marriage day as Andreas posted a countdown to the days until their marriage.

The wedding was held stunningly. To this day, both of them remain deep lovers. Likewise, they share a strong and stable relationship.

Honeymoon and Vacations

After their marriage, the pair traveled to New Zealand and Fiji to celebrate their honeymoon. Similarly, they visited many places during their honeymoon.

They posted their honeymoon pictures to update their exciting journey with the fans.

In New Zealand, they visited places like Lake Wanaka, Hobbiton Movie Set, Rotorua Geysers, and Matauri Bay.

Furthermore, they also made a short detour to Fiji, where they bathed in the sun and had a lovely time.

Birth of a Baby Daughter

Andreas Seppi and Michela Bernardi have recently become parents. Michela gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 20 February 2020.

The birth of their daughter comes just before Andreas’s birthday, which is on 21 February.

Likewise, their daughter, Liv, was born in Boulder, Colorado. Liv completed her one year on 20 February 2021.

Moreover, she is charming and adorable. Seppi announced the birth of his daughter on Instagram. The picture included his wife and his daughter, Liv.

Andreas Seppi Baby
Andreas Seppi Baby

Furthermore, Seppi became a father at the age of 36.

Andreas Seppi and Michela Bernardi’s Romantic Journey

As most couples have problems in their marriage, Andreas and Michela look perfect for each other. The two of them have shared their relationship for a long back.

Moreover, the two of them are seen always traveling to new destinations. Their favorite destination is beautiful New Zealand. Both of them love going on vacations and enjoying the company of their partner.

The two of them post a lot about each other. Their picture alone shows how deeply they love each other.

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Andreas Seppi | Personal Life

His Idol is Yevgeny Kafelnikov

Growing up, Andreas Seppi admired the great Russian player Yevgeny Kafelnikov. Yevgeny Kafelnikov is a former Russian tennis player who had reached the number one spot globally.

We can easily say that one of Seppi’s greatest inspirations is Kafelnikov. Similarly, the Russian tennis player has previously won two Grand Slam singles titles.

Also, he has won the 1996 French Open and the 1999 Australian Open.

The Seppi family are Christians.

In terms of religion, the Seppi family are all Christians. However, whether they were raised as Christian or later converted is an unknown fact.

Furthermore, Andreas Seppi and Michela Bernardi are known to live their lives according to the Christian message.

On Michela’s Instagram account, her bio features a famous verse from the Bible. The verse is from Matthew 6:33. The verse goes like this “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Dog Lovers

The Seppi family consists of Andreas, Michela, and Liv, but it has two additional members. The family has two cute dogs. Likewise, dogs are an inseparable part of the family.

Moreover, the Seppi family tries to take the dogs wherever they can. Both of the dogs are seen in Andreas’s Instagram posts several times.

Furthermore, Andreas and Michela both have deep affection and bond with the dogs.

What are his Hobbies?

Andreas Seppi is a busy man with a lot of training and family responsibility. Moreover, he has very little time to follow his hobbies as he remains occupied throughout the year. But, what are his hobbies?

Andreas Seppi comes from Italy and is known to be a passionate football fan. Moreover, besides watching football matches, he also likes playing football. Similarly, Seppi also has a keen interest in Skiing.

The tennis player takes time out to ski and roller skate on ice and snow. Likewise, he is also an ice hockey enthusiast.

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What is Andreas Seppi’s Net Worth? | Earnings & Salary

Andreas Seppi has accumulated his net worth throughout his playing career. Moreover, he has had many brand deals and sponsorships to his name. Fila Gear and ProKennex endorse him.

Moreover, Seppi has won various tournaments through which he has received millions of dollars in prize money. Furthermore, his career prize money amounts to $11,693,635. 

According to online sources, Andreas Seppi has a net worth of $6 million.

Is Andreas Seppi on Social Media? | Social Media Presence

Yes, Andreas Seppi uses social media. Primarily, he is connected to his fans through Instagram. He has an Instagram account with over 75.9k followers.

Furthermore, his Instagram account is filled with pictures of his wife and children. Seppi also likes to post about tennis and highlights of himself playing tournaments.

However, the majority of Seppis’s posts concern his family and vacations.

From his Instagram account, we can easily notice that he is a family person and a good husband. His romantic pictures with his wife reveal his wonderful character as well.

You can follow the amazing Andreas Seppi on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the wife of Andreas Seppi?

Andreas Seppi is married to his stunning wife, Michela Bernardi Seppi. They were married on 10 September 2016.

Is Andreas Seppi better than Oscar Otte?

Although Otte is a newcomer compared to Seppi, he ranks at #72 while Andreas’ rank is #134. Furthermore, at the 2021 US Open’s R32, Oscar won against Andreas. 

What is Andreas Seppi’s net worth?

Andreas Seppi has a net worth of over $6 million.

In height comparison, is Andreas taller than Roger Federer?

Yes, in terms of height comparison, Andreas is taller than Roger. 

Is Andreas Seppi active?

Yes, Andreas Seppi is active at the age of 37. Also, he is currently playing in the ATP Challenger Biella in Italy.

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