Erainer Davis: Motivational Source of Anthony Davis

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There might not be even one person who is a basketball lover and does not recognize “The Brow” or Anthony Davis, and along with that, does not adore Erainer Davis.

Davis is the mother of Anthony Davis, the person behind the success, the power source of young Anthony.

Besides that, Erainer is a beautiful woman and a blessed and proud mother.

Correspondingly, Anthony Davis is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, attributed to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis (Source: Instagram – antdavis)

Furthermore, Davis is an eight-time NBA All-Star and has been named four All-NBA First Teams and four NBA All-Defensive Teams.

Also, Davis has a record for the most blocked shots of freshman players under NCAA Division I and Southeastern Conference.

Here is a short detail about Erianer Davis before learning more about her journey in life.

Erainer Davis | Quick Facts

Full Name Erainer Davis
Birth Date In the mid-1970s
Birth Place United States of America
Nick Name Unknown
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Local American School
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unavailable
Age In the Mid-fifties
Height Around 6 feet
Weight 80 kgs (175 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Measurement Unknown
Marital Status
Husband Anthony Davis Senior
Children Lesha Davis, Antoniette Davis, and Anthony Davis
Net Worth Unknown
Currently Works As Housewife
Social Media Instagram
Anthony Davis’ Merch Jersey, Rookie Card
Last Update [calculate-month], [calculate-year]

Erainer Davis | Anthony Davis’ Mother’s role in his career

Erainer Davis is the mother of Anthony Davis, who is almost 6 feet tall. An ardent fan of Anthony might know that his mother is a huge supporter and motivator.

Such that Anthony could entirely focus and correct his drawbacks, his mother consistently pushed him forward and provided him with every comfort and luxury she could afford.

In the same way, Anthony has not failed to make his mother proud of him.

Anthony Davis Mother: Erainer Davis (Source: Instagram: antdavis)
Anthony Davis’s Mother: Erainer Davis (Source: Instagram – antdavis)

Each time Anthony would try to give up or would lose his will, Erainer would calm him down, talk to him about his dilemma, and clear his mind toward his goal.

For this one time when Anthony gained 6 inches of height through high school, the accommodations in Davis’s house were not enough for him, and Erainer had to upgrade her son’s fittings.

Erainer Davis always worried about her son’s health since, in sports, a person can get hurt very easily. And every time Anthony fell on the ground or got pushed by another defender, her heart beat faster.

Even now, after nearly a decade-long time, whenever she watches her son play any matches, she sits at the back of the stadium. This is because she fears that she may run into the court to check on Anthony to see whether he suffered any injuries or not.

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Erainer Davis | Social Media Presence

Erainer Davis is active on Instagram with the handle name erainerdvs. So, you can follow her and smoothly keep tabs on the Davis-es.

Sadly, her account is kept private, and one has to request a follow back from Erainer to be friends and be shared her posts. But, then again, even with a private account and choosy follow-backs, she has a few hundred followers.

In the same manner, Antoniette’s and Lesha’s accounts are also kept privately.

Anyway, Anthony Davis is quite active on Instagram and Twitter. That is where he explores his love of other sports and players and keeps updated on his inspirers.

Thus, the accounts are likewise: antdavis23 for Instagram users and Anthony for Twitter Twitter.

Senior Davis | Anthony Davis Father

Anthony Davis Sr. is a very proud father who encouraged and assisted his son’s journey from the small city of Chicago to the nation’s biggest NBA Draft.

One of the problems faced by the family was the rapid height growth of young Anthony.

Davis Sr. stated how he had to purchase a king-size, extra-long bed for his ever-growing son.

He said, “Every time I checked on him before, I would see his feet hanging off, and that had to be uncomfortable.”

Anthony Davis Mother And Father
Anthony Davis Mother And Father (Source:

Furthermore, the tall player has been said to inherit the height from his father, who himself is 6 feet and 4 inches tall.

When queried by the media persons, senior Davis once said, “Every time I walk in the arena and see our name on the back of that jersey, it’s so surreal for us. I get goosebumps every time I see it.”

He then added,

“It’s a big moment for me. I always get a little tear-eyed. He made it. He is living his dream. That is my proudest moment.”

Brief Info of Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis: Age & Siblings

The splendid basketballer was born on 11th March 1993 in Illinois, Chicago of United States of America.

Anthony was born the youngest in the Davis family, who came two minutes later than his twin sister Antoniette Davis.

Additionally, the twin has an elder sister, Lesha Davis.

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Apart from Anthony, his both sisters are also proficient basketball players. Regards being American, the Davis family belongs to Afro-American roots.

When Anthony was a kid

Growing up on the southern side of Chicago, Anthony developed his hobby of basketball and played alongside his family members.

As a kid, Anthony was not so tall, and during his school games, he received the nickname  ‘Little Guy’ who shoots from the corner.

Anthony Davis Childhood Picture (Source: Pinterest)
Anthony Davis Childhood Picture (Source: Pinterest)

The NBA champion enjoyed his entire childhood in Illinois, Chicago. The data about Davis’ primary school is unknown, but he attended Perspective Charter High School.

Whichever way the case, as a consequence, the young idealist grew up a lot in height and intellect, outshining in both sport and academics.

Nonetheless, his hard work converted to success as Davis recorded his name to the 2011 McDonald’s All-American, first-team USA Today All-USA high school basketball team selection.

Last but not least, he also printed his name as the first-team Parade All-American, and lastly in first-team All-American by SLAM magazine.

Due to this outstanding performance, Anthony was named the most remarkable player of the NCAA Division.

Without the back support and momentum provided by Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer, baby Anthony could not have hoped to reach the success he has achieved.

FAQs About The Davis Family

Why is Anthony’s nickname ‘The Brow’?

The admirers of the star player gave him the name due to the acknowledgment of his connecting eyebrows.

And quite charmingly, Anthony accepted and endorsed the nickname.

Who is ‘The Brows’ father?

Anthony Davis Senior is the father of ‘The Brow’ or Anthony Davis.

Many people get confused about this, however ‘The Brow’ full name is Anthony Marshal Davis Junior.

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Is Anthony’s sister in jail?

No, nobody from the Davis family has been to prison.

To clarify, Antoinette is, in fact, in jail for sex trafficking her daughter, but that is another Antoinette Davis, not the NBA star’s sister.

Is Anthony’s family separated?

No, quite not. Anthony lives with his parents in New Orleans, yet his sisters live elsewhere to pursue their careers.

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